Co-Creator of, Christian Coffins, Launched Coffins Collective!

Coffins Collective was founded in 2016 by Christian Coffins (proprietor of Coffins Print Shop since 1998, co-founder of, founder and front man of Sacred Owls, creator of, founder of Coffins Comix, & founder of Coffins Flix Film Studio and Publishing House).

So as you can tell, there are a lot of projects that have something in common… creativity!

Over the years we have met so many amazing artists of all mediums that always need merchandise, promotion, and consultation. We here at Coffins Collective have always been eager to help because he hate when bands break up & artists decide they need to stop making art and work for “the man” because they are starving!

So what does Coffins Collective do?

We offer the following services to artists of all kind for an affordable price that is on a sliding scale depending on budget:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Package Design
  • CD and Cassette Production
  • Distribution
  • Online Store
  • Booking
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Videography
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Promotion

We also offer these services to small businesses as well!

How does it work?

You can start by filling out the contact form below with you wants, needs, desires, dreams, visions, goals, and priorities! We will then respond with a free consultation, a plan, and a budget strategy.

How do I get my bands CD or Cassette on the Coffins Collective store?

We are what we like to call an anti-record label. What that means is that there is no contract, no strings attached. If you email your bands album (single, EP, LP) in a zip folder with WAV files, and art, we will sell it! It is that simple!

We believe in free speech and do not sensor content and will not reject your music unless it is racist, sexist, or homophobic because we are about love, not hate, unless it is hating the globalist pedophiles running things in this world. In that case, we will showcase your project on! We make this exception because those jerks are nothing but hate, and they hate us all. We want to be inclusive to LGBTQ, all races, religions (or lack thereof), & political ideologies that are not aligned with the jerks mentioned above. If you are unsure if you will be accepted by us, send it anyway. We will review and give you honest feedback! If you don’t think your band is good enough, you are probably wrong! Every artist needs to start somewhere and our favorite bands first demos are TERRIBLE, yet have some charm, and we would be happy to have yours!

We will send you templates to format your art or you can just send us what you have and we can format it for a small graphic design fee (usually $50 if it takes 1-2 hours)

Once approved your release will have it’s own page with a review from coffins and a button to purchase. The price is based on a price agreed upon by Coffins and your project. You get a cut, we get a cut after cost of production and shipping (50/50). You don’t need to invest ANYTHING into production. There is no minimum order.

You can purchase CDs and Cassettes from us at wholesale prices for your live shows, tours, and to sell in local stores. There are price breaks for orders over 100, 500, and 1000.

With the CDs they come with a free UPC barcode or you can ask not to have one. They are not required. Sacred Owls refuses to have barcodes on their products.

My band/project needs Shirts, Patches, Bags, Hoodies, Koozies & Jackets!

We have been screen printing all of these and other odd things since 1998! We have the most competitive prices on all of these things since then! No minimum order and one-time set up fees! This allows you to reorder without paying set ups every time! Our screens are 11″x14″ so you can send us black and white JPG, PDF, or PSD files at 300-600 DPI, Quality 12 (on Photoshop) along with sizes, qty, and colors to in the following format.

  • SM (QTY) black shirts with white ink with whatever.jpg on front and thatotherthing.jpg on back with arm.jpg on the sleeve

You guys make comics?

Yes! We launched Coffins Comix on Halloween 2017 with our horror anthology comic book (similar to Tales from the Crypt) that comes with a CD! The music on the CD is the soundtrack to the comic book so you can listen while you read for a full emersion experience! We are currently working on issue #2 to come out Halloween 2019! We are also working on a stand alone Conspiracy of Silence series, Osceola Wants His Head Back series, and others!

If you have an idea for a comic book or comic book / music bundle, shoot us your pitch!

What the hell do you mean you are a film studio?!

Glad you asked! After the success of our comic book, and, we decided to put out our first feature film Sacred Owls: They Are Here To Save The World in 2018! We are working on a new documentary film Exposing [Pedoswim] and Osceola Wants His Head Back.

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