AGENDA 21: CNN Pushes “Car Free” Cities As A Way To Deal With The Foreclosure Crisis

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8 Responses to “AGENDA 21: CNN Pushes “Car Free” Cities As A Way To Deal With The Foreclosure Crisis”
  1. Oh geee, is very good that new modern social getto…
    with modern slaves with nothing, but morgeges…with intrest of course…:)))
    jasiek z toronto

  2. CJ says:

    Bwaaaaaaaah! Thanks, CNN! I needed a good laugh this afternoon.

  3. lisa says:

    Unrealistic- no access for ambulances & fire trucks, police

  4. Morgan says:

    Car less? How far would I have to walk the 2 weeks supply of cat food for the 5 cats I have, and the additional 4 semi-ferals that I feed. Not to mention you have no clue how much I buy in groceries every week. Do we get some kind of cart for that?

  5. amicusbriefs says:

    All crises resolved with the abolition of the Federal Reserve, revocation of corporate charters, dissolution of both Houses of Congress and a McMansion-sized asteroid taking out CNN.

  6. WendyWasp says:

    CNN thinks we’ll be too poor in future to build and maintain roads. They seem to be advocating we all live in rabbit hutch type concentration camps where they’ll feed us if we’re good. Does anybody think the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Bill Gates, the Bush’s, or any of the 1% and their ilk are going to live in these rat mazes along with the rest of us?

  7. It is I only says:

    To amicusbriefs you forgot to add, kicking out the UN, leaving this shitty organization, kicking out the World Bank, the IMF, the World Trade forum.
    This will do for a start!

  8. JackieG says:

    You Americans are going to swap places with the Chinese.
    Americans will all be riding bicycles and the Chinese will be driving Mercedes

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