(BREITBART)   CNN has, in their usual fashion, patronized rural America once more. In their coverage of the Shiner, Texas case where a rancher found a man attempting to sexually molest the rancher’s four-year-old daughter and beat the molester to death with his bare hands, CNN couldn’t resist the opportunity to lampoon such primitive behavior.

The report begins with the female reporter’s voice-over: “When you hear what happened in Shiner, this town will be known for more than just beer.”

Already the town is belittled for its championing of that “low-class” beverage. One wonders if the reporter would have reported on the same story from the Loire Valley in France: “When you hear what happened in Sancerre, this town will be known for more than just white wine.” Doubtful.

The news story continues with a local woman saying, “Everybody was talkin’ about the same thing, they would have did the same thing.”

Notice the choice of a woman whose grammar doesn’t quite measure up to people in the Hamptons. Obviously (according to CNN) any woman with grammar such as this is unqualified to pass judgment in this matter.

The voice-over continues: “We don’t know all the details of this case, but the people here say they know enough.”

Delicious. Now the clear implication is we’re dealing here with a case of frontier justice.  Why, those dumb folks down in Texas probably have a lynching every other Sunday. Where’s Judge Roy Bean?

Just to make sure we get their insinuation, CNN then shows a local grandmother saying, “He got what he well deserved, and you can say that nationwide.” Yup, us folks in Texas want everbuddy in the whole dang country to know we just love hangin’ em high!

Voiceover continues: “The sheriff of Lavaca county said the father ended up beating the man to death with his bare hands, and hasn’t been arrested.”

Then, on camera, the reporter asks the sheriff, “Do you think this father should be charged?”

The sheriff pauses, then quietly says, “Let’s don’t ask that question.”

In case you still haven’t gotten CNN’s slant, here it comes.

Voice-over: ”The people of Shiner don’t need a jury on this one.”

Neither do we. In the case of the people of the United States v. CNN, CNN is guilty as charged.


  • And they wonder why no one watches them anymore.

  • CNN… what pieces of globalist shit. The people of America are getting sick and tired of being talked down to by a bunch of bought and paid for scum. I swear to God, it’s like living in the movie They Live!

    "We’ve got one that can see…."

  • I’am from shiner you have the right to protect you’re child from any harm
    I guess y’all dumbass reporters will just watch the guy rape your child instead of doing something to him

  • I’m from Miami and educated in a top 30 private college and I commend this guy for doing what all fathers should do to protect their children.

  • he should be given a medal for killing a child molesting piece of shit who was a illegal immegrant in the 1st place who was here illegally cause the dems wanted his vote for barry soetoro!!!!!

  • CNN the most corrupt name in news!!! ha ha!!

  • I’m sure the urban metrosexual men and their dominant female counterparts who still watch CNN tittered at the beastly lack of sophistication and were aghast at the animalistic dispensation of personal revenge displayed here. How horrifying to imagine people who identify so strongly with their families and traditional values that they instinctively see the inherent sense and justice in the instant conduct of terrifying acts of non-officially sanctioned and non-state dispensed violence to immediately halt a crime in process.

    Why, any civilized person knows this man should have called the police and then retreated a safe distance to keep an eye on the perpetrator of the crime until the officer arrived to handle the situation. And as if these savages with their beer and their fists weren’t bad enough, consider the fact that many, perhaps most, of them own and use guns regularly.

  • Wait tell all the WHORES AND PERVERTS at CNN find out who their BOSS is, none other then the SERIAL KILLER ,TED TURNER,those assholes at CNN wouldn’t protect their children anyway.AND they never mention the fact they ALL have bodyguards to watch out for them and their kids………IF america had to relie on these commies for help we’d be screwed,there nothing but a bunch of scared bunny rabbits……..

  • CNN = Certainly Not News

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