CNN anchor mocks ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters over TARP

(RAW STORY)    CNN anchor Erin Burnett mocked the “Occupy Wall Street” protest during the “Seriously!?” segment of her show, which debuted on Monday.

“What are they protesting?” she asked of the demonstration. “Nobody seems to know.”

Burnett noted it was not “just a bunch of hippies protesting” and then played footage of a previously-recorded interview with an unemployed “Occupy Wall Street” protester.

The protester was asked if he knew that taxpayers had “actually made money” on the Wall Street bailout, to which he responded he was “unaware.”

“Yes, the bank bailout made money for the taxpayers, right now to the tune of $10 billion,” Burnett said. “Those are seriously the numbers. This is the big issue? So, we solved it.”

While some may see the report as simply a light-hearted segment poking fun at the protest, those who already feel ignored and belittled by the mainstream media are likely to find offense.

The New York Times has already had to defend itself from accusations that it was biased against the protesters.

As corporations enjoy near record profits and Americans face staggering unemployment, the protesters pledged to occupy Wall Street in lower Manhattan until something was done about corporate greed and the influence of the wealthy on American politics. They have been camped out in New York’s old Liberty Plaza, now called Zuccotti Park, since September 17.

Although some of the protesters are upset with the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), the Bush administration’s $700 billion response to the mortgage crisis, the New York City General Assembly — the decision-making body for the “Occupy Wall Street” protest – has cited a number of grievances.

Those grievances include efforts to eliminate union rights, discrimination in the workplace, student debt, corporate personhood, and the undemocratic influence of big business on economic policymaking.

Watch video, courtesy of CNN, below:

6 Responses to CNN anchor mocks ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters over TARP

  • Dear Ms. Burnett

    If you don’t know what the protesters want, you must be the only person in the United States to be so in the dark (which makes us wonder why the hell CNN would waste money on anyone as clueless as you).

    So, why not take a walk down to Wall Street and count all the signs that say “End The Fed” and if you still cannot figure it out, then please do not operate any heavy machinery as you are clearly a danger to yourself and everyone around you.

  • Burnett is engaged to Citigroup Executive David Rubulotta. Burnett began her career as a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs. She is the youngest daughter of corporate attorney K. King Burnett.

    What else would you expect.

  • the media will continue to feign ignorance at every turn, and after watching kudlow and colter, my stomach is turning,the media demagogues are realy getting out of control , it is obvious since they did not start it , like glen beck, and his little feel good rallies, they are going to demonize it, and flog it , to no end
    the media does not get it , nor will they, these protests will continue to gain momentum and grow, because there is no relief coming, just more of the same , I am just wondering who the media will blame as the house of fiat cards comes tumbling down , you allready have other bloggers calling them marxists and insisting it is all their fault due to a lack of work ethic, cnnabcmsmbcnbc can all go to hell, our ”let them eat cake moment” is upon us…to their detrement, they are no longer the voice.. of the nation , they are the parrots of the elite….they are the ones that are going to be eating cake …out of a dumpster, behind the unemployment center..

    the golden whordes have been all let loose, your time is short…

  • jane —- you ignorant slut!!

  • One simple demand, what do we want? Well, there was the sign right after the 2008 thievery by the banks. It read quite simply “Jump, Fuckers” There is that plain and clear enough for you?

  • Rise up Ye Americans!

    Rise up for your future and your children’s future!

    This is your last chance!

    For too long now, both the US government and the US corporate and CIA controlled mainstream media have brainwashed, softened and paralysed the American people into almost total submission and ignorance.

    And now the Americans have wakened up?

    With millions unemployed, 46 millions on food stamps, millions living in tent cities and shelters, millions of American children subsisting below the poverty line and so much miseries and helplessness among them, there is really no light at the end of the American tunnel now. Instead, the United States squandered more than 700 US$billions annually to perpetuate US global Tyranny and invading small helpless sovereign nations.

    This is the window of opportunity to come out in their millions all over the USA to protest, demand and cause rigorous changes in the government and their military.

    This is their last chance to effect real change!

    Americans are now seeing through the lies and disinformation of their government. The time to keep Americans distracted by blaming and scapegoating foreign nations and intensifying their US military adventures and invasions is rapidly coming to an end.

    Americans must now begin their revolution and turn their “American Winter” into a people”s war against mismanagement of their economy, corruption, collaboration between White House, US Congress and the US corporate “elites” and the US military which has run amok globally.

    With a militarised political situation in the USA today, it won”t be long before the US National guard and the US military will be released to quell the rightful protests and revolution of the American people.

    The peoples of the World are empathetic and supportive of nationwide protests throughout the USA. But the American people must now take the bull by the horns and rid their country of the rubbish in the White House, the US Congress and of course the US military.

    This would be the Winter of Discontent and Revolution in the United States of America ….!

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