CNBC Admits: World Govt Is Here And Central Banks Rule The World (Video)

(BIN) At the 3:20 mark of the video, you will hear the question “Do we all work for the Central Bankers?” Don’t be surprised to learn what the answer to that question will be.

2 Responses to CNBC Admits: World Govt Is Here And Central Banks Rule The World (Video)

  • CNBC is just another snot-nosed brat trying to rub their molestation and enslavement dream in our faces. The tenth amendment limits federal over states’ rights and must be obeyed or the congress satisfies the requirement of being out of order and their seats vacated and up for grabs in a remedial free election free of computerized and analog corruption. Let’s get it on.
    The Feds will not come clean on 9-11, Fukushima, Wall Street looting, offshore bank accounts, HAARP attacks, poisonous and carcinogenic food additives, Flouride, Katrina,US Army corps of engineers watershed mismanagement,bailouts,TSA molestation,the wars and genociude in the middle east, the genocide within the U.S.,BlackStone and the liquidation of the central industrial area of the U.S., drugs for guns to the South,treasonous groups moving toward economic and infrastructure failure in the U.S., BlackStone and BP screwing the GoM, BlackStone backing L. Silverstein in buying the WTCs to blow them up with Bush cabal direction 6 weeks later, BlackStone and The City of London since before the overthrow of William of Orange, etc.. The congress gets in a conga line in center ring and prances around the ring, jumping up to collect their reward from agents of the Rothschild bank every time around.If they don’t get in line, no bribe. No wonder Dr. Paul is tired.
    Dr. Paul should release a memo saying he is not a fake and he will see us after his nap. It’s O.K.. I sometimes stay awake a few days to work out some problem and I crash for a few days later. No big deal. World government is a pest to be gotten rid of. Recolonization is just that. NWO=OWO.

  • LOL! -they fooled our grandparents and our parents, but their kids–not so much.

    It will be interesting to see how it works out. If at all.

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