Child Casualties In Afghanistan Rose 34% In 2013

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  • Super inofvmatire writing; keep it up.

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  • Hey Lynn. Following your blog from offshore – flew out to the Chevron Blind Faith platform Monday to install some VC equipment.Sorry no power yet – yep it gets old. Good pictures of puppy – a bright spot – Chuy don’t care if no power, huh? Just need Mommy and a chew toy.-Steve

  • I thought the retro looks were just soooo cool, I could really see myself running one of these as a practical road machine.Looks stylish but actually quite a ‘core bike when you start to look closely — decent frame, reliable singlespeed set up, love the flat bars…Cheers Dave, it’s good to be back on the bike although I’m feeling very rusty!!

  • La leçon de droit ?Elle est pas mal celle là.On voit tous les jours les résultats des « leçons de droit » de la Justice.Il faut réformer cette institution laxiste et irresponsable gangrénée par des gauchos et mettre sous contrôle de l’État l’ensemble des magistrats.

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