Chemtrails Create Halo Around The Sun Over Miami (06-06-2011)

Monday June 6th 2011. Miami, FL being sprayed heavily with Chemtrails, so heavy in fact that it created a halo around the Sun over the city and county.

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  • thats crazy im in jacksonville and did see the halo around the sun did not know what it was i was just looking to see how bad the smoke from the highway fires were this morning ill be looking a little more closely from now on thanks for the insight

  • I live on the treasure coast, and saw all the chemtrails in the sky as I was out kayaking all day. I saw the same halo around the sun.

  • I saw the chemtrails over broward county (just N of Miami) and got re
    ally sick with sore throat, cold and feever….bad stuff! I normally resist it but was overworked and my immune system down from lack of rest and not eating right….same thing happened to my friend who was with me…

  • I see that all the time in Seattle.

  • hi there i live in Dawson Creek Canada and we have been getting bombarded like this almost every day for the last 3 years,every couple of days we have to clean a green dust off our patio table,i have 2 dogs and recently they both started horking really bad and i am wondering if this might be connected and its the same blue in the morning by afternoon hazed over,i have even heard and seen them spraying at night,and we live in small rural city that there is no way there could be this much air traffic around here i have alot of pics, also i have 1 pic that looks like a checkerboard,also i have a vid of 2 planes flying in tandum,exactly the same type of planes 1 with sprayer on 1 with sprayer off, scarey stuff especially when 98 percent of people that i tell think i am crazy urrrrrrr if they don’t stop this i really think we are doomed

  • Hi there again i also forgot to mention that i have been getting sick alot lately too and don’t know why, really sick sometimes!

  • Looks like you (Miami) will be getting some major hurricanes this year, with the TV new running stories of the extreme hot and cold weather veins. Dumping massive water. This is sure to set up a big one for FEMA payola, round 2.

  • I live in Palmdale, California and took a pic of a halo around the sun with a chemtrail going right through the middle.

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