Checkmate! Man Uses HOV Lane With Corporation Papers As His 2nd Person

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(BEFORE IT’S NEWS)   In a case that could very well have national implications, a man in California has received a traffic ticket for driving in an HOV lane while alone, although he says he wasn’t alone at all. Jonathan Frieman had another person with him, his corporation. In a move designed to get corporate personhood onto the front page for debate, Mr. Frieman will gladly pay his $481 fine in his cause to have corporate personhood overturned. From the RP4409 YouTube channel.:

When Jonathan Frieman of San Rafael, Calif., was pulled over for driving alone in the carpool lane, he argued to the officer that, actually, he did have a passenger.

He waved his corporation papers at the officer, he told, saying that corporations are people under California law.

Frieman doesn’t actually believe this. For 10 years, Frieman says he had been trying to get pulled over to get ticketed and to take his argument to court — that corporations and people are not the same. Mission accomplished in October, when he was slapped with a fine — a minimum of $481.



3 Responses to “Checkmate! Man Uses HOV Lane With Corporation Papers As His 2nd Person”
  1. Adam Gray says:

    Life here in America would be alot more intriguing and better without Corporations having "Person-hood". Ever since that was made a Law/legal matter way back in the day, Corporations all been fucking us all over. Pretty rape-y they are with that "person" status. May that bullshit come to an end soon!

  2. Dr Gruvloch says:

    When is Jonathan Frieman’s day in court?

  3. Meetyourstrawmandotcom says:

    Giving corporations the title "person" is how the govt tricks you into accepting their authority over you.

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