Charles Barkley: Zimmeman Innocent, Prosecution Didn’t Even ‘Have Enough Evidence To Charge Him’, ‘Blacks Racists Too’

4 Responses to Charles Barkley: Zimmeman Innocent, Prosecution Didn’t Even ‘Have Enough Evidence To Charge Him’, ‘Blacks Racists Too’

  • That was the best summary of the situation I’ve heard yet. It sucks all around, and nobody is really innocent, or guilty.

  • Trayvon looked like a thug and acted like a thug. The kind of trash you don’t want in you neighborhood. His own pictures tell the story where he was heading. Zimmerman was neighborhood watch trying to protect his community. The jury made the right call.

    Trayon was a victim …. a victim of what appears to be a totally defective black mainstream culture. A culture that glorifies gangsters, thugs and violence of every stripe. It’s no wonder that black demographic numbers are not increasing in the US because of black-on-black violence, drugs and other dangerous behaviors.

    If you want to see who victimized Trayvon, these gangsters and gangster-wannabes need only look in a mirror.

  • @Delvis Amen! You are absolutely, dead-on accurate. The only thing I would add is that Trayvon’s parents share culpability in the way this young african-american conducted himself. If someone was following me and I was concerned about it, I would immediately call the police. However, Trayvon called a low-talking, ignorant imbecile and began his "creepy-ass cracker" diatribe. Then he attacked Zimmerman. I would have waxed his ass too.

  • We do not occupy a post-racial society. In fact, the whole Illuminati, and New World Order could be called the Anglo Saxon Empire, but it isn’t because the truth upsets people. Just like the realities behind the Trayvon Martin Murder. Lies are morally wrong, but are favored over the at times arduous prospect of taking an introspective look into one’s own perceptions. Basically, nobody can assume our responsibilities for which Zimmerman was guilty of by using deadly force and not within the confines of his house. But group think and peer pressure usually save some people the guilt an unbiased, individual person would normally have participating in dehumanizing behavior. So let’s get this straight, generalizations equate to minor acts of dehumanization. So it’s unfortunate to read that many people have bought into the lie that a dastardly deed such as the 2nd degree murder of Trayvon can be packaged by the media for quick consumption by racial agitators and provocateurs. This could have been a watershed opportunity for progress between races, but naturally the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have made sure the prosecution would not even have a case, which at the very minimal should have been centered on manslaughter charges. Trayvon was hunted down because of his appearance (attire, race, etc.), and make no mistake about that. This procedure of racial profiling goes against the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as racial profiling equates to a breach of the right to avoid an unreasonable search and seizure. So this whole debate is a total farce, because their really is no debate. To kill an innocent person for looking "black," and walking down the street and it being fine to some is no big surprise coming from a country whose "Patriot’s" wave the flag of slavery, and oppression with pride.

    Power to the people fighting the good fight.

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