Libyan rebels Killing Black Gaddafi Supporters

(WASHINGTON POST)   A few minutes’ drive from the fire station, at least 15 bodies, most of them Gaddafi’s black African supporters, lay rotting in the sun at a traffic junction outside his Bab al-Aziziyah complex. Several of the dead wore green pieces of cloth wrapped around their wrists to signal loyalty to the Gaddafi regime.

The men may have died during Tuesday’s battle for Bab al-Aziziyah, and several were wearing military fatigues. But not all of them looked like ordinary battlefield deaths. Two dead men lay face down on the grass, their hands bound behind their backs with plastic cuffs.

The worst treatment of Gaddafi loyalists appeared to be reserved for anyone with black skin, whether they hailed from southern Libya or from other African countries. Darker-skinned prisoners were not getting the same level of medical care in a hospital in rebel-held Zawiyah as lighter-skinned Arab Libyans, Eltahawy said.

Rebels say Gaddafi employed gunmen from sub-Saharan Africa to shore up his army against his own people, and those fighters have elicited intense enmity from Libyans. But many of the detainees in Zawiyah told Amnesty International they were merely migrant workers  “taken at gunpoint from their homes, workplaces and the street on account of their skin color,” Eltahawy said.


Libya: Prostitution of Western journalism

(PRAVDA)   The last two days have once again proved the obvious fact that there are no independent media and that Western news agencies, newspapers and magazines work out a political order. The lion’s share of newspapers, magazines and news agencies reported the unprecedented success of the insurgents and predicted the imminent fall of Tripoli.

However, as reported to Pravda.Ru by Libyan Armed Forces captain Hasan D., “Tripoli is still in our hands. When early reports of the assault and landing of the enemy emerged, our leader Muammar Gaddafi arrived wearing his military uniform, and his appearance caused unprecedented enthusiasm among the soldiers and the people. He ordered us to beat the rats and their Western backers. By the morning we partially drove them out of the city, partially destroyed, despite the fact that NATO aircraft are almost constantly hanging in the air, bombing residential neighborhoods. Hospitals are overwhelmed with the wounded. The West is committing a heinous crime, murdering women and children. According to the information received, approximately two thousand civilians were killed. We were able to shot down a helicopter that crashed off the coast. Now the military and militias are killing off the “rats” and foreign fighters on the outskirts of Tripoli.

So what has happened? Some of the foreign newsmen were quick to announce that Gaddafi’s security lay down their arms, the rebels already control 80-90 percent of the city and that they are about to take the bunker where the Colonel is hiding, and that the rebels took Breguet.

They also spread information that people took to the streets of the capital to celebrate the overthrow of the Libyan colonel. As early as in the morning of August 22 the media began reporting on the detention of Gaddafi’s three sons (including Mohammad and Seyifa), as well as the death of Khamis, a commander of the elite brigade. However, none of these prisoners were shown to the public.

Then, the Internet showed the shots of the killed Jamahiriya leaders: Colonel himself, his close associates and relatives, including General Abdullah al-Senussi and Dr Aisha al-Qadhafi. However, very quickly it became clear that this is a lie and there images were fabricated using Photoshop.

For example, the image of the “corpse” of Gaddafi was based on a snapshot of the murdered Secretary of bin Laden, and the “remains” of Aisha materialized on the basis of the photographs of Benazir Bhutto deceased in the terrorist attack.

By the evening it became clear that the insurgents and foreign promoters were running into difficulties. First, the success of Gaddafi opponents stopped at seizing 80-90 percent of Tripoli, and channels like “Al-Jazeera” were broadcasting information about “fierce resistance” of the Colonel’s security that “miraculously” revived.

Later sources have sadly reported that Mohammed fled. Following this, Seyif surrounded by his soldiers appeared in front of the audience and angrily denounced NATO and the rebels, calling on the Libyan people “to destroy the rats.” Then Khamis appeared, whose arrival decisively changed the situation with the defense of the city.

Contradictory information came from Breguet. Western propagandists have reported that Mutassima group came from there to help Gaddafi that the city has surrendered. This information was immediately followed by the reports that, in fact, negated the former. According to the number of media outlets, the battle of Breguet went on. The latter seems to be true, because even if they wanted to, they would not be able to overcome a thousand miles to Tripoli with the opposition of NATO hanging in the air.

By the morning of August 23, even the Western media began to report that the progress of the rebels has stalled. This was accompanied by the speech of Muammar Gaddafi son’s Seyifa, in which he urged journalists to visit all areas of Tripoli and see that everything is quiet in the capital and that the “rats are beaten”, as people continue to hunt down those who escaped during the assault.

But what about the television broadcast of “the popular rejoicing” in the streets of Tripoli? Western journalists are encouraged to broadcast “from the field” showing how people who got rid of the tyrant are rejoicing and sending text messages and videos on the Internet. This could not but confuse some knowledgeable people. First, the Internet access has been an issue in Tripoli since February. Second, the coverage of the “places of events” was filmed against a background filled with electric light areas, while due to damage by bombing power supply in most areas of Tripoli was lacking.

Later, some bloggers have compared the photo from the “places of events” with the photographs of the town and found a strange discrepancy with the well-known paintings of the urban landscape. The urban landscapes are missing very important details such as lanterns light, bas-reliefs on the buildings, trees, etc.

A week ago, Qatari authorities were preparing decorations strikingly similar to the scenes of Tripoli. The meaning of these preparations remained unclear, although it was mentioned that it was necessary to train those who will storm the Libyan capital. With a high probability we can assume that the scene “of capturing the dictator’s lair” was filmed in the Qatari “theater.”

The question arises: why do we need this circus? First, in order to break the faithful and inspire the troops of the rebels. Second, the scenes with the “democrats” who rushed into the Libyan capital were to be a signal of NATO to help them disembark the marines.

In any case, the incident cast another shadow on the foreign journalism. Can one trust such media? In the West journalism has long been considered “the second oldest” profession. But is this comparison true? At the very least, a client that communicates with representatives of the first oldest profession can at least hope for some fun.

Sergey Balmasov

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Order: Kill non-mainstream reporters in Libya. What the U.S. is hiding?

()   Targeted Killings of non-mainstream reporters in Libya ordered: Attempts to bury truth

The Examiner learned in communications from human rights defenders and independent journalists throughout Monday that they were shaken with news of 1300 Libyans killed and 5000 wounded Saturday, plus, the U.S. allegedly ordered Targeted Killings of Voltaire Network reporters, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya and Thierry Meyssan, non-mainstream reporters in Libya covering the NATO war, while other independent reporters there are being fired upon and one, Mohammed Nabbous was killed Saturday according to ABC News.  In an interview with journalist Don DeBar on KPFA radio, he reported most mainstream “news” about Libya has been untrue, as alternative news sites heavily report but are increasingly persecuted according to their recent reports.


Libyan Draft Constitution: Sharia is ‘Principal Source of Legislation’

( Lachlan Markay)   The dust has not yet settled over the Libyan capital of Tripoli since rebels took control over the weekend. But already, a draft constitutional charter for the transitional state has appeared online (embedded below). It is just a draft, mind you, and gauging its authenticity at this point is difficult. There is also no way to know whether this draft or something similar will emerge as the final governing document for a new Libyan regime.

As both the Morning Bell and Washington in a Flash noted today, Heritage Fellow Jim Phillips recently pointed out that Islamist forces “appear to make up a small but not insignificant part of the opposition coalition,” and must be prevented “from hijacking Libya’s future.” Parts of the draft Constitution allay those fears, while others exacerbate them.

Much of the document describes political institutions that will sound familiar to citizens of Western liberal democracies, including rule of law, freedom of speech and religious practice, and a multi-party electoral system.

But despite the Lockean tenor of much of the constitution, the inescapable clause lies right in Part 1, Article 1: “Islam is the Religion of the State, and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).” Under this constitution, in other words, Islam is law. That makes other phrases such as “there shall be no crime or penalty except by virtue of the law” and “Judges shall be independent, subject to no other authority but law and conscience” a bit more ominous.

Libya Draft Constitutional Charter for the Transitional Stage

Journalist And Prominent Activist Franklin Lamb Shot In Libya

(THE INTEL HUB)   The Palestine Civil Rights Campaign-Lebanon confirms reports that Franklin Lamb was shot at approximately 11:45 a.m. on Sunday August 21 in Tripoli, Libya outside of the Corinthia Hotel where he has been staying.

Franklin had just returned from a 90 minute bicycle tour of central Tripoli and was walking past the Hotel swimming pool when he was hit in his right leg.

Witnesses report having seen sniper fire coming from the roof of the Marriott Hotel across from the Corinthia.

Franklin is basically OK. The bullet has been removed and he is resting comfortably and wishes that no one be concerned because he will be fine.

Internet has been cut in Libya and events inside Tripoli are unclear. The PCRC will advise if events warrant.

NATO SLAUGHTER IN TRIPOLI: “Operation Mermaid Dawn” Signals Assault by Rebels’ Al Qaeda Death Squads

(Thierry Meyssan)   Tripoli, Libya, Aug. 22, 2011, 1 AM CET– On Saturday evening, at 8pm, when the hour of Iftar marked the breaking of the Ramadan fast, the NATO command launched its “Operation Siren” against Libya.

The Sirens were the loudspeakers of the mosques, which were used to launch Al Qaeda’s call to revolt against the Qaddafi government. Immediately the sleeper cells of the Benghazi rebels went into action. These were small groups with great mobility, which carried out multiple attacks. The overnight fighting caused 350 deaths and 3,000 wounded.

The situation calmed somewhat on Sunday during the course of the day.

Then, a NATO warship sailed up and anchored just off the shore at Tripoli, delivering heavy weapons and debarking Al Qaeda jihadi forces, which were led by NATO officers.

Fighting stared again during the night. There were intense firefights. NATO drones and aircraft kept bombing in all directions. NATO helicopters strafed civilians in the streets with machine guns to open the way for the jihadis.

In the evening, a motorcade of official cars carrying top government figures came under attack. The convoy fled to the Hotel Rixos, where the foreign press is based. NATO did not dare to bomb the hotel because they wanted to avoid killing the journalists. Nevertheless the hotel, which is where I am staying, is now under heavy fire.

At 11:30pm, the Health Minister had to announce that the hospitals were full to overflowing. On Sunday evening, there had been 1300 additional dead and 5,000 wounded.

NATO had been charged by the UN Security Council with protecting civilians in Libya. In reality, France and Great Britain have just re-started their colonial massacres.

At 1am, Khamis Qaddafi came to the Rixos Hotel personally to deliver weapons for the defense of the hotel. He then left. There is now heavy fighting all around the hotel.

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