France set to ban the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ from official documents

(TELEGRAPH)   The move, which has outraged Catholics, means only the word “parents” would be used in identical marriage ceremonies for all heterosexual and same-sex couples.

The draft law states that “marriage is a union of two people, of different or the same gender”.

It says all references to “mothers and fathers” in the civil code – which enshrines French law – will be swapped for simply “parents”.

The law would also give equal adoption rights to homosexual and heterosexual couples.

Justice Minister Christiane Taubira told France’s Catholic newspaper La Croix: “Who is to say that a heterosexual couple will bring a child up better than a homosexual couple, that they will guarantee the best conditions for the child’s development?”


French Socialist Leader “Le Obama” will Dupe France with More Austerity

(INFOWARS)   Frau Merkel and Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron were and remain all for “austerity”. Iron Lady Angela badly wanted King Sarko to remain in place. Yet Hollande sent special envoys to Berlin last week. As a pragmatist, he knew that Merkel had seen first hand how Sarko could also be arrogant and unpredictable.

Hollande is a self-effacing, down to earth pragmatist fond of consensus who happens to be an economist who once taught at the elite Sciences Po in Paris. He’s no radical. “Merkollande” will have to be born out of pragmatism. The really tough nut to crack will be German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaueuble – the Wotan of Austerity in the eurozone.

Merkel and Schaueuble would need to be hacked to death by a gang of Visigoths to let go of their fiscal pact – to which King Sarko subscribed. Mario Draghi – former Goldman Sachs hand and president of the European Central Bank (ECB) – wants a growth pact as well. He – and the neo-liberal elite – see it as even freer markets, that is, a hire-and-fire free for all, perhaps coupled with more public investment in infrastructure.

Hollande is totally against the uncontrolled, unregulated mega-free market. As for public investment, the only nations who could pull it off need good credit rating and low financial costs. Virtually none in the EU now qualify.

So it would be up to Germany. The capital would have to be German. We should expect Hollande to convince Merkel that sooner or later Germans will notice that never-ending recession is politically toxic. The foremost ominous consequence already exists – for all to see; the extreme right wing on steroids all across Europe.

During his campaign, Hollande went no holds barred to identify who the “enemy” is; it’s “the world of finance”. No wonder Wall Street and the City of London saw – and will continue to see – Hollande as more dangerous than Vladimir Lenin. So the battlefield is drawn; Hollande versus neo-liberalism and “the markets”, Hollande as Don Quixote versus the iron troika of the ECB, the IMF and the European Commission (EC).

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