Mark Howitt and The March of Freedom

To FederalJack readers,

My name is Mark Howitt, and I am currently walking across Eastern Canada to spread awareness about global issues and try to make a difference in all the communities I pass along the way. I am documenting the experience for a reality show and the event/show is called the “March of Freedom”. Information on this can be found on the World Public Union website, on Facebook and my Youtube channel. As some of you may know I am a documentary film maker as well as a musician, and also founder of the World Public Union. I recently made a film called NWO: Domino Effect which addresses many problems we face, and the time had come where I could not just spread awareness and educate others on what I was learning.

I have decided to put my life on hold for this cause because I believe we are all part of a system that is beyond corrupt, and that if we continue to allow what is happening to unfold future generations will live in a world we will regret to leave behind. I feel the world is ready for a change and there is much support for this cause from around the world however the media has ignored the story and there has been a literal blackout in regards to the March of Freedom. Today, my Facebook account which I used to post my journals and keep in touch with friends and family was hacked and I was blocked from accessing it. I documented the experience and the reason they gave as “for my own protection”. I am no longer able to access the March of Freedom page on Facebook and keep people up to date to set up speaking arrangements in the communities I am going through. The security questions they have asked me to get my account back are questions I did not choose, and if I answer them it will be incorrect causing me to lose my account permanently. I have to log in to another device when I reach a new WIFI spot to attempt to get access to my account back but this is a sure sign that they are trying to silence what I am doing. This sort of thing happens all the time.

When people try to change the world they are silenced or removed from the public eye and at this moment there are many people who have witnessed what happened today and know that I have been silenced by higher powers. They do not want me reaching Ottawa as I plan to speak to our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper to ask him some questions that Canadians I have talked to have in regards to not only Canada, but the world itself. If you are also seeking freedom from a tyrannical government, I ask you to please share the March of Freedom as they cannot silence everyone. For those who wish to join me on this journey and support this cause, you will not be turned away. We must work together in unity to create the changes that we want to see in the world. We can live in a world of free energy, where food, water and shelter, the very basic necessities for our survival do not come at the cost of life itself. We can live in a world without war and the threat of Nuclear destruction

We are entering a new era where people are starting to lead themselves without the need of a government or political system. An era where we can clearly see this corruption and all seek a better world to share and live in. Thank you for taking the time to read this SOS, as I am currently on the road healing from injuries but will be continuing on the March of Freedom shortly. I use WIFI when I am able to get onto a network however now that they have silenced my Facebook profile I have lost access to many friends and family that I was keeping in touch with as well as the March of Freedom page itself. Your help is greatly appreciated. Together we can make a difference.

— Mark Howitt —

13Yr Old Boy Punished By School For Saving Fellow Student From Knife Attack (Canada,The Right To Be A Victim)

(MR CENSOR ME)   Briar MacLean, 13, stepped in after he spotted an argument was quickly beginning to escalate between two boys when suddenly one of the boys pulled out a knife and began to threaten the other turning an scuffle into a potentially deadly situation. The heroic teenager charged and tackled the knife-brandishing youngster into a wall sending both attacker and knife falling to the floor. But in Canada you have the right to be a victim.


Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan ordered to return danger pay

(OTTAWA CITIZEN)   Canadian soldiers in northern Afghanistan are being forced to return danger pay they had previously been awarded, the Citizen has learned.

The troops, training the Afghan military in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, are required to pay back the government between $900 and $1,600 each, depending on the individual’s pay.

About 30 Canadian soldiers are now in Mazar-i-Sharif, but the repayments will affect about 100 soldiers who have worked at that location training Afghans between June 1, 2012 and Feb. 3, 2013.

The decision, made by the Canadian Forces and Defense Department, to order the soldiers to reimburse the government for danger pay they had already received is separate from complaints over the last two weeks that troops in Kabul were having their hazard pay reduced. The military was forced to retreat on the Kabul decision after news reports sparked a public backlash.

Soldiers working in Mazar-i-Sharif contacted the Citizen to say they were told by their commanders that they were being paid too much hardship and hazard pay and would have to reimburse the money as soon as possible. The soldiers, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from their superiors, said they felt betrayed.

“In accordance with Treasury Board regulations, the recovery of an overpayment is required as soon as practicable,” the Defence Department confirmed in an email sent to the Citizen. “It is important to note that this issue is based on an earlier decision by the Departmental Hardship and Risk Committee and is separate and distinct from recent stories about Hardship and Risk.”

According to DND, a departmental committee was convened during the spring of 2012 to evaluate the hardship and risk pay rates for a number of operations, including the troops working at Camp Spann in Mazar-i-Sharif. The committee determined the soldiers would be paid a lower rate of hardship and risk pay than that being paid to Canadian troops in Kabul.

But the rates weren’t instituted in June 2012 because of an administrative error.

“Based on information provided by the deployed Task Force, the administrative error was discovered after personnel had received overpayment of the risk and hardship allowance,” the DND email explained. “It was therefore not a reduction in level, but rather that the established rate was never properly implemented and personnel had been overpaid.”

DND says risk and hardship rates can vary, depending on when soldiers are deployed and where they are sent. For instance, the comfort levels of soldiers can be significantly different in different locations. The department did not explain why Mazar-i-Sharif is considered safer than Kabul.

Northern Afghanistan has been relatively peaceful over the years, but in the last few years it has seen an increase in violence. In 2012, a suicide bomber killed a high-profile anti-Taliban politician and 22 other guests at a wedding reception. In February, gunmen in Mazar-i-Sharif tried to assassinate a member of the Iranian consulate. In 2011, seven United Nations workers were killed in an attack in the city.

At the time of the UN attack, then military spokesman Brig.-Gen. Richard Blanchette played down the dangers to Canadians in Mazar-i-Sharif.

“The level of risk in these areas is very much comparable to Kabul,” he said. “If we are sending our personnel there it is because we feel this is where they can have the most important impact in terms of the quality of training.”

NDP defense critic Jack Harris described the DND decision to ask for repayment of the hazard money as outrageous. He said Afghanistan is still a country at war and NATO soldiers are still being killed there. Harris also noted that Afghan soldiers have on a number of occasions turned on their western trainers and gunned them down.

“This is really about the Defense Department losing its way when it comes to saving money,” said Harris.

“They chase after these military personnel to give back their danger pay but then don’t think twice about spending lavishly on a new headquarters,” he added, referring to the DND’s proposed move to the former Nortel campus in Ottawa.

According to the DND email, “The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that all Canadian Armed Forces members and their families receive fair remuneration and support for their hard work and service, especially when they are called upon to go into harm’s way.”


Cyprus-Style “Bail-Ins” Are Proposed In The New 2013 Canadian Government Budget


(THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE BLOG)   The politicians of the western world are coming after your bank accounts.  In fact, Cyprus-style “bail-ins” are actually proposed in the new Canadian government budget.  When I first heard about this I was quite skeptical, so I went and looked it up for myself.  And guess what?  It is right there in black and white on pages 144 and 145 of “Economic Action Plan 2013” which the Harper government has already submitted to the House of Commons.  This new budget actually proposes “to implement a ‘bail-in’ regime for systemically important banks” in Canada.  “Economic Action Plan 2013” was submitted on March 21st, which means that this “bail-in regime” was likely being planned long before the crisis in Cyprus ever erupted.  So exactly what in the world is going on here?  In addition, as you will see below, it is being reported that the European Parliament will soon be voting on a law which would require that large banks be “bailed in” when they fail.  In other words, that new law would make Cyprus-style bank account confiscation the law of the land for the entire EU.  I can’t even begin to describe how serious all of this is.  From now on, when major banks fail they are going to bail them out by grabbing the money that is in your bank accounts.  This is going to absolutely shatter faith in the banking system and it is actually going to make it far more likely that we will see major bank failures all over the western world.

What you are about to see absolutely amazed me when I first saw it.  The Canadian government is actually proposing that what just happened in Cyprus should be used as a blueprint for future bank failures up in Canada.

The following comes from pages 144 and 145 of “Economic Action Plan 2013” which you can find right here.  Apparently the goal is to find a way to rescue “systemically important banks” without the use of taxpayer funds…

Canada’s large banks are a source of strength for the Canadian economy.  Our large banks have become increasingly successful in international markets, creating jobs at home.

The Government also recognizes the need to manage the risks associated with systemically important banks — those banks whose distress or failure could cause a disruption to the financial system and, in turn, negative impacts on the economy.  This requires strong prudential oversight and a robust set of options for resolving these institutions without the use of taxpayer funds, in the unlikely event that one becomes non-viable.

So if taxpayer funds will not be used to bail out the banks, how will it be done?  Well, the Canadian government is actually proposing that a “bail-in” regime be implemented…

The Government proposes to implement a “bail-in” regime for systemically important banks.This regime will be designed to ensure that, in the unlikely event that a systemically important bank depletes its capital, the bank can be recapitalized and returned to viability through the very rapid conversion of certain bank liabilities into regulatory capital.  This will reduce risks for taxpayers.  The Government will consult stakeholders on how best to implement a bail-in regime in Canada.  Implementation timelines will allow for a smooth transition for affected institutions, investors and other market participants.

So if the banks take extreme risks with their money and lose, “certain bank liabilities” (i.e. deposits) will rapidly be converted into “regulatory capital” and the banks will be saved.

In other words, the banks will just be allowed to grab money directly out of your bank accounts to recapitalize themselves.

That may sound completely and utterly insane to us, but this is how things will now be done all over the western world.

Sometimes a “bail-in” can be done by just converting unsecured debt into equity, but as we just saw in Cyprus, often when there is a major bank failure a lot more money is required to “fix the banks” than can possibly be raised by converting unsecured debt into equity.  That is when it becomes very tempting to dip into uninsured back accounts.

In fact, some European politicians are openly admitting as much.  According to RT, the European Parliament will soon be voting on a new law which will make Cyprus-style bank account confiscation a permanent part of the solution when major banks fail throughout the EU…

A senior lawmaker told Reuters the Cyprus model may not be an isolated case, and is perhaps a future template in dealing with troubled European banks.

The new template is now likely to turn into a full-scale EU law, letting taxpayers off the hook in case a bail-out is needed, but imposing major losses on bigger savers on a permanent basis.

“You need to be able to do the bail-in as well with deposits,” said Gunnar Hokmark, member of European Parliament, who is leading negotiations with EU countries to finalize a law for winding up problem banks, Reuters reported.

“Deposits below 100,000 euros are protected … deposits above 100,000 euros are not protected and shall be treated as part of the capital that can be bailed in,” Hokmark told Reuters, adding that he was confident a majority of his peers in the parliament backed the idea.

The European Commission has written the draft of the law, which now awaits approval from eurozone member states and the parliament on whether and when it can be implemented. It’s been reported, the law is planned to take effect in the beginning of 2015.

Are you starting to understand?

The other day when I said that “The Global Elite Are Very Clearly Telling Us That They Plan To Raid Our Bank Accounts“, I was not exaggerating.

And for those in Cyprus with deposits of over 100,000 euros, the news just keeps getting worse and worse.

When the crisis first erupted, they were told that 10 percent of all deposits over 100,000 euros would be confiscated.

Then a few days later they were told that it would be 40 percent.

Now, according to the Washington Post, those with deposits over 100,000 euros at the second largest bank in Cyprus may lose as much as80 percent of those deposits…

A deal was finally reached in Brussels with other euro countries and the International Monetary Fund early Monday. The country’s second-largest bank, Laiki, is to be split up, with its healthy assets being absorbed into the Bank of Cyprus. Savers with more 100,000 euros ($129,000) in either Bank of Cyprus and Laiki will face big losses. At Laiki, those could reach as much as 80 percent of amounts above the 100,000 insured limit; those at Bank of Cyprus are expected to be much lower.

Sadly, the truth is that those people will be lucky to ever see any of that money ever again.

How would you feel if someone came along and wiped out your life savings so that banks that took incredibly reckless risks could be bailed out?

Needless to say, a lot of people in Cyprus are very, very angry right now.  The following reactions from outraged depositors in Cyprus are from Sky News

“They have stolen our money,” Milton Loucas told Sky News.

“I have been working for 60 years. I am 80 years old. I cannot work again for my living – they have cut the lot.

“Our money, our social insurance – they have cut them. How are we going to live?”

Another Cypriot, Stelios, came out of the bank empty handed.

“I tried to get my February wages and they gave me a piece of paper only,” he said.

“I have two children in the army and they asked for money – I don’t have money to give them.

“The Government didn’t pay anybody. My old parents didn’t get their pension.”

A lot of people have just had their entire lives turned upside down.

But there were some people that were told ahead of the crisis and were able to get their money out in time.

According to the BBC, foreigners pulled a whopping 18 percent of their money out of Cyprus banks during the month of February alone…

Information from the Central Bank of Cyprus released on Thursday showed that foreign depositors had already withdrawn 18% of their cash from the nation’s banks during February, before the current crisis hit home.

So how did they know to pull their money out and who told them?

In addition, branches of the two largest banks in Cyprus were kept open in Moscow and London even after all of the banks in Cyprus itself were shut down.  So wealthy Russians and wealthy Brits have been able to take all of their money out of those banks while the people of Cyprus have been unable to.  It is hard to even find the words to describe how unfair that is.  The following is from a recent article by Mark J. Grant

So let us then turn back to Cyprus and see why the Russians are not quite so upset as they were at the beginning of the crisis. The answer to this question is Uniastrum bank which is headquartered in Moscow. Eighty percent (80%) is owned by the Bank of Cyprus. After the crisis began and right up until the capital controls were implemented the bank wasopen for business with no restrictions upon withdrawals. So the crisis began, was all over the Press and the Russian depositors walked into the local bank and withdrew their money from Uniastrum, the Bank of Cyprus, or had it wired in from the other local Cyprus banks and it was then withdrawn. Problem solved!

At the same time Laiki bank and the Bank of Cyprus had operating branches in London. There were no restrictions there either so people could walk into those banks and withdraw their money as well. No restrictions at all right up until the time of the Capital Controls. In the meantime, in Cyprus, people and institutions could not get at their money so the Russians and many British took out their money, closed their accounts while the people in Cyprus were left high and dry.

The wealthy always seem to come out ahead somehow, don’t they?

Meanwhile, those in Cyprus with deposits under 100,000 euros are now dealing with some very stringent capital controls.  In other words, there are some very tight restrictions on what they can do with their money.  For example, the maximum daily cash withdrawal has been set at 300 euros.  The following are some of the other restrictions that are in force right now

As well as the daily withdrawal limit, Cypriots may not cash cheques.

Payments and/or transfers outside Cyprus via debit and or credit cards are allowed up to 5,000 euros per person per month.

Transactions of 5,000-200,000 euros will be reviewed by a specially established committee, with applications for those over 200,000 euros needing individual approval.

Travellers leaving the country will only be allowed to take 1,000 euros with them.

When the next great wave of the economic collapse strikes, capital controls and bank account confiscation will suddenly become “normal” all over the world.

So get prepared while you still can.

One thing that you can do is make sure that you don’t have all of your eggs in one basket.  The following is what Jim Rogers recently told CNBC

“I, for one, am making sure I don’t have too much money in any one specific bank account anywhere in the world, because now there is a precedent,” he said. “The IMF has said ‘sure, loot the bank accounts’ the EU has said ‘loot the bank accounts’ so you can be sure that other countries when problems come, are going to say, ‘well, it’s condoned by the EU, it’s condoned by the IMF, so let’s do it too.'”

The more places that you have your money, the more difficult it will be for “the powers that be” to loot it.

The global elite are fundamentally changing the game.  From now on, no bank account on earth will ever be able to be considered “100% safe” again.  This is going to create an atmosphere of fear and panic, and no financial system can operate normally when you destroy the confidence that people have in it.

Confidence is a funny thing – it can take decades to build, but it can be destroyed in a single moment.

None of us will ever be able to have confidence in our bank accounts again, and I fear that the next wave of the economic collapse may be closer than I had first anticipated.


Vote to Kill Gun Registry a Win for Lobbyists, a Loss for Canadians, CAW says

(CAWTCA)   CAW President Ken Lewenza called today’s final vote to pass Bill C-19 and officially kill the national long-gun registry a win for gun industry lobbyists and a loss for Canadians. Bill C-19 aims to fully dismantle the long-gun registry, weaken the oversight requirements for gun purchases and destroy years of records used to track gun ownership.

“Today, I can’t help but think of all the victims of gun violence and the families of those victims, past and present, and shake my head at the Harper government’s motivations,” Lewenza said.

“This registry was an important tool used to protect against dangerous weapons falling into the wrong hands. The Harper government is pushing an agenda of zero accountability for gun ownership. It’s shameful and it’s unacceptable.”

Canada’s gun lobby has made it clear that the dismantling of the long-gun registry is only a first step in weakening the country’s gun control program. Members of the Public Safety Minister’s Firearms Advisory Committee have called for licensing to be weakened, including one member testifying at the Senate hearings that spousal notification should be eliminated, as well as questions screening for mental health problems.

Lewenza said it is shameful that the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs opted not to invite women’s safety experts or front-line women’s organizations to participate as witnesses during the review process of Bill C-19 – despite the fact many organizations had requested to speak and that it is well-known that this issue disproportionately affects women’s safety.

The province of Quebec, who has been a strong proponent for maintaining the long-gun registry, has filed for an injunction with the province’s Supreme Court to prevent federal government from deleting the existing registry data. The injunction is expected to be heard after Bill C-19 receives royal assent (anticipated to be this week).

Lewenza said he is encouraged by the Quebec government’s efforts. He hopes that other Canadian provinces will speak out and put a stop to the destroying of existing registry data and consider establishing sub-national registries.

“There’s an absence of leadership and lack of vision from the top of the house and it’s incumbent on our provinces to pick up this ball in the best interests of Canadians.”

The CAW has been a long-standing supporter of strong gun control and the national long-gun registry. In 1993, the CAW Council (the union’s parliamentary body made up of workplace representatives) voted to support initiatives aimed at stricter gun control in the wake of the 1989 fatal shooting of 14 women at L’Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal.

In 1994, delegates to the CAW Constitutional Convention endorsed Bill C-68, An Act Respecting Firearms and Other Weapons, that called for the licensing of all gun owners and the registration of firearms.

Judyth Vary Baker, Girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, Survives Another Attempt On Her Life While In Toronto

(Sydney White)   On the 18th of October, the crowd in the book store was overflowing to the doors. The enormous cake for the 72nd birthday of Lee Harvey Oswald was in the centre and Judith Vary Baker stood over it, ready to cut the first piece. She had kept her promise to Lee, that she would clear his name and let his children know that he was not the killer of President Kennedy but a young man who had tried to stop it. Her book, “Lee and Me” was selling like the proverbial hotcakes, and the line-up for autographed copies lasted two hours.
I bought a copy and read it before my interview with her on Friday, October 21st.
Over the next two days, I was drawn so completely into the book that I cancelled two events and several chores. It was not written like a textbook or an affidavit, but was more a diary of what happened to a naive school girl caught up in a conspiracy that was beyond her experience. She was a student with an aptitude for science who wanted to find a cure for cancer. She was twenty and Lee was twenty-three, when they met, fell in love and were both used and abused by those determined to kill Kennedy and/or Castro.
I arrived at the hotel around 4 on the 21st and was invited by Judith to her “celebration” family dinner where she said we could talk in an informal atmosphere. Little did I know our conversation would be cut short. She asked that I sit next to her at the head of the table where she related conversations with Lee, as if they were yesterday… “Lee said that you could never own your own house, because they could take if from you for taxes.” She loved the health care system in Sweden. She would love to get another dog but “would not outlive another dog”. I replied that of course she would. She replied “No, I would not.”
I looked away, at the dozen people enjoying the dinner, laughing, toasting, family that Judith had not seen in years. It was not safe for her to bring them into her life. Some of her relatives did not want to have her in their lives, she explained, understanding their fear. Suddenly she said, “I think my gum is bleeding”. As I stared, she put her finger in her mouth and brought out a pointed piece of glass. I took it from her as she reached in again and removed another small piece of glass. She said “There’s something in my throat”. I called the waitress over and told her to get the manager; I showed her the pieces of glass on the table.
The celebration was still going on; they could not see or hear what had transpired at the head of the table. They only realized what had happened when they heard me ask the manager to call an ambulance. There was obviously glass in Judith’s throat and possibly in her stomach. In fact, there were smaller sand sized pieces of glass throughout the meat on her plate. I explained to the manager that this lady was not a Canadian and had no health insurance here. After a slight hesitation he said that the hotel would pay for her emergency care.
Judith anxiously asked that I come in the ambulance with her; the family were told where she was going so they could meet her at the hospital. Her reunion celebration ended as daughters, sons, grandchildren and her stepfather, shocked, went to their cars . In the ambulance, she had some difficulty swallowing as there seemed to be glass stuck in her throat. At the hospital, she was immediately taken to the triage room where her daughter was the only one allowed to sit beside her. The room was full. In spite of this frightening end to the reunion she had looked forward to for so long, Judith was determined to get to her book signing in Montreal the next day. I wondered, as her son drove me home, how this night would end.
I heard from her agent on the weekend, that indeed, this determined lady was in Montreal the next day. I salute you Judith for your honesty and your true grit.
Sydney White
Investigative Reporter
Studies in Propaganda
The Free University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

Link To Video On YT:
Check her websites out and get her book here:  &

Press For Truth – Hacking The Matrix

(PRESS FOR TRUTH)   Raising awareness about the collapse of World Trade Center 7 in the lead up to the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.
Just doing what we do best (editing videos) in an effort to get people talking about one of the biggest smoking guns of the attacks on 911.
10 years is far too long to have so many unanswered questions about what happened that day, it’s time we had a real investigation.


The International Hearings into the September 11th attack will be held in Toronto from Sept 8th to the 11th at Ryerson University:

If you can make it to New York join “We Are Change” for a 4 day event to honor the lives that were lost on that day:!/DanDicksPFT

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