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An Open Letter to Anderson Cooper


By James F. Tracy

June 15, 2014

Anderson Cooper
10 Columbus Circle
New York, New York 10019

Dear Mr. Cooper,

Seventeen months have passed since you featured me on your AC 360° program on consecutive evenings to call attention to my commentary and analysis of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. As you may recall, in the prelude to those January 11th and 14th 2013 broadcasts you sent a production crew to my place of employment that proceeded to pursue staff and administrators on my whereabouts.

Your staff then repeatedly telephoned my residence, later filming in front of my home and disclosing my address to a national audience without my knowledge or consent. This behavior jeopardized my family’s safety and peace of mind, and included a flurry of threatening and abusive communications directed at me. Further, some observers presumed that CNN and other national news media sought to create sufficient controversy that would lead to the termination of my employment. On the other hand, I understand how you may have perceived this as an act of due journalistic diligence rather than coercion.

Further, if at the time ample proof existed that the Sandy Hook massacre was genuine I think you may have been at least partially justified in such activity. Yet in the time since little evidence has emerged to uphold the notion that the event took place as it had been reported by CNN and other news outlets. In fact, the opinion of many independent experts and a wealth of data point to highly questionable elements of the Sandy Hook narrative that require rigorous interrogation through the intrepid investigative reportage of journalists such as you.

Anderson (if I may), that’s why I challenge you to join me on a reportorial quest to Newtown and Sandy Hook in order to revisit and rigorously question the painful affair that still rests so uneasily on the public conscience—one that is called up in memory with each report of another school shooting. Together let us ferret out and present the relevant information, interview the necessary parties, and get to the bottom of what transpired so that we can put the conspiracy theories to rest!

Anderson (again, if I may), this could very well be a landmark event in investigative journalism. If after a thorough investigation we prove that the event in fact took place as CNN and other major media reported, I will concede that you were in fact correct and seriously consider resigning my post in academe.

On the other hand, if we find holes in the official narrative this may in fact be a scandal requiring journalistic performance on par with the paragon set by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein over 40 years ago. It will call for—indeed require—the public service of news professionals like you to find out what really happened and bring the culprits to justice! Anderson, at the end of the day it’s just like you say each evening: we truly need to “keep them honest.”

Yet there are some who say that CNN and, I’m sorry to say, even you may have been in on what they call a “hoax.” These suspicious minds say that some of your reportage from Newtown in the wake of the shooting was “greenscreened.” Others point to the time you spent in the Central Intelligence Agency and subsequent involvement in student and activist groups of several foreign countries. Still others bring up CNN’s sometime questionable coverage of major historical events, such as the Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars.

I say “Hooey!” There are many fine young men from extraordinary wealth and privilege yet limited experience or career prospects who serve in our national intelligence services. These include the nation’s 41st president, George H. W. Bush, in addition to littérateurs such as Cord Meyer. In fact, for over fifty years some of our nation’s finest journalists and political leaders have either served overtly with or maintained ties to the intelligence community. Anderson, both you and I know that serving your country is nothing to be ashamed of.

I think you’ll agree that it’s time to put these Sandy Hook “truthers” to rest for good, thereby allowing the Sandy Hook victims’ families to find comfort in the millions of dollars in donations they have received from sincere and goodhearted Americans.

Anderson, let’s reexamine Sandy Hook together to confirm our own professional integrity, while at the same time striking a potential blow at corruption and deceit. Our conscience requires it. Our nation demands it. Won’t you join me?



James F. Tracy

SENT USPS CERTIFIED MAIL 7013 2250 0002 2334 3915




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(FEDERALJACK)   FB suspended my other account (Popeye FederalJack). Just gone, for no reason, (I think someone who I schooled in a comment thread reported it as fake) and now it wants an ID or it won’t even help me with my account. So now a major way I interact with hosts, researchers, listeners, and guests is gone. It’s too easy for trolls, or the brain dead to report things they don’t like and have it removed from Facebook. I am working on getting it back but who knows when, and if that will happen. For now add the account below. Also, if you are an admin on any of the pages I was, and you added me in the past, please re-add me.



(Stephanie Sledge)   Apparently, we live in a time where the media would rather cover the ‘Blade Runner – Oscar Pistorius’ trial on CNN, instead of the trial of Osama Bin Laden’s son-in-law, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, and his alleged involvement in the 9/11/01 World Trade Center attacks.

Following the attacks, there has been an enormous amount of tyrannical legislation and police-state agenda strapped upon the American People’s backs, including: the creation of Homeland Security, and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). All in the name of post 9/11 safety to keep our nation protected from anymore so-called bad guys that want to allegedly attack us.

Why would the mainstream media and some of the alternative media want to provide little to no coverage of this trial? Wouldn’t this be the greatest opportunity to pick apart any alleged lies that the nation may have been told about what really happened that day? Why does CNN cover the Oscar Pistorius trial rather than a trial that involved the alleged deaths of over 3000 people? Do you find something odd about this? I do… just like I did when CNN chose to cover other Hollywood trials instead of the Aurora shooter trial or even the Boston Bombing trial.


Hipster Journalists Should Shut Up


(FEDERALJACK)   Whenever there is a conflict in the world, a certain breed of “hipster journalist” decides they know what’s best for the people at the center of the conflict. It doesn’t matter if they’ve never lived there, it doesn’t matter if they’ve never even visited – the hipster journalist will tell everyone exactly what should happen, because they read stuff on the Internet. That’s what’s happening with Ukraine now, like Syria before it, like Egypt before that…etc.

Why Don’t The Heroes Who Stop Mass Murderers Get Better Press?


(Tony Oliva)   If I say Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and Aurora you will most likely think of the mass shootings that took place there. I also think about all those places being gun free zones and how well that worked out. But what would come to mind  if I said: Pearl High, Parker Middle School Dance, Golden Market and  Clackamas Town Center?

If you are like most Americans you probably don’t know anything about these places and that is a shame because they are all places where a law abiding gun owner STOPPED a mass murderer before they could ratchet up the body count.  Does the media trumpet these citizen heroes and repeat their names ad nauseam so they become household words? No.  Their names are often unreported save for the local press of their town because apparently stopping a mass murderer with the ability to kill hundreds isn’t as sexy as letting him murder his way into the headlines.

I think that is a load of steaming bull crap.  As such, let me tell you a little about the aforementioned situations.

Pearl High School; Pearl, Mississippi October 1st 1997: Luke Woodham started the day by beating and stabbing his mother to death before taking his 30-30 hunting rifle to school. Do I need to even point out the eerie similarity to Sandy Hook? Upon arriving at the school Woodham opened fire with his rifle injuring 7 and killing 2 including his former girlfriend.  Principal Roy Balentine ran out of his office thinking something school related malfunctioned and ran across Woodham with his rifle.  The principal, fearing that Woodham would come for him next ran back to his office and barricaded himself in to call the police allowing Woodham to continue on his rampage, shooting more kids along the way.

Fortunately the Assistant Principal Joel Myrick (HERO) ran to his truck to get his Colt .45 semi automatic handgun and confronted Woodham as he was heading to the Middle School for younger targets.  Myrick held his pistol in Woodham’s face and forced him to the ground where he kept his foot securely on Woodham’s neck until police arrived.

Once again proving mass murderers are cowards and will either give up or kill themselves whenever they are challenged by someone else with a gun.

Hero Asst Principal Joel Myrick saved countless lives that day.  Principal Balentine ran to his office and called the police.  Which Principal would you rather have if you were a student that day?

Parker Middle School Dance; Edinboro, PA April 24th, 1998: Parker Middle School was holding its 8th Grade graduation dance at Nick’s Place, a banquet hall off campus.  About 20 minutes before the end of the dance, 14 year old student Andrew Wurst pulled out a .25 caliber pistol and shot teacher John Gillette to death.  He then went on to shoot three more people within the dance, moving along slowly and deliberately, mocking the people as they cowered there.

This situation was ended when the owner of Nick’s Place, James Strand (HERO) heard the shots from next door, grabbed his 12 gauge shotgun and came running over.  He too, like Joel Myrick shoved the boomstick in Wurst’s face and ended the situation.  The police arrived 11 minutes later.  Wurst could have done a lot more damage in 11 minutes if not for the heroism of Stand who ran TO danger armed with the means to do something about it.

Wurst would later say he was intending to kill himself but like all cowards when faced with the actual threat of having his head blown clear from his body his talk proved cheap.

Golden Market; Richmond, VA July 13th, 2009:  In this case the hero chose to remain anonymous yet his actions were not.  A man entered the store with his revolver out, told everyone to get on the floor and then walked over to the store’s owner and shot him twice without provocation.  The mass shooter then moved over to a teenage boy and raised his gun to shoot him when another customer (HERO) pulled out his concealed weapon and fired. The bad guy ran to the back of the store and found another innocent man lying prone and attempted to shoot him, until the hero distracted him and shot at him again.

The bad guy walked around the store attempting to execute people and each time the hero shot at him and forced him from his murderous intentions.  Finally the bad guy walked in between aisles and the hero took his shot unfortunately learning that his single action revolver’s trigger spring had snapped and therefore the trigger would not return forward.  Not missing a beat the hero simply fanned the hammer like in old school westerns striking the bad guy twice and ending the attack.  The store owner survived and the bad guy was killed.  No other injuries occurred thanks to a law abiding citizen being armed and present.

Clackamas Town Center; Clackamas, OR Dec. 11th 2012: Mass murder wannabe Jacob Roberts (22) entered the Clackamas Town Center shopping mall with a rifle and opened fire.  He got off 16 rounds that killed 2 people and injured a third.  Before he could continue, armed shopper Nick Meli (HERO) drew his Glock 22 and confronted Roberts.  Meli would say that if there were not innocent bystanders standing behind Roberts he would have fired but the point was fortunately moot as the simple act of someone standing up to Roberts with a firearm ran him off where he committed suicide shortly after.

The ironic thing about this case is that the hero, Nick Meli, ignored the mall’s prohibition against firearms.  Had Meli submitted to the idiotic notion of a gun free zone, the death count would no doubt have been higher.

If you want to look over the Center’s Code of Conduct you can do it here: Clackamas Town Center Code of Conduct.  It’s pretty short and near the end it says “No firearms or illegal weapon.”

The funniest part is what comes after:

Guests who do not act responsibly may be asked to leave. If they refuse to leave the property, they may be arrested and prosecuted for criminal trespass.

No, if some mass murdering nutjob refuses to leave based on the prohibition they ignored in the first place they will shoot up the place and kill as many unarmed people as they can while you call 911 and wait for the police.  Criminal trespass…ha…the Center should be on their knees praising Nick Meli, not promoting the silly notion that a gun free zone sign would stop Jacob Roberts.

Here’s another little bit of food for thought.  Look at these locations, even if some are in gun free zones they are in states that embrace gun rights.  Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Virginia; even Oregon has that libertarian gun rights streak.  These are states where people have a gun close at hand and thus have the ability to stop tragedies before they happen.

Yet the national media will focus on the failures in states where gun control is oppressive and gun ownership is limited.

Light must be shined on the heroes in the cases where tragedy was averted or at least limited thanks to the law abiding gun owner.

Speaking of states with a culture of gun rights and ownership, I can only wonder if the Aurora movie theatre in Colorado weren’t a gun free zone if the incident would have been in the second group of tragedies averted instead of the first group of successful mass murders.


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