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Sacred Owls Music Video “Weaving Spiders”

(SACRED OWLS) American Anti-New World Oder rock band Sacred Owls released their new music video on April fools day 2014 but it is no joke. The track “Weaving Spiders” is a call to arms against the “nancy peds” that are running this country.

This video includes clips from Wake Up Call, Conspiracy of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary about The Franklin Cover Up) Order of Death, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove and more.

Lyrics: Weaving spiders come not here. All You nancy peds all fear a rise up of the masses to kick your sorry asses to the floor. Novus ordo seclorum Try it and you better run. It’s live free or die. Aint gonna bow to no all seeing eye. The time is almost here, you’ll be no more.

To learn more about the Franklin Cover Up you can watch Conspiracy of Silence on YouTube here or download a nice little collection of media items from us here (1.27GB ZIP folder).

This zip folder includes:

  • Conspiracy of Silence – The Franklin Cover-Up (1994) Documentary (video)
  • Gary Caradori’s Interview with Paul Bonacci (video)
  • John DeCamp Interview (video)
  • Nancy Grace Johnny Gosch TV Special (3 Parts) (video)
  • The Franklin Cover-Up & Johnny Gosch Story (video)
  • The Franklin Cover-Up Audio File(Audiobook)
  • The Franklin Cover-Up (Kindle format)
  • The Franklin Cover-Up PDF

These interviews, film clips, and documents are disturbing and detailed. This is one of the largest and sickest cover ups that, in our opinion, is a corner stone in the globalist, Illuminati, government corruption, church corruption agenda.

Teenage girl recruited by pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reveals how she twice met Bill Clinton


(DAILY MAIL)   As a New Yorker from humble beginnings, Jeffrey Epstein played on his blue-collar credentials and enormous wealth to extend tentacles of influence throughout America’s liberal political elite.

During the outcry over the Epstein case, it emerged that another man with a notorious appetite for young women, Bill Clinton, traveled with Epstein to a number of destinations, including three times on the billionaire’s private aircraft.

On one occasion, Epstein flew the former President, Hollywood actor and staunch Democrat Kevin Spacey and another actor friend of Mr Clinton’s, Chris Tucker, to Africa, to ‘discuss AIDS policy’.


Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (08-01-2013) Exposing The Government Pedophile Rings Worldwide


(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye exposes the massive worldwide pedophile rings used to traffic children for sex, drug mules, satanic rituals, and more disgusting behavior. Although this is a tough subject to hear about, it needs to be brought to light. You will hear a litany of evidence showing that this is connected to the very highest places of power throughout the world. The only way to stop it is to expose it as far, and as deep as it goes.












Powerful Pedophile Ring That is Linked to British Parliament Exposed

(INFOWARS)   A British MP claims there is ‘clear intelligence suggesting a powerful pedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10’
There is “clear intelligence” suggesting a historic pedophile ring may be linked to Downing Street and a former prime minister, MPs have been told.

Labour MP Tom Watson alleged a member of a notorious group was connected to a former No 10 aide.

He said: “The evidence file used to convict Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread pedophile ring.

“One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former prime minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.

“The leads were not followed up, but if the files still exist, I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful pedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10.”

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons, David Cameron said it was a “very difficult and complex case” and he was “not entirely sure” to which former prime minister Mr Watson was referring.

The Prime Minister said he would look at the case “very carefully and see what the Government can do to help give” Mr Watson the assurances he wanted.

North Dakota CPS filing system aptly named “FRAME”

By C. Patience Summers
(760) 317-8854

Amongst many other issues with the Department of Human and Social Services in North Dakota, special mention must be made of their Child Protection Services record keeping program (Like the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System). It’s aptly named “FRAME” and does not seem to even come from any sort of an acronym.

The complimentary kicker in this situation is that their mental health record keeping system is called “ROPE,” although ROPE is an acronym.

North Dakota still records everything about everyone and their spokesperson for the department of Human Services tries to “dance around” the way public monies are spent at the officials’ discretion in the following video:

Oddly enough, they still retain the same amount of information about everybody as they used to under the “Legacy” system, but it’s separated and more categorized now in a sort of umbrella system called “Oracle”. To follow, is their PDF defining the different names of systems they have for keeping records/files on civillians:

SACWIS Update: is it possible to crumble the system?

By C. Patience Summers
(760) 317-8854

Following several interviews with state Departments of Human and Social Services spokespeople, it was leaked that there was a flaw in the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS): duplicate records on single individuals.

SACWIS is a file, or system of files, that contain record of an individual’s foster care record, their food stamp and public medical care history and any welfare or Child Protection Services allegations (false, unfounded, sustained and anonymous complaints alike).

A representative of the Department of Social Services in Utah said, “It’s not like there’s just one file,” and went on to explain that any allegation or social services record gets put into this SACWIS system and intake social workers, or whomever is researching the parent of a child, have to match these complaints against actual people.

For example: in area “B”, there are numerous complaints against the “Smith” family. Some of these complaints could be in this SACWIS system under the name “Smithe” and there could even be numerous families with the “Smith” name.

Then, the social worker must match the other identifying aspects of the family to the SACWIS system to form a case against the family for removal of the children in family court.

At it’s genesis, the plan for this system was to have this system up and running, connecting all states and run every family through this system prior to releasing their newborns from the hospital to ensure the infant would be going home to an “appropriate” home and family.

Currently, only children in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), who coincidentally qualify for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) funding for being premature or sick in some way, are automatically being checked through this system in most hospitals because the funding simply isn’t there to run every child as of yet.

If one wants to see the paperwork a social worker must fax a hospital to put a hold on a newborn, visit and search “Washington Social Services Exposed” and view the documents and records leaked there. There is a generic, fill-in-the-blank form social workers fill in to place an unconstitutional hold on a wanted newborn.

At this point, some states, like Utah, have declined integration into this national system, but still copy the form of record keeping into their own SACWIS.

How easy would it be to crumble this system if there were millions of complaints made against similar families than the existent ones? Could it be made like sifting through any local phone book? The investigation continues.

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