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This is the first DarkDox & Sacred Owls full length documentary film

Available now on DVD and FREE digital download here!

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Sacred Owls – They are here to save the world DVD is 3 hours and 46 minutes long with 8 new documentaries, 16 music videos, and much more! $13! Free shipping worldwide!

Digital Downloads

These MP4 files are full 1080P HD video, so they are rather large. The thumbnail below is full film. It is close to 4 hours long and over 20 gigs. Either right click and “save target” or “save as” to start download on your computer. Hold tap on touch screen to get the save options, or simply click on it to open the video file in a new tab on your browser. Be patient, it might take a while to load. If playback is skippy. Hit pause for a minute, then hit play again to allow for loading.

If you would rather download one chapter at a time, you can do so below!

Chapter 1: Prevues of Coming Attractions

Just Like at Any Sacred Owls Show, We Start the Presentation with Some Sneak Peeks at Goodies Available to Download for Free at Including Pizzagate & Esoteric Agenda.

Chapter 2: Beware! Take Care! 2018 Tour

The Film Starts with Our 10 Year Anniversary Tour to the Gates of the Bohemian Grove with a Radio Interview Recorded Live at the Double Down in Las Vegas on Friday the 13th!

Chapter 3: Sacred Owls at Cremation of Care

For the First Time, Sacred Owls Made It All the Way Across the U.S. from Florida to California on July 14th, 2018 to Meet with & Protest the Bohemian Grove on Their Unholy Day.

Chapter 4: Owlmobile Fell in a Spider Web

Just as We Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, Our Van Crapped Out and We Took a Closer Look at San Francisco’s Bohemian Club Building’s Creepy Plaques and the Nearby Owl Bar (Owl Tree).

Chapter 5: Dark Art at the Denver Airport

While We Were in Denver, We Filmed the Creepy Mural “Children of the World Dream of Peace” and Did Some Digging into the #Denfiles, Their Odd Attempt to Make Light of the Art They Have.

Chapter 6: Boys Town, Nebraska Today

We Spent a Couple Days Visiting the Site of Where the Whole Franklin Scandal and Cover Up Started. Hollywood Said Boys Town Wouldn’t Sell ‘Cause There Was No Sex, Boy Were They Wrong.

Chapter 7: Government Sponsored Terrorism

All 12 Music Videos for Every Song on the LP, Sacred Owls, Rid Yourself of Care, Weaving Spiders, Beat’cha to It, Death Wish, Inside Job, New Day Rising, They Live, Fuck This Gig, Polite Company, Idiocracy, I Won’t Be Sleeping

Chapter 8: the Georgia Guidestones

On the Government Sponsored Terrorism Tour in 2017, Sacred Owls Visited the Occult Georgia Guidestones Where We Shot a Documentary and Music Video for New Day Rising.

Chapter 9: Tales of Terror Live

Sacred Owls and Will Brack’s Contributions to Tales of Terror Issue #1 Including Conspiracy of Silence, Owlmobile, Chick Habit, and Osceola Wants His Head Back Bringing the Comic to Life!

Chapter 10: White House & Fullsail

Christian Coffins Visited the White House for the First Time and Interviewed Protestors. Fullsail University’s Short Documentary Film: Sacred Owls Journey of the Flight, & More!


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If the campaign runs out and we don’t hit our numbers, you will get a full refund. If we are close, we will just buy out the last few to make this happen. We need your support! If this goes well, we plan on putting Tales of Terror and all future releases on vinyl as well! Click here to pre-order now!

How to Build a Hot Bed Out of Recycled Glass Bottles

(GARDEN FOWL)   Earlier this year I designed a wine bottle bed for the 2010 Northwest Flower and Garden Show display we created in partnership with Seattle Tilth.  After the garden show I moved it into a spot in our garden and grew our very first RIPE pepper, before any of our tomatoes ripened!!!

The idea is simple: the sunlight warms up the air inside the glass and expands.  The heated air is pushed through the bottle neck into the soil warming it, and the plant growing in the soil.

Because of the limited size of the garden show display we made it small and in a circle large enough for one plant.  This concept can be used for any size bed – just keep in mind the size or length of your bottles, which can be valuable growing space.

Follow these steps:

  • collect bottles (wine, beer or soda) that is the fun part!
  • place in an area for raised bed(s)
  • concrete the necks, one row at a time – leaving the necks open for air movement(we used half cobb in this mixture)
  • stack at least 3 bottles high
  • fill with good growing soil
  • plant inside of the raised bed a plant that thrives off of heat (peppers, tomatoes, melons, etc)

This is a great way to grow warmth loving crops that don’t normally thrive in a limited growing season.  Here in the Pacific Northwest I live in one of those cold micro-climates that is nearly one month behind the warmer maritime micro-climates of Seattle.  I plan to build many more of these, and much larger… so, I’d better get to emptying those bottles!

Home Security and Invasion Countermeasures

(Chance Sanders)   As a society, we like to think of our home as the one place we can relax and feel safe. When not at work, we spend the majority of our time at home. Our most valuable possessions are kept in our home. For most of us, that is our family. Yet, the majority of Americans give little thought to the actual security of their home. I hope to bring some solutions to often overlooked weak points in a home security plan.

The first thing we want to do is a complete threat assessment of our area. This should extend out into our local area where we conduct most of our activities. When doing a threat assessment, you should take into consideration the routes where you shop, eat and conduct business. I recommend getting to know your local law enforcement to get a real view of what’s going on in your area. Simple things such as an online search will give you list of all registered sex offenders in your area. It would be wise to purchase a police scanner and learn the 10 codes of law enforcement and emergency responders in your area. Also, purchase a street map and plot locations of emergency responses and close proximity civil unrest should it ever happen. After a short time, you will have a good idea of what’s going on and where threats to your home security are located. It is also important to know the distance from your home and the nearest police substation so you can estimate response time and where to drive if you are being pursued. For a SHTF situation, this map will be invaluable for plotting your exit route. Knowing where gangs are located and which direction they are likely to go in a civil unrest situation is vital.

After we look at our general area, it’s time to assess our home and property. You want to pay special attention to avenues of approach and egress as well as concealment. One way to do this is try to sneak up on your own house. Is there ample cover to move unseen to the house? Are there any dogs or nosey neighbors (which isn’t always a bad thing)? What about obstacles and lighting? Are you starting to see the picture? This should be done prior to and after any security upgrades. Most physical security countermeasures can be remedied by a trip to the local hardware store and at most a call to a fencing contractor. Expensive alarm systems require monitoring, a power source, and a dedicated response officer. Consider an alert dog to be a worthy replacement for such a system. Remember, you are always the first responder to any situation that may occur at your home. Be sure to conduct routine surveys of your property to determine any unauthorized activity. Cut fencing, tire marks, and litter (cigarette butts, food wrappers, drink cans) are all indicators of human activity. Consider installing cameras like those used to monitor game trails. Newer models allow them to be viewed remotely and less fancy versions are relatively inexpensive.

Now let’s look at the home itself. You want to ensure that you have ample lighting outside of your home. Try to avoid lighting that back lights you and instead blinds an intruder. You should position light fixtures where tampering would be both difficult and noticeable. Keep in mind a power failure would render these ineffective unless they have an independent power source.

Next on the list is a look at controlling entry into our home. As we all know, doors are a major weak spot in our homes physical security. Most residential doors can be defeated by a determined fifteen year old. A door that fits loosely in a frame is a serious security hazard. Consider replacing all exterior doors with one of solid core construction and ensure a proper tight fit as well as adding a strong mesh outer door. This will enable you to open the inner door without making yourself vulnerable to attack. This door should have a dead bolt lock as well. If this is not possible, then perhaps an intercom and/or a camera mounted discreetly facing the door would be a good alternative. Special attention must be given to the integrity of the doorframe and hinges. If the hinges face out towards the intruder, then all that is needed to defeat the door is a screwdriver. There are ways to prevent this such as drilling a small hole though the hinge itself and inserting a pin into the main hinge pin. Although they are not standard on most houses, an outward opening door will withstand being kicked in to a greater degree.

Locks are the first line of defense for most homes and as such they should be effectively integrated into other security and protection systems. Locks should be carefully considered and seen as an investment. The better quality designs and strength of materials should be considered for upgrading your doors’ locks. A phone call to your local locksmith will most likely give you a good recommendation for what locks you need. A strict control of keys is imperative to controlling access. Having a hidden lockbox with your homes key will prevent you from losing them and having to replace all of your keys. Locks are by no means foolproof and should be considered a delaying device. Paired with a motion alarm that will alert you to any presence around the general vicinity of the lock will serve as an early warning system. This will give you those precious few seconds to implement your response plan. A serviceable motion sensor can be reasonably purchased at your local hard ware store and painted to match your environment. These can further be hidden in bird houses built around them.

Windows pose more of a security problem than doors given the material in which they are constructed. Most intruders try not to break glass due to the noise. However, depending on their intent, they may have no such inhabitations. There are screens that can be purchased to limit flying glass from a broken window. A simple way so secure a window is to drill a hole through the frame and insert a pin that can be removed in hurry if you need to open the window and escape. Although considered overkill by some, placing bars over windows will prevent unauthorized access. They must however have the ability to be opened from inside in case of fire or other emergency that requires you to exit. If possible and depending on your geographical location, keep enough material on hand to board up your windows in case of adverse weather or civil unrest.

Once we have done our physical security measures, it’s time to do some more planning. Sit the family down and go over some basic safety rules. First thing, children never answer the door. Adults do not open the door until identity and business has been verified. Any questions like, “Is your husband home?” by someone knocking on your door may just be the answer a home invader is looking for. We also need to develop a recall roster for adults of the house, workplace and emergency contact numbers. This should be kept by the phone. It’s also a good idea to develop a security alert plan. Each person will know where to go and what to do. For example, if the dog barks, perhaps mom looks after the children while dad investigates. This is something one needs to give much thought. Protection of one’s family comes before protecting property. It does your family no good if you are shot trying to keep a thug from stealing your lawnmower. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into fight over something that can be replaced. The exception to this is when you are protecting something that is vital to your family’s life and welfare. Items such as food and water should be stored in a secure location and away from unauthorized access. A good practice is to keep a few good caches around the property so no one can deprive you of all your preps. Something else to think about is creating a safe room or safe zone within your home. This could be just installing the same type doors as on the exterior of the house. One may get as creative with this as their wallet allows.

I have left firearms for the conclusion even though that is the first thing that most people think of when home security is discussed. A well placed handgun or shotgun should be part of your overall security plan. However, it should be the last resort instead of the first option. Proper weapons selection and rapid access to those weapons are vital. The market is full of bedside safes, holsters, and single long gun storage units. I strongly recommend keeping a small pouch with a spare magazine, flashlight and cell phone that can be draped around your neck before going out to investigate a noise or alarm. I personally keep a bulletproof plate carrier nearby that can be donned in seconds. This gives me a much greater chance of surviving an armed conflict in my home. Remember your first responsibility is to your family. Secure them first then deal with the threat. It is a good idea to look where the kids or other household members sleep in relation to where you are. Over penetration is a real danger and should be considered when selecting a firearm and ammunition. As with most things, it is the sum of the parts that makes the whole and home security is no different.

Chance Sanders is a former U.S. Marine marksmanship instructor and firearms and security specialist. He teaches survival skills in his native South Carolina.

Advantages of the Dakota Fire Hole


(Modern Survival Blog)   A Dakota Fire Hole is simply a method of building a fire that utilizes a number of advantages over other methods. First though, here is how to build a Dakota fire pit…


How to

Dig a hole about  a foot in diameter and a foot deep. It is helpful to enlarge the bottom of the hole by several inches to accommodate larger/longer pieces of firewood. This will be the chamber of the fire pit.

Next you will dig the airflow tunnel. Dig the airway tunnel beginning about one foot away from the fire chamber hole. The diameter of the airflow hole should be about half-a-foot and will angle down towards and into the bottom of the main fire chamber. Ideally this airflow hole should be upwind from the main fire hole.

Partway fill the fire pit with kindling and light the fire. Gradually add sticks to build a stronger fire.

The fire creates a suction which is drawn into the airflow tunnel, resulting in a much hotter and efficient burning fire.



The fire burns very hot.

Less firewood is needed than conventional fire methods.

Food or water will cook faster.

The efficiency of the burn creates less smoke, which means less visibility.

This method is particularly useful and manageable if it is very windy compared to other methods.

The fire burns below the surface of the ground which shields the flame from being seen, especially at night.

Since the fire is below the surface, green sticks across the top of the hole, or other methods can be used to easily support cookware.

When finished, the evidence of a fire is easily removed when you fill the holes with dirt and cover the surface with natural surrounding material.



Build the Dakota fire hole near the base of a tree to help diffuse the smoke, which will help avoid detection.

Choose an area with favorable soil. Avoid rocky or rooted areas.

Be wary of soil which may ooze with moisture or fill with water.

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