California downgrades marijuana possession from misdemeanor to infraction

(FromtheOld)   No more jail time for small amount of marijuana possession instead of a misdemeanor downgraded to an infraction with a fine no bigger than $100 in other words treating it like a traffic ticker. Bill SB 1449 was introduced by Senator Mark Leno and was approved by the California state Assembly 43-33 votes and signed into law by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Up until now millions was spent each year to prosecute people in possession of marijuana no matter what the amount. Leaving the people with criminal records and taking up the courts time. Last year there was more than 60 000 Californians who found themselves booked for carrying a small amounts of Marijuana. This was the main argument for passing the bill was to safe money for the state and that the courts could concentrate their efforts on more serious crimes.

SB 1449, as introduced, Leno. Marijuana: possession.
   Existing law provides that, except as authorized by law, every
person who possesses not more than 28.5 grams of marijuana, other
than concentrated cannabis, is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be
punished by a fine of not more than $100. Existing law provides for
this offense that under specified conditions (1) the court shall
divert and refer the defendant for education, treatment, or
rehabilitation, as specified, and (2) an arrested person who gives
satisfactory evidence of identity and a written promise to appear in
court shall not be subjected to booking.
   This bill would instead provide that, except as authorized by law,
every person who possesses not more than 28.5 grams of marijuana,
other than concentrated cannabis, is guilty of an infraction
punishable by a fine of not more than $250. By changing the penalties
for an existing crime, this bill would impose a state-mandated local
   The California Constitution requires the state to reimburse local
agencies and school districts for certain costs mandated by the
state. Statutory provisions establish procedures for making that
   This bill would provide that no reimbursement is required by this
act for a specified reason.
   Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: yes.
State-mandated local program: yes.

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3 Responses to California downgrades marijuana possession from misdemeanor to infraction

  • This new “infraction” rule is a cynical attempt to make sure the people of California can still be arrested for growing marijuana in their own back yard. They can still lose their homes, their children, and their freedom. This rulet protects the drug dealers by keeping prices high, it protects the alcohol and private prison industries (see more below), and it does virtually nothing to protect the ordinary citizens of California. Under the new “infraction” rule in California (signed into law October 1, 2010), a person growing even ONE marijuana plant in their back yard can still lose their home, their children, and their freedom under the “production” laws.

    Prop 19 will allow ordinary Americans to grow a little marijuana in their own back yards. Prop 19 will put the drug gangs out of business (more or less), unlike the “infraction” rule which does NOTHING to put a dent in the drug gangs profits.

    The new “infraction” rule is an attempt to cut support for Prop 19. The “infraction” rule is supported by the alcohol industry in order to keep Californians from growing their own marijuana, a practice that the “beverage” industry sees as a threat to their profits (check out some “beverage” industry campaign contributions at Just search the dataset for “beverage” or “correction” to see how the alcohol and prison industries are trying to persuade politicians).

    California citizens, including college students in California, can register to vote (deadline: October 18) at:
    w w w . .
    (just fill out the form and mail it in).
    California request a ballot by mail:
    w w w . .

    Other states: Google your state name and “voter registration.”

    Don’t be fooled; the new “infraction” rule will still allow for PLENTY of arrests, home seizures, children put into foster care, and kids growing up while their parents are in jail. Register. Vote. Change the world.

  • Jesus said to treat other people the way we would want to be treated. I know I wouldn’t want my kid to go to jail with the sexual predators, or my aging parents to have their house confiscated and sold by the police, if they used a little marijuana.

    Let’s change the world. Let’s get registered and vote.

    Citizens and college students can register at the state links shown below.

    In other states, Google your state name and the phrase, voter registration. Print off the form and mail it in (or drive it down to City Hall).

    And put it on your calendar for Nov 2. VOTE! (In some states, you can request an early ballot today and get it out of the way!)

    Five minutes. Register to vote. Change the world. Right now.

    Pass it on (Tweet, Facebook, … ?)

    Voter registration links (all require the w w w prefix):
    Arizona (deadline: October 3):
    Voter info:
    California (deadline: October 18)
    w w w . .
    (just fill out the form and mail it in).
    California request a ballot by mail:
    w w w . .

    Colorado (deadline: October 3) :

    Connecticut (deadline: 4:00 p.m. on October 19):
    Voter info at
    Or get the registration form at
    Massachusetts (deadline: October 13, BUT you have to request the form and get it mailed back in by October 13, so don’t delay!):
    Michigan (deadline: October 4):
    Ohio (deadline: Oct 4):
    Oregon (deadline: October 11):
    South Dakota (deadline: Oct. 18):
    Utah(deadlines: by mail, October 2; in-person, October 17):
    Vermont (deadline: Oct 19, but there are some extensions; check the site)
    Others: Google your state name and “voter registration.”

    College students: You can usually register as a citizen of either your hometown or your college residence town. Share the voter registration info through your student newspaper, twitter, etc.
    Everybody: Most states allow early voting and/or vote-by-mail, so once you get registered, go ahead and request a ballot (at the voter info site for your state). Save a trip to the polls and get it done the easy way.

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