Bob Blaskiewicz, Faux Skeptic Exposed!

(WAC ATLANTA)   I recently posted this as a response (block quoted below) to Bob Blaskiwiecz aka Satan’s little helper at Georgia Tech Institute of Technology. He has refused to post this response and this is not the first time he has deliberately censored anyone who makes too much sense on his blog.  Bob is a defender of the sacred myth of 9/11 and like so many he will only engage in questions as long as his smoke and mirrors routine seems to be working. Once someone pierces his miasma and brings the conversation around to the cold hard empirical facts, Bob then has a favorite routine he employs, that being to either post endless amounts of pictures of lol cats, have one of his lackeys or perhaps pseudonyms online echo everything he says but with a more sincere exposure of idiocy and intolerance for different ideas, or to outright BAN the user thus silencing dissent like any good commissar is want to do. Bob blinks out his own cognitive dissonance when in person and is nearly unintelligible whilst juggling the immense amount of contradictions he must contain on any given day. Here is my recent reply to a comment stream where I again pointed out that he is nothing more than a mouth piece for maintaining the “Big Lie” as he again sought out to discredit, deride and defame anyone who dare question the government’s conspiracy theory of 9/11.  Bob is an intellectual fraud, coward and though challenged to an honest debate in an academic setting refuses completely to stand behind his words.

Please feel free to email the staff at the Georgia Institute of Technology as to why public funds should be siphoned to support someone who has no interest in scientific debate and actually lowers the collective IQ of Georgia Tech every time he opens his mouth to spew more pseudoscientific babble while posing as a “skeptic”.

You have been challenged time and again Bob. How about a real debate with experts? Your lies have worn thin and your cover is blown. Everyone sees you for the shill you are.  I hope you one day understand first hand the suffering you enable as you rightfully deserve a karmic boomerang for all of your lies and manipulation.  Shame on you.

Here is my response that was again censored on

Hi Bob,
This is Camron Wiltshire
You banned me like you ban anyone who points out the absurdity and depravity of your sophistry. I’ve nothing to hide, thus I have requested you debate your position in an academic setting. The only setting fitting for information of such a crucial nature. If you had not censored me for no other reason than arbitrary rules you make up apparently on the spot, then I would be happy to post under my name as I did until the point you censored me. Anyone willing to do research will realize I was censored for no reason other than I was asking questions that exposed you as a faux skeptic.

Bob all you are is an ad hominem spewing machine. You have no scientific refutation  whatsoever and are thus complicit in condoning a cover up of the greatest crime on American soil in history. A crime that was used to justify two illegal wars of occupation and the desecration of civil liberties here at home.  You only have playground tactics and a despicable pattern of sophistry and subterfuge that you endlessly disseminate with apparent glee and lack of conscience for the potential impact on the young minds at Georgia Tech. Scientific ethics is a mandate for employment at Georgia Tech I am assuming and you obviously are entirely delinquent in fulfillment of this sacred oath.

You have been challenged on numerous occasions and you hide behind your blog rather than attempt to honestly defend your opinions.

You also love to generate drama as a means to avoid real discussion of the evidence that demands a new and independent investigation of 9/11.

No one threatened you Bob. Please stop resorting to overworn tactics of Ad hominem and appeal to ridicule as a way to sidestep logical discussion and debate of scientific evidence.

I can’t begin to tell you how creepy you are. Sucking up to Faux skeptics, the poster boy for good german behavior who apparently has no qualms about playing the role of commissar for the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 as presented by the US Government.

3,000 Americans were killed, 6,000 + soldiers and 1 Million plus innocent Iraqi men, women, and children.

How do you sleep at night?

I don’t expect that Bob will ever present himself in a fair and moderated environment as he fears most being exposed outright in front of his peers and students at Georgia Tech. He is an intellectual fraud hiding behind his blog and has been called out on countless occasions and of course has never once answered any of the challenges.

Comments are now Closed.


See for yourself what you can expect if you point out the intellectual bankruptcy and absurdity of the illogical notions of faux skeptics like Bob and his retinue of sychophants.

Anyone from Georgia Tech who stumbles upon this and wants to maintain the integrity of science, shoot us an email at please.

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