Blitz of “Cyber Attacks” as Rockefeller Bill Approaches

JAY ROCKEFELLER(INFOWARS)   A determined propaganda blitz is well underway as the government sets the stage for the passage of Cybersecurity Act of 2009, introduced in the Senate earlier this year. If passed, it will allow Obama to shut down the internet and private networks. The legislation also calls for the government to have the authority to demand security data from private networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule or policy restricting such access. In other words, the bill allows the government to impose authoritarian control over electronic communications.

Earlier today, the corporate media reported on a “powerful attack that overwhelmed computers at U.S. and South Korean government agencies,” allegedly launched by North Korea. “South Korean intelligence officials believe the attacks were carried out by North Korea or pro-Pyongyang forces,” the Associated Pressreported.

It should be noted that South Korea’s intelligence apparatus — known as the Korean Central Intelligence Agency — was formed under the auspices of the U.S. Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps during the Korean War and is notorious for intervening in that country’s politics and kidnapping Koreans living abroad and torturing them. In other words, anything South Korean intelligence tells the corporate media should be taken with a large grain of salt.

According to “security experts analyzing the attacks,” Obama’s White House, the Pentagon, the New York Stock Exchange, the National Security Agency, Homeland Security Department, State Department, the Treasury Department, Federal Trade Commission and Secret Service, the Nasdaq stock market and The Washington Post were targeted.

All of this is happening as Senate Commerce Chairman John (Jay) Rockefeller — who has said we’d all be better off if the internet was never invented — plans a committee vote on cybersecurity legislation he introduced in April with Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine.

Under Rockefeller’s bill, the White House would be required to create an Office of the National Cybersecurity Adviser within the Executive Office of the President as well as an advisory panel of experts from industry, academia and the globalist NGOs, according to Congress Daily.

In May, Obama pledged to personally select a cyber czar who would report to the National Security Council and National Economic Council.

5 Responses to Blitz of “Cyber Attacks” as Rockefeller Bill Approaches

  • Nonononono. No. NO! That’s no good at all.

  • How many other people out there think that North Korea is a “fake enemy” who we keep propped up simply to create fear and justify a major expansion of government ?

  • I think that North Korea is as guilty of this cyber “terrorism” as al Quaeda was of sending anthrax to our government leaders after 9/11.

    This whole charade is ridiculous, and getting lazy, apathetic Americans to wake up to what’s going on is about as easy as raising the dead.

  • This is another totally outrages thing nobama is trying to do.. He really really needs to be stopped!! And fast!!

  • We keep trying to wake people up. We need to get together and come up with a game plan to wake people up faster. Otherwise, were all gonna be to late. Anybody who wants to keep the little bit of freedom we still have needs to take action in a big way. Just talking about stuff is not gonna do anything. Look at Iran, taking action! Action is the only way to make things happen. We all don’t want the crap coming to happen. Yet, not one story, video, testimonial, picture, audio, tin foil hat, or anything I’ve seen given me a solid solution to the problem. Something that I can do to help defuse this whole nwo, end of freedom, concentration camp, false flag, federal reserve, rfid nightmare we know as soon to be, life as we know it. For God sakes, somebody give me something!

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