“Blade Runner” Actress Mary Sean Young talks about the Illuminati agenda on Red Ice Radio (05-06-2012)

(RED ICE CREATIONS)   Mary Sean Young discusses her formative years as a Hollywood star in such hit movies as “Blade Runner” and “Dune” and how she awakened to the Illuminati agenda.



One Response to “Blade Runner” Actress Mary Sean Young talks about the Illuminati agenda on Red Ice Radio (05-06-2012)

  • Yes. Very much targeted at boys and …. girls and very restrictive in the parameters explored. Host speaks in robotic tones and breaks; preping for transhumanism. Blade Runner.Checked out guest site; predictable slave connection to children in Africa. Always the skit. Past sell by dates on reaching puberty, profile is raised to attract status and access to children via charities/foundations they ‘support’. RIR is into perverting the bodies and minds of young people; making it all acceptable, natural.

    Speaking my mind, here, if I can’t trust the source, I can’t trust the information entirely and I certainly don’t trust RIR. I found Bladerunner just another holly wood production in predictive programming.

    There are some truly awesome sites investigating holly wood, fashion and MK.Culture creation. RIR is off whack and run by fascists, instructed by Temple of Set. People ought to be very careful in broadcasting on this show, nasty things happen. Ask Rick Clay ooops you can’t – he’s dead.

    Well into the Mayan stuff too, she is. No worries, 2016 Rio (oRIOn?) will go ahead regardless of 2012; billions are praying for ‘world without end’ within satanic/luciferian worship and religious mainstream. All giving energy and respect to the same forces. There is ‘alien’ as in psychopathic and there is a dark force which they have attracted and fed through our participation, passive and active.

    But certainly, there are those behind and above the ones we know of. They are treated brutally too and need rescuing from themselves. The beast is too big; it’ll consume all. Her charity, is it thriving? The new thang in transition is knocking of corporatocracy; to raise protest and therefore reaction and to ensure a global electronic currency is introduced based on carbon tax credits and debits. She’s right about energy theft! MK ritual: look at the religions praying 5 times a day, following nuerotic repetitive routines every single day. Ooh, she’s hitting the sore spot with the homosexualisation of children. Post Kinsey; most of his work was taken from Nazi experimental abuse in camps and elsewhere. Effectively undermining legal protection for women and children; Rockefeller funded as is FB. Transubstantiation? Catholicism is just Judaism tarted up and all christian cults are offshoots of that ‘tree of the knowledge of good and evil’. Atheism and Newage are religions too.

    It’s only been going on about 6000 years (according to the Masonic and Judaic bible dates AD – Lucifer) but this current era closing now, is likely to be the first time they’ve been able to ‘rule the world’ with technology.

    Is there a cure for psychopathy? Cure or kill, eliminate, rescue and rehabilitate those capable but in isolation from others; in strict security on behalf of the people. Forgiveness, no. Resolution, yes. Do we have the right to ‘forgive’ all those tortured and destroyed? I don’t think I have. There is only forgiveness with forgetfulness; hence the impartial use of mind scrambling media and drugs, NLP re-framing. Just one psychopath can wreak havoc on thousands, millions or billions of lives depending on genetic selection or sheer brute ‘usefulness’ in culling the herd.Mentally deranged, in need of seclusion.

    Sure, she’s too old to carry on getting parts, so has become an advocate. The masses are programmed to envy the rich and famous, they’ve no clue that the rich and famous are not the puppets paraded for their adoration, hate or envy but their managers, agents, producers. They always have to give them sex, whoever they are. Money is leverage is manipulation, blackmail and survival. It’s not about the money, it’s about the driven agenda powering the machine which consumes all who hit the jackpot.

    Yeah, anytime it can be taken away. What the lady is not understanding the esoteric nature of succession. They reincarnate back into the same family lines over and over; hence the driving necessity of accumulation for posterity.

    It’s not just one lifetime. Maybe for those who get off that rack, but that’s the idea behind ‘traditions’ and plans carried out faithfully from generation to generation until … here we are. Denial; oh, no it can’t be ‘human’ surely – has to be a big slimy alien creature. I don’t care either way; same deal but we should be aware of not giving more respect to ‘superhuman aliens’ than you would a foreign invading army telling you to disarm. It’s simple demoralisation.

    Betrayal. People can’t take the truth because of the pain of betrayal. Especially if they’re parents. Especially if they are a privileged ‘victim’ which the system rewards over others. People love their victimhood as it provides a target for their – boy, you just try to take that away from them! forget freedom. Nothin to do with Icke. Says so in the bible: all will be revealed. The ruling class are perfectly OK and incapable of ‘waking up’ to empathy. Of course they have to be isolated like a plague. Oh, no, not Swerdlow! This is very dangerous, imprinting symbols into your mind for ‘protection’? Sure, fruitcake.

    Mother Earth is not ‘changing’ she’s under intense attack by H.A.A.R.P. and other mismanaged technologies of warfare boosted by our energetic/emotional input. They do ‘demand’ meditation in the ‘new school’ system. And TM is tax exempt, approved and demonic. She’s a good talker and very articulate dominatrix fundraiser.

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