Black Helicopters, Special Forces Train for RNC Police State

(PRISON PLANET)   “Special Operations members from the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force will work alongside SOF troops from other countries to ‘assault’ mock enemy positions and rescuing ‘hostages’ next to the convention center, both on land and in the bay,” ABC News in Tampa reported.

“The dramatic scenes took place at the Tampa Convention Center yesterday, when 14 SOF members from the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force showcased their combat skills in a half-hour demonstration,” reports the Daily Mail today. “Representing 10 different nations, they roared through the water in two inflatable boats and leaped ashore using Humvees and all-terrain vehicles.”

The mock battle was part of Building the Global SOF Partnership conference attended by delegates from 96 countries around the world, including Canada, Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Thailand, Norway, Poland and Jordan.

The conference is billed by the National Defense Industrial Association as the “defense industry’s premier event focused on advancing defense industry technology solutions and building the global SOF partnership, attracting over 7,000 government and industry Attendees, featuring 350 exhibiting companies.”

The South Tampa-Hyde Park Patch reports:

A highlight of the conference has been the SOF demonstration, featuring operators from a dozen countries “assaulting” mock enemy positions and rescuing “hostages” by land, water and air next to the convention center in downtown Tampa.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was the keynote speaker at the International Special Operations Forces Week conference dinner last night, according to ABC Action News.

The international troops spent time “engaging the enemy” and firing weapons. The exercise included a mock rescue of Tampa mayor Bob Buckhorn.

The kidnap rescue of an American politician by a heavily armed international force is a significant and dangerous precedent that once again demonstrates that Posse Comitatus is a dead letter.

Asked about the staged rescue and the drill with international soldiers, an unnamed Marine told the Tampa Bay Times “doing this for the public is a very powerful thing because it tells our common enemies if they mess with one of us, they mess with all of us.”

It also acclimates the public to the presence of the military in a country that was founded in part on an aversion to standing armies.

The Global SOF Partnership exercise raises the prospect of a possible false flag during the RNC in August.

The over-the-top imposition of a militarized police state in Chicago during the NATO war council last week and preparations for the same in London during the upcoming Olympics sends a clear message – the global elite will now roll out heavily armed international troops at all globalist political events, including presidential conventions where candidates hand-picked by the global elite are paraded in dog and pony show fashion.

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  • It there was a false flag event in the near future, Popeye, I wouldn’t be surprised. If I’m not mistaken before the bombers of the London subway, there was government drills on the same exact scenario-bombing of the rush hour trains. In Sweden, concerning the incident with Undrich Brevick, the were drills several weeks or months(I forget the time span.), where police, fire and other government forces in Sweden, ran drills for supposedly to stop such an event. Also, Undrich Brevich, if I recall correctly, had contact with government persons and police agents. Such is the same scenario with Mohammad Merah of France who had connection with the French intelligence and he even acted as an informant and had a handler. But the situation in Florida is something else. We have ten countries participating. If the international cabal who run things are behind this, we are in trouble. Wake up people. False flags are they people in power influence the outcome of political situations through fear and subtefuge. It is a means of social and geopolitical engineering. When are the American people are going to stand up and take their country back. When are the American people are going to stand up and say, "I’ve had enough!"

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