Black Americans DO NOT Believe Ron Paul Is Racist

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  • I’m a black man supporting Ron Paul to the fullest….right on brother…Ron Paul over Obama any given day

  • I’m a white guy, don’t claim to be anything other. I do work with and for a lot of black folks in my business and there is an awakening among black and white people that leftists will smear anything that they don’t understand as “racist”

    just like Bush Republicans will call anyone they don’t like “unpatriotic” there are sleazy demos out there that will call anyone they don’t like “racist”

    I say this because when I bring this up with a lot of black folks (Not all) they can pretty much hear what I am saying, the term “racism” has been used to smear people who frighten the powers that be. But when I bring it up with white democrats they get on their high horse about how all non-liberals are “racists” who they are proudly fighting against. I think that the term “racist” is just an easy way for liberals to feel superior.

    I think a lot of black folks are realizing that the liberal democrats who are always spouting out about “racism” actually does nothing to help the black community and instead is just a way for snobby liberals to look down their nose at working class Americans who are so “backwards”

    The leftist’s fascination with “racism” is just a way for elites to hate poor whites who don’t know anything about other cultures. And please, I am not saying racism does not exist or is not real, there is a lot of racism still, but it doesn’t explain everything about why our culture’s works the way it does. But I am saying that there is a false “racism” that is used by lazy people to smear things and people they don’t understand.

  • To illy, and Jay; I fully agree with you. The most inflammatory attacks against Paul have boiled down to a Newsletter of approx. 20 years ago. There are people who ridicule me for my support of Paul. But they have nothing to say when I ask them “How many Presidents weren’t racist?” But that’s not even the point.

    Obama sold us all a wet bag of rocks, calling it “gold”. When he spoke at the Woodrow Wilson Center, while on the stump for the presidency, he had my support for him reinforced when he stated that he would repeal the Military Commissions Act of 2006. Ever since its passage I have been staunchly against it – defining a human being as an “Enemy Combatant” in order to skirt the standard protections afforded POWs in our custody. Making way for John Yoo, and Jay Bybee to draft the memorandum to authorize “Enhanced Interrogation” (P.C. for Torture).

    All that talk, from Obama, and he up and allows the passage of NDAA which solidifies Indefinite Detention, and expands its reach to American Citizens – both foreign, and domestic.

    Damn near everything about Obama is a Wall Street Sellout in high gear (just look at his Cabinet (Geithner, Summers, Rubin, et al.).

    I fully support Ron Paul’s message (although I do want more clarification on his position with the Civil Rights Act). I believe that we should all have the right to serve or not serve whom we please (as long as such services are not deemed Essential). But if a racist restaurant owner doesn’t want me as a customer, then that’s okay. I don’t want to eat where I’m not welcomed. But I recognize the power I would then have to bring that business down, by rallying support to boycott such a business based on principal.

    I already know the mainstream media pimps out propaganda like it’s a breakfast snack. To see them attack Ron Paul tells me two things:

    1. He’s effective, and as much as they wanted to ignore him, they simply can’t – and it’s pissing them off.

    2. They’re scared shitless of his growing popularity, and would stoop to no end to smear him as much as possible. After they all toed the line, like good little whores, and pimped out the Iraq WMD lies, there is no reason on Earth CNN, MSNBC (although I like Rachel Maddow), Fox, CBS, ABC, & NBCdeserve any form of credibility ( or respect) from the public. Just like Wall Street, I can’t wait to see the fake house of cards they’ve built come tumbling down.

    Ron Paul 2012.


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