Bill O’Reilly: “I’d Like To See Julian Assange Hit By A Drone Strike”

10 Responses to Bill O’Reilly: “I’d Like To See Julian Assange Hit By A Drone Strike”

  • Never watched Bill O’Reilly, sad really. This isn’t a debate it’s an old man talking over two other people.

  • you people are really sick

  • Stop the wars! Blaming , Islam and Afghanistan/Iraq for 9-11 is like blaming the United States and Christianity for the Oklahoma City bombing! and for Bill O’Reilly’s commit about having Julian Assange Hit By A Drone Strike . Is the same as saying some one saying Bill O’Reilly should be taken out as by a terrorist. Stop the war mongering bring our troops home now!

  • He advocates a drone strike? Julian Assange is a dupe, most people realize that by now, as his “leaks” seem to be very convenient and not the “let it all hang out” revelations they claim to be. Bill O’ Reilly, by advocating his assassination on national television before a rabid audience of millions, has just shown what a pathetically transparent and bloodthirsty beast America has become. The drone strikes are making the whole world hate us, for him to wish it upon ANYONE is downright treasonous. Here is a man who will probably one day justify atrocities against his own citizens, for he’s already wishing them upon others.

    “Who’s looking out for you?” Not Bill O’ Reilly.

  • O’Reilly, have you turned into a complete idiot or perhaps your ‘Ratings’ have fallen and you are chasing your them by adopting Maury or Springer tactics. In any event it is very sad and a man I used to watch and admire now joins the garbage heap of useless information data.

  • By knowingly providing information to our enemy that may well cause the deaths of some of our allies and possibly the eventual deaths of American servicemen, Mr Assange has declared himself to be aligned with our enemies in the conflict and as such has made himself subject to the same treatment we would impart to any jihadist. Hope he rots in hell for what he has done. Hope he gets something a little more painful and long lasting than a simple drone attack.

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