Big Budget Pro-Obama Military Film On Its Way

(The Ulsterman Report)   Reports now circulating of an Obama administration working in conjunction with Hollywood producers to release a movie about the Osama Bin Laden mission just weeks before the 2012 election.


When a sitting president cannot utilize the economy as a means of getting re-elected, things tend to get a wee bit worrisome for the campaign team.  For Barack Obama, this worry has led to a still sympathetic Hollywood community willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a film whose intent is to show President Obama as a fearless anti-terrorism warrior who bravely led our special forces into battle to kill Osama Bin Laden.

Hyperbole you say?  Sadly, no.

Producers Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal are this very moment working diligently to bring the killing of Bin Laden to the Big Screen – with a currently scheduled release date a mere three weeks before voters decide if they want to give Barack Obama a second term.  Coincidence?  Not quite.  The Obama administration has been working hand in hand with Bigelow and Boal in forming the soon-to-be released White House approved portrayal of the Bin Laden raid.  Mark Boal in particular has reportedly been given an all-access pass to Washington D.C. and even the Pentagon – a situation that has elicited more than a bit of off-the-record grumblings from top military officials.

Besides sharing a slew of far left Big Government ideals, why else is Hollywood so protective of an Obama presidency?  Ah, just a bit of investigative peek-a-boo reveals what is perhaps the real motivations for Hollywood’s willingness to deploy a big budget production to try and convince voters Barack Obama is not a detached wimp who so often appears utterly uncomfortable in the presence of the military.

In 2009 President Obama and his fellow Democrats provided Hollywood studios with a quarter BILLION dollar tax break.  These same studios had just recorded all-time record profits, but not a word of resentment came from Barack Obama against that fact.  No, he instead signed into law a massive tax break for his far left Hollywood pals.  Now it appears Hollywood is set to pay Obama back with a pre-2012 election film that will be using the military as pro-Obama propaganda props, while working overtime to portray Barack Obama as the bravest Commander in Chief badass in the history of America.

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