Baton vs. Camera: Police openly hunt for citizen journalists

(RT)   As the consolidated corporate media machine fails in its function as the fourth estate, citizen journalists and independent press outlets are there to pick up the slack. But this important task is becoming increasingly threatened by the harsh treatment at the hands of the police force. Citizen based media is often targeted by police for reporting unfiltered truths, or they are lumped together with activists/protesters and beaten or arrested. As more and more Americans choose alternative news sources to find out what is really happening in their country, harassing those providing first hand reports muzzles the free flow of information and poses a threat to democracy. Abby Martin explores the subject for RT.

3 Responses to Baton vs. Camera: Police openly hunt for citizen journalists

  • YA,YA we know the police hate america,the oath they took didn’t mean shit to them they lied to get the job and they lie in court they lie on all their reports,SO whats new about them trying to destroy the US CONSTUTITION,they lie about everything,they kill anyone they think can’t fight back,these reporters need to carry guns and know how to use them…it might save them a few beatings

  • @Arizona–is Sheriff Dipshit of Pima County still in office these days? We haven’t forgotten his nice remarks about nationalists and constitutionalists being filled with "vitriol", or some such BS. Nor the murder at the hands of his criminal, rat f**k SWAT death squad of that young former marine trying to defend his family from them.

  • Get used to it, we are on our own with everything! Our tax dollars pay the salaries of all these traitors, and when you ask for help, see? In the video, the guy is asking for help while the cops stand there all lined up in a row in riot gear. We don’t need them, and they all know it. We are all armed, and they’d better understand we ain’t takin’ any more shit from them or any other traitor corrupt sellout! We outnumber everthing that is evil in this country, what is everyone waiting for? There are 545 aholes who run the country. The rest fall in place on local levels. WTF? They’ve got you all conditioned to believe you can’t stand against them. Surprise, surprise, surprise, you’re all goin’ down!

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