B of A Warns Upcoming “Desperate Measures” By Authorities Will Result In Another 2008 Market Collapse

(ZERO HEDGE)   Last week we had Citigroup warning that the market bottom is about to fall out, as the Fed is more than likely to disappoint already very lofty expectations (according to various estimates from both Goldman and the second Tier banks, i.e., all of them, the market has priced in roughly $500 billion in QE3 already). Today, Bank of America, which may or may not be with us much longer, has taken this desperate alarmism several notches further, and is warning that due to the gridlock in both the fiscal (“fiscal authorities have bombarded the markets with a quadraphonic message of hopelessness”) and monetary (“the Fed is out of bullets anyway”) stimulative pathways, the likely outcome of anything from DC will be nothing short of a disaster.


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  • Who Cares!
    All “WE” ever hear about in this country is how WALL STREET is doing. The Stimulus awhile back, All were encouraged to go out and buy a Big Screen TV to help the Economy. Sure, a 50″ display of how the Un-Federal Reserve and the Bank’s have totally SCREWED the American people and their Children’s Children out of a Future.

    But Run, See American’s Run, Run to help Buy something to put US in Debt more to these Idiot’s and watch them get rewarded with Millions in Raises and Perks as the American’s sink lower and lower on the level of supporting this country.

    While Citi-Bank was Screwing Me, They claimed they needed $35,000,000,000 to edge them out of the hole “They Created”, Then after almost All American’s were opposed to the bailouts They got their monies at near zero interest then instead of beefing ip the US Economy with that money. Citi went out and with that $35,000,000,000 bought all those Asian Banks. But Why?

    We call that Check Bouncing, But if WE write bad checks we go to Jail, They just buy the Banks they owe the money to and FLOAT the Money. Yea, If we did that.. We’d be in Jail.

    Bernie Madoff is in jail because he Screwed the “RICH”.. They walk FREE because they screw the Poor. The Poor that can’t AFFORD ATTORNEYS TO SUE THEM. Oh yes, There are 1000’s of Class Action Lawsuits all over. Like the Credit Protect Scam from all the Banks. Search for yourself, Citi… Sued, Wells Fargo… Sued. They are all being sued.

    Yet the way the make it is to take everything you have. Cars, Homes and Yes, It may ONLY BE Material things, But had those Millions of Homeowners BURNED their Homes before the Banks took them.. Well let them sell ASHES. Where is the US going to put 4 Million Homeowners that Burned their Homes?

    These same homes Stolen by the Banks that could not even prove they owned them, Are now selling for about $36,000. That is 1980’s Prices. And your Neighbors house is now worth less too.

    People are Fool’s, Instead of Occupying a Street… They should be Inside these Banks demanding OUR TERMS and Conditions. Let them for once SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINES. We work our Butt’s off for Our Money and they create theirs out of THIN AIR.

    American’s are Suckers.


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