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Indian forces kill last gunmen in Mumbai

Orange flames and black smoke engulfed the landmark 565-room Taj Mahal hotel after dawn Saturday as Indian forces ended the siege in a hail of gunfire, just hours after elite commandos stormed a Jewish center and found six hostages dead.

"There were three terrorists, we have killed them," said J.K. Dutt, director general of India’s elite National Security Guard commando unit.

Some 295 people were also wounded in the violence that started when more than a dozen assailants attacked 10 sites across Mumbai on Wednesday night. Fifteen foreigners were among the dead.

Dutt told reporters outside the hotel his forces would continue to search and clear it. A major in the commandos was killed in the final assault, he said. deletes new 9/11 investigation idea as it had more votes then any oth

However, on 11/28/2008, Debora Blake posted a similar “idea” at, and for whatever reason, that entry “took off.” Within 2 days, the “idea” for a new investigation into 9/11 was #1 on the entire site with 660 votes. The #2 entry, “Pass the DREAM Act Now!,” posted on 11/24/2008, only has 347 votes.

They have since deleted every “idea” calling for a new investigation into 9/11, including the #1 entry. Here is the email I just received from

Hello Jon,

We wanted to send you a note about an idea you recently voted on in the Ideas for Change in America competition titled “Conduct a new, independent investigation into the attacks of September 11, 2001?

We support calls for truth and transparency in our government on every subject and welcome you to directly petition the new administration about this matter, which you can do at However, this is unfortunately outside the scope of the Ideas for Change in America project, which aims to offer specific policy solutions rather than investigations into past government action. As such, it is not eligible to enter the second round of the competition.

We understand that good people may disagree with our vision. But this is a private effort not connected to the Obama campaign or transition team, and we reserve the right to keep the competition and its content aligned with the stated mission and overall spirit of the project.

Thank you for your understanding. As mentioned above, we welcome you to directly petition the Obama administration about your proposal at And we hope you continue your work to advance change.


– The Ideas for Change in America Team

Through Obama’s entire campaign, he promised “change.” If organizations like are an “idea” of what’s to come, then those people fearing Obama’s message was just rhetoric for political purposes, are probably right.

GUN DISARMAMENT in Pembroke Pines, Florida: Turn In A Gun For A $50 Gift Card

"What we’re hoping is to get a lot of these illegal guns off the street," said Lt. David Holmes, who is organizing the buy-back. He says illegal guns in the wrong hands put the entire community at risk.

We’ve seen guns end up in the wrong hands time and again, especially in the hands of young people. An 8-year-old brought a loaded handgun to his elementary school last week. 15-year-old Teah Wimberly is accused shooting and killing her friend Amanda Collette at Dillard High School.

"With the spike in burglaries going on in the community, this is a way to get these guns off the streets and destroy them and out of the hands of bad people," Lt. Holmes insists.

He says there will be no questions asked when the guns are turned in. Everybody who hands of a firearm will get a $50 WalMart gift card. Deputies say make sure the guns are unloaded and you can bring ammunition separately.

Lieutenant Holmes says if this buy-back program works it could save lives. "A lot of times… these guns get in the hands of bad people who want to do bad things and they have access to a firearm right there. You’re talking about a dangerous combination."

Guns can save lives if in the hands of law abiding citizens who mind their own and live a respectful life. When government has an interest in disarming the public, it usually leads to enslavement.

Save the Republic. Stand for nothing less than liberty, freedom, and safety by our OWN devices.

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