Government is now the MAFIA, elite people control our personal lives

Author: Silence DoGood

What is the purpose of government? According to the Declaration of Independence governments were instituted upon man to protect our rights and to protect our security. Liberty and Security were suppose to go together in the United States of America whenever it was formed. Governments were only to keep things civil and not violent. Law and Justice was suppose to be the motto. Only crimes which harmed people or was detrimental to society as a whole were prosecuted but never peoples personal choices, beliefs, parenting skills, nor even peoples actions as long as it wasn’t harmful to another.

Now everything in the United States has been regulated which includes commerce, building codes, people’s personal conduct, people’s health choices, people’s food and drink choices, people’s own property, people’s own bodies, and people’s beliefs are beginning to be regulated using thought-crime technology. People can be persecuted for victim-less crimes.

People can go to prison for exposing their local politicians, and politics is far from glamor and is more dirty then anybody can ever imagine. If somebody thinks politics isn’t dirty, cut-throat, full of criminals (with only a select amount of good guys left), and even dangerous to peoples lives then that person is sadly mistaken. Anytime government goes beyond common law and starts arresting people or taking away their rights due to statutes even when no harm nor injury has occurred then government has slowly become force, even against our own free will and choices. If you disagree with the politicians and societies viewpoints your criminalized and thrown into prison and have a nice little criminal record. If you heavily criticize a politician you can be thrown into prison as that politician will hire somebody or use a District Attorney they know by blood to find something on the person and whether some technical law broken to use as blackmail or the person can set you up as a criminal by planting evidence on you to which you will railroaded to prison.

Government in both the Federal and State houses including the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial houses has slowly become MAFIA-like where instead of using the law to protect the people, their rights, their property, and the nations security, the law is being used to make peoples lives a living misery and hell, the law is being used to abuse and poison people, the law is being used to protect corporations that lobby for psychopathic laws to harm people without fear of criminal charges nor being sued, the law is being used to harm both adults and children, the law is used to harass and intimidate the average people, and there are very many examples of the law being used for harm instead of protecting people. If you believe everything I say is nonsense then lets look at some basic laws passed that are hurting the general people and their rights instead of protecting their rights which was why governments were instituted upon man in the first place.

Monsanto is getting laws passed to protect their corporation while regular Non-GMO farmers crops are being destroyed or tainted by the GMO crops thus the regular average farmers are being damaged and injured by crop contamination due to GMO crops, yet laws are passed to protect that corporation thus farmers have no case in court but they can be sued by Monsanto for any reason therefore laws are not being passed for the general people’s benefit but for the benefit of a few people, destroying everyone’s liberties, freedoms, rights, and due process for the protection of the very very few people.

With the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2012 it has a provision where an American citizen can be unlawfully detained then imprisoned and having their rights violated at the whim of a public official stating that somebody is a possibly terrorist or even a domestic extremist. Doesn’t matter about any evidence and no court trial will be given simply because the law says so even though it is void due to the Constitution.

The law is always looked at as right but is it really when bad laws are passed and are never repealed and when you try to contact your Congressperson giving them facts, affidavits, documentation, and expert testimony then you usually get a automated formal letter where the Congressperson either makes, passes, or votes no on a bill going against the very facts, affidavits, documentation, and testimony presented to them even going against the concerns by their constitutions. I and many people I know have experienced this and know how crummy and unrepresented I and others feel in the political system. They can pass any law that can affect people in a negative way and damage people like lab-rats and animals and yet we aren’t always being given true representation. If you thought maybe the Feds were the problem then you could go to the state legislature but is the same result but even worse. With them the staff usually states that with Federal issues should just stick to the feds so your pretty much stuck and can never get your issue to the ears of your congressperson without a bribe or a huge protest that can make Martin Luther King Jr. shocked. Politics has become about protest style rebellions or bribes is the only way to change things now. Now protests near any secret service or Federal protected buildings can be a Federal offense despite Freedom to peacefully Assemble in the Constitution. They don’t listen to reason anymore in many cases, they don’t listen to facts or even a signed affidavit proving something to the congressperson. You always get a formal letter where they make the decisions for their constituents instead of the constituents being truly represented by their representative.

They call it representation but it doesn’t seem like it, they call this government a free and great government that protects our rights when our rights are violated most of the time. If you dare expose a corrupt local politician you better be prepared for when they send a SWAT Team to your door and raid your home with a search warrant especially if you own a legal firearm with a registered gun permit which police are really after. You can even be thrown in a mental institution indefinitely for simply criticizing the government, speaking the truth, and talking about sharpening your axe which means that the criminals in the government will be held accountable eventually, that’s what happened to Raub Brandon. You talk about holding the criminals and dirty politicians in government accountable then you get a visit from the secret service. America is slowly becoming communism under the guise of safeguarding the community from any potential threats including terrorists and other potential threats, oh this person who disagrees with the government which is dangerous and the community agrees so this person should disappear, which is the essence of tyranny to make people disappear for their comments against the actions and liars in government to force all people to comply with the wishes of the government and the state instead of representing the people, protecting our rights, and only passing laws which is beneficial not only to the people and their rights but the economical system as a whole.

Now when you expose your local Mayor, State Representative, District Attorney, Judge, or just anybody that you know is corrupt in a government office, that is when people that know too much get forever silenced whether it be prison or even set up for murder to get the death penalty or a high prison sentence after drugs are planted or even another another set up entirely. Government is force and our representatives don’t have to do their job, they don’t have to represent anybody but whom they choose to or even themselves, even with their Oath of Office it is only a limited scope of duties and limits imposed on public officials but if there are no statutory penalties then violating the Oath of Office can be done with no penalties nor criminal charges. When government officials work with criminals and psychopaths and you start exposing that you either end up dead or in prison with people booing at you calling you the worst scumbag criminal ever. For doing good deeds you don’t get rewarded nor even praised instead you get prison time, execution, or even beat up by the common people or the police. Christian’s even admit that Jesus was crucified simply because he challenged the temple and protested and even healed people on the Sabbath. Yes it is a crime to help people in some cases and even healing people that is not approved by Big Pharma is a medical crime by the drug and substance control regulations.

Government is force, government is MAFIA, if you don’t bribe your politicians they won’t listen to you, laws are selectively enforced, there is corruption in all levels of government from federal to state to local councils and commissions, and if you don’t like it then tough. Very few politicians decide the people’s fate for how they act and what actions they take and even for what they say. Representation is a farce especially when the Congress and General Assemblies refuse to increase their number of representatives per district and make smaller districts because that will mean less power for each politician. Congress can be bought and paid for, The Executive branch has it’s own puppet that can also be bribed, and the Judicial branch has slowly rotted into corruption and starting to determine what the law is to the point where the courts are nullifying the laws protecting the people while protecting the corporations, and corrupt law violating powers.

The reason police, state, and local politicians are breaking laws everywhere is due to seeing the top people in the Federal Government openly violating laws and getting away with it. That is a message to lower public officials that they can be corrupt and do whatever they want because they will never be held accountable. That creates in itself a sense of Anarchy because when government feels the right to break laws and above the law then there is no checks and balances, as long as you work for the government you can break any law you want to, it is a sense of Anarchy under the guise of being a legitimate government. How can a government be legitimate and how can we not already be under Anarchy rule by gangs when all criminals in government can be bailed out due to their extreme power while we can end up in prison for simply criticizing a US or state senator, Representative, or even the executive branch. What we are under is a mafia Government and that is the very simple truth that we cannot deny. Government is MAFIA and FORCE!!!!

When Government can openly break the laws then we are no longer under the rule of law but under the law of elites where the lawmakers can make us obey the laws but they don’t have to obey their own laws.

DHS FOIA Documents targeting Infowars by fusion centers

All of you may have noticed the DHS FOIA Documents by Brian D. Hill of USWGO have disappeared off the USWGO.com server and no backups have ever been published on any website so I have decided to release them.

These won’t be around forever either so please download and share these while you can, spread them around to everyone you know. Don’t ever ask him why he took everything down, it is a personal matter that has led to this. Just treat the close down of USWGO as another reason to fight hard to win the information/intelligence war. These documents are stored mostly on the FederalJack.com web server and the TruthFrequencyNews server (Doc10). I may keep releasing documents here and there but I will likely not be on anymore. Back these up, share on any remaining file sharing websites that haven’t been seized, and don’t ever just let one source give information out. You should save all web page articles and everything. Don’t ever let good news reporting and information released ever go to waste. Mr. Hill has worked hard to build this truth movement legacy and momentum along with all of his friends Popeye, Alex, Bob Tuskin, JJink,. and others. If he can no longer personally do anything for the movement and has to push people away then take this as a step further to fight even more aggressively in the information war because the elite owns and controls the mainstream media to aggresively push propaganda then the people can push the truth.

So here they are thank you:

Final Notification of FOIA Request sent to USWGO – PDF Document 1 – PDF Document 2 – PDF Document 3 – PDF Document 4 – PDF Document 5 – PDF Document 6 – PDF Document 7 – PDF Document 8 – PDF Document 9 – PDF Document 10 – PDF Document 11 – PDF Document 12 – PDF

Also USWGO will never come back as far as I can tell so if any USWGO Articles are still in search engine caches then you are recommended to download immediately. Nothing is online forever and the fact that USWGO went offline is a reason to start making backups of everything you see online that is credible.

Also be aware that anything you do on the Internet has a trace and the IP Address has the persons personal address and even financial information. Stay safe, stay cautious, remain vigilant, and keep getting the truth out and seek the truth.

The crew of the USWGO team bids you all farewell and so do I as a observer in the whole matters of the infowar.

Judge Kane rules against Righthaven defendants motion for attorney’s fees

Author: Silence DoGood

Judge John Kane, of the Colorado District Court, has denied Defendant Brian D. Hill’s motion for attorneys fees as a sanction to Righthaven’s bad faith conduct and for their lack of standing to sue in the Nevada and Colorado cases.

David Kerr of Santangelo Law Offices in Fort Collins, Colo., an attorney who represented Hill, said he was disappointed in the ruling but respected it reported by Vegas Inc.

In this scribd document it states why Judge Kane denied the motion for attorneys fees.

You can read what all what the defendant has went through because of posts on FederalJack that are tagged under the term Righthaven.

The reason is stated on Westword that there is a statue that if Righthaven voluntarily dismisses a case then an award of attorneys fees cannot be granted.

Quoted from Westword

As Kane writes in his ruling, a statute expressly precludes the award of attorney fees if the case has been voluntarily dismissed, as Righthaven did in this case, sans what’s known as a “bad faith exception” — a sanction for bad-faith conduct during the course of litigation. He then notes that “there is substantial evidence that Righthaven has engaged in a pattern of filing copyright infringement suits against naive bloggers in order to secure settlement agreements, often with a minimal investment of time and effort.

Righthaven has mainly got away for it’s bad-faith conduct against Mr. Hill but Denver Post has announced that it’s parent corporation Media News Group Inc. will drop Righthaven as a client. That means that Righthaven can no longer buy copyrights under the Denver Post or any other Media News Group Inc. under their Strategic Alliance Agreement to sue individuals.

Brian Hill runs the website USWGO Alternative News that got dragged into the lawsuit through a subpoena by court order since the domain registered uswgo.com is under private registration. The website is a political alternative news and action center website that is dedicated to peacefully resist and expose the New World Order agenda and 3 of the articles Mr. Hill had typed are on Infowars.com, one of them talked about on Lew Rockwells blog, and others featured on DProgram.net. Mr. Hill claims he is a peaceful activist that will expose the New World Order master plan to the whole world.

Media News Group Inc. has 52 newspaper clients on-board with their corporation including The Denver Post, the Salt Lake Tribune and The Detroit News according to the Righthaven Victims blog. That makes a huge loss for Righthaven and has likely contributed to the fact that Righthaven may file for bankruptcy reported by Vegas Inc.

Vegas Inc and OneUtah reported that the Bad PR incurred by Righthaven’s treatment of Mr. Hill has likely led to Media News Group’s cutting of it’s contract with Righthaven and also likely due to it’s extended coverage in the NYTimes, International Herald Tribune (that is also apart of the Salt Lake Herald Tribune which is one of Media News Groups owned newspapers), WXII12, American Free Press, Fox8, and the Associated Press but the story regarding Righthaven coming after Brian being on AP have disappeared due to censorship influenced by an unknown party but it likely came from a Righthaven supporter or somebody that didn’t like the work that Brian does on USWGO.

So even if Righthaven wins the round for attorneys fees it is losing faith of it’s clients quickly and may demise within weeks to months.

Proof that Shawn Mangano, Righthaven Attorney, perjured before the court!

Author: Silence DoGood

Update: The Release and Settlement Agreement scribd document is down due to some technical issues so here is a mirror. http://www.scribd.com/doc/56166809/Brian-Hill-Response-Final-Redacted

The page to see the settlement agreement is on: Page 42 of the entire document!

Disclaimer: This is not regarding any court ruling. This is just a independent examination of court documents filed by both the defendant and prosecuting attorneys being examined to come to the conclusions in this article based on court documents already on public record. Everything in here is fact based, due to the court documents, and is not in any shape or form defamatory. If Righthaven doesn’t want articles like this then Shawn Mangano should not have perjured before the court.

According to investigation of multiple court documents added onto scribd by those watching the court case Righthaven Vs. Brian D. Hill, Shawn A. Mangano, a Nevada attorney that works with Righthaven LLC, made a perjured declaration before the court according to examination of multiple court documents, even after David Kerr was allowed to bring out the Release and Settlement Agreement, they still lied to the court that they wanted Brian to agree to “take down certain defamatory Internet posts” but it never mentioned that in the Settlement Agreement released by the defendants attorney.


Defendant’s mother was included in the settlement proposal in this case based on, among other things, the belief that she is the Defendant’s guardian. Moreover, including her in the proposal helped to mitigate any perceived competency issues raised by Defendant’s counsel. Righthaven did ask that any settlement be accompanied by a press release. It did not, asclaimed by Defendant, as him to agree to the contents of a fabricated press release. Any press release content required, obviously, the approval of Defendant’s counsel. Righthaven asked for a press release, along with the Defendant’s agreement to take down certain defamatory Internet posts as a means to redress the harm caused by him spreading actionable content to the public. This request was not to stifle public criticism or to require the Defendant to relinquish his right to free speech, which does not cover his actionable statements. I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed this 10th
day of June, 2011./s/Shawn A. Mangano – Shawn A. Mangano, Esq.
So while he said all this under penalty of perjury, he did not realize that already under the Release and Settlement Agreement released on public record as one of the exhibits to the court, mentions nothing regarding that Mr. Hill should agree not to make “Defamatory statements about the company” or even the word defamatory.
Also another thing to add was that Mr. Hill is now 21, Mr. Hill’s mothers never said she was his legal guardian but is now a caretaker due to Mr. Hill’s medical conditions.
This is what they wanted Brian to agree to in the settlement agreement. This is one of the sections copied from the Release and Settlement Agreement court document uploaded onto scribd.
The Defendants, collectively and individually, covenant, warrant, and represent that: (a) Defendants shall submit to Righthaven, within five (5) days after the Effective Date, a comprehensive list of all Media (identifying to Righthaven with enough specificity so that the location site and/or position is readily identifiable by Righthaven) with which, whereby or
where from Defendants and/or Defendants’ counsel have ever Disclosed any Content regarding the Case or Righthaven (the “Comments”); (b) Defendants, within fourteen (14) days after the Effective Date, shall use Defendants’ best efforts to remove, or have removed, in perpetuity any and all Comments from any and all Media, including, but not limited to, all areas of Facebook, Twitter, Care2.com, Federaljack.com, Scribd, Oneutah.org, Flickr.com, Uswgo.com, Westword.com, Lasvegassun.com and Righthavenvictims.blogspot.com; provided, however, that if Defendants are not empowered or otherwise entitled to remove the Comments that are the subject of this Section 9, then Defendants and/or Defendants’ counsel shall formally request in writing to the respective owners or controllers of the respective Media, with a courtesy copy provided to Righthaven as notice per Section 22, that such Comments be removed immediately from the Media, within fourteen (14) days after the Effective Date; (c) Defendants and their counsel shall not make any further commentary about the Case or Righthaven to, or on, any Media, unless Defendants receive prior approval by Righthaven; and (d) Defendants shall poston Uswgo.com for a minimum of sixty (60) days the Press Release.
So according to the evidence found in the two court documents published on scribd Shawn A. Mangano has misrepresented the facts that Settlement Agreement was never to get Brian to take down any defamatory statement, in fact, Mr. Hill said Nothing defamatory because Brian is a reporter for FederalJack and USWGO, so committing defamation would collapse any credibility Mr. Hill has earned for years of running USWGO and fighting the New World Order, all Brian’s intentions with his postings were to keep people informed of his lawsuit case, give out some opinions based on the facts and law, Brian was never notified that he made any defamatory statements on the internet, was never even notified by his own attorney that his postings were even considered defamatory, so Shawn A. Mangano has perjured himself before the court in an attempt to persuade Judge John. Kane (D. Colo) to deny David Kerr’s (Brian’s pro bono attorney) request for attorneys fees as a sanction for all that Righthaven has put him through.
So Shawn A. Mangano needs to be tried before the court for defamation against Brian Hill, misrepresenting the facts, and fraud.

Protect IP Act will give Attorney General powers to sue any website

(Eric Holder Satire)I will have the power to come after your websites Boy! You won’t ever speak against the New World Order since you’ll sit in prison!

Copyright will be the death of the Internet! The start of human cattle marketing! The end of free protesting online!

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

According to provisions in the Protect IP Act bill, that was just passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee while Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) put the bill on hold in the committee, Attorney General Eric Holder would have the right to go after any website he wishes as the plaintiff all to stop copyright infringement which now includes blogs such as USWGO, Infowars, FederalJack, DProgram, Drudgereport, and others across the internet.

Now due to Righthaven being able to sue websites over TSA Enhanced pat-down photos and small excerpts, Disney’s copyright of Seal Team 6 although Disney has decided to withdrawal it for now, and now the New York Stock Exchange threatening takedown notices to a news site over an Intellectual Property dispute over one of their news photos after they claim their floor is trademarked, and with all these attempts to further reduce fair use to little tiny portions to just being allowed to post links, if any judge succeeds in destroying Fair Use then Eric Holder will kill all your websites on the Internet except for corporate-run establishment websites in the new tiered non-neutral Internet.

Even if Righthaven sent takedown notices first, I have even discovered most would favor taking down images that should be covered under fair use which means that the boundary of Fair Use keeps getting smaller.

So Eric Holder will soon have the power to sue and blockade Infowars.com, Federaljack.com, Uswgo.com, Dprogram, Drudgereport.com, abovetopsecret.com, godlikeproductions.com, and all they need is Righthaven to continue to own more copyrights and than pretty soon the Internet won’t exist except for only the super rich to purchase cattle of human slaves. Looks like Alex Jones will pay the price for settling with Righthaven because the U.S. Government will come after his website and he won’t be able to do anything about it. Even if we all just write our own content completely, show no excerpts and quotes, show no references, and show no proof of any of our claims because that would be copyright infringement, any corporation can buy up copyrights of your content then threaten takedown notices against your own content.

The bill’s language proves that Eric Holder will have the power to sue and shut down websites according to the bills text it would give Eric Holder a position as a plaintiff against website defendants. Some thinks plaintiffs can only to it to represent the copyright holder but the bill’s language clearly says that the qualifying plaintiff can either be the Attorney General of the United States (Eric Holder the Gun Ban dictator) or the copyright holder.

(11) the term ‘‘qualifying plaintiff’’ means (A) the Attorney General of the United States; or (B) an owner of an intellectual property right; or one authorized to enforce such right, harmed by the activities of an Internet site dedicated to infringing activities occurring on that Internet site.

The RIAA, along with the MPAA, Righthaven, and others claims they are just merely enforcing intellectual property to protect the artists/newspapers but fail to tell you they all have an agenda to make money off of virtual worthless data while ending Free Speech and Free Press. John D. Rockefeller stated live on televisions that the Internet should never have been invented and should just go back to pens and paper.

Copyrights will get to a point where Free Speech and Free Press won’t exist on the Internet anymore. We will pay a price for our free speech in the hundreds of thousands which the average family and those on social security disability and elderly retiree checks won’t be able to afford. That will start to begin the spiraling down of the alternative news as it cannot post anything credible anymore since posting any evidence to back any conspiracy theories to prove fact would be a copyright infringement.

Even Obamas top czar wants to ban and infiltrate conspiracy theorist websites which he means those that run truth websites that aren’t mainstream.

Eric Holder is coming for you all so if this bill passes and becomes law then it is time to build a new Internet away from the new Internet 2.0. Eric Holder will first attempt shut down commands against top truth sites such as WeAreChange, 9/11 truth, Infowars, then Federaljack, and all the way down to Uswgo.

(A) the Attorney General of the United
States; or
(B) an owner of an intellectual property
right, or one authorized to enforce such right,
harmed by the activities of an Internet site
dedicated to infringing activities occurring on
that Internet site.

Details released regarding Righthaven’s dirty settlement gag order

Author: Silence Dogood

According to a report from Steve Green of Vegas Inc, Righthaven’s secret settlement details are finally being legally released due to the fact that Righthaven put their own confidential terms into a declaration to the court for a motion to get the judge to deny attorneys fees to David Kerr.

This is what the settlement agreement demanded of Mr. Hill, non-parties (Means friends, allies, comrades, and possibly fans of Mr. Hill’s articles), and even his attorney if Brian D. Hill of USWGO had signed the settlement agreement.

According to this settlement agreement they were going to get Brian Hill to lie before the court and press, make out like “Mr. Hill, insinuating that his mental condition may have led him to make false statements to the public and the court” (Quote from Vegas Inc), then they were going to make him remove all articles from federaljack and oneutah (Ken Binghams blog) plus the Las Vegas Sun articles would have to be requested to be removed, and anyone breaking a settlement term would be at least $10,000 per violation against Mr. Hill. If the settlement agreements signed by Alex Jones and Matt Drudge are similar then that explains why Alex Jones is not allowed to ever talk about Righthaven and if anyone brings up about it on his show they could make Alex Jones pay $10,000 per settlement breach. That is theoretically if some of the settlement details are exactly the same as what Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, and others have signed.

(This is theoretical but the release of the settlement terms explains a lot) Now people know why Alex Jones has not been syndicating any of USWGO’s articles (3 of USWGO’s articles was syndicarted by Infowars.com before the lawsuit began but after then lawsuit none of USWGO’s future articles were ever added to infowars) even though one got on GCNLive and a link on Dprogram.net because Alex Jones could possibly get himself in trouble if he gives any article syndicatioin support to Brian Hill while he was a victim of the Righthaven frivolous lawsuits. That explains why even Brian Hill’s best articles won’t even show up on infowars.com because until the case is completely thrown out, Alex Jones may have to keep himself seperated from any infowarriors that are lawsuit victims of Righthaven and that includes Brian Hill.

Quoted from the release from David Kerr:

Conditions of Release (Page 21 of Reply)

  1. Righthaven inappropriately sought to enjoin Mr. Hill from exploiting any and all Righthaven intellectual property, apart from the subject image, without identifying or specifying such works. Such overbroad demand being subject to an award of liquidated damages of $10,000 per breach.
  2. Righthaven inappropriately sought to bind non-parties to the terms of the settlement, namely Roberta Hill, and Mr. Hill’s counsel.
  3. Righthaven inappropriately sought to use the settlement agreement to remove content from non-party websites that are known to be critical of its for-profit litigation model.
  4. Righthaven inappropriately sought to use the settlement agreement to obtain potentially privileged and confidential information from Mr. Hill’s counsel.
  5. Righthaven inappropriately sought to condition the release of claims against Mr. Hill only on completion of certain actions by counsel and other non-parties
  6. Righthaven inappropriately sought to condition the release of claims against Mr. Hill based on relinquishing his first amendment rights.
  7. Righthaven inappropriately sought to condition the release of claims against Mr. Hill to stifle public criticism.
  8. Righthaven inappropriately sought a permanent gag order against Mr. Hill, his mother and his attorneys, not only as to the terms of the settlement, but as to ever publically discussing any aspect of this case, or Righthaven generally. Such onerous demand being subject to an award of liquidated damages of $10,000 per breach.
  9. Righthaven inappropriately sought to condition settlement on requirements that counsel for Righthaven remove, or seek to have removed any public comments made about this case or Righthaven, and that counsel for Mr. Hill would be further enjoined from ever publically discussing Righthaven, or this case, except with explicit permission of Righthaven, prejudicing his ability to represent other Defendants accused by Righthaven.
  10. Righthaven inappropriately sought to impose onerous liquidated damages of $10,000 per breach of the settlement agreement. Such damages were applicable to Mr. Hill’s mother, and could be construed to apply to Mr. Hill’s counsel.
  11. Righthaven inappropriately sought to fix jurisdiction and venue for any breach of this agreement in Nevada despite being aware that Mr. Hill’s medical and financial condition would make it impossible to defend his rights in that jurisdiction.
  12. Righthaven inappropriately sought to require attorneys’ fee pursuant to any breach of the settlement agreement, even though they were aware that Mr. Hill had no recoverable assets, and that his only source of income was exempted from such relief under federal law.
  13. Righthaven inappropriately sought to issue a press release that fabricated specific quotes falsely representing that Mr. Hill, his mother and attorney’s had made false statements directly contrary to the facts and prior declarations made to this court. The ultimate result being that, Righthaven sought to leverage and condition Mr. Hill’s release with a false admission that he, and his mother, and potentially his counsel had perjured themselves before this Court.
  14. Righthaven inappropriately sought to issue a press release solely to embarrass and disparage Mr. Hill, insinuating that his mental condition may have led him to make false statements to the public and the Court.
  15. Righthaven inappropriately sought to issue a press release which falsely represented that Mr. Hill’s counsel endorsed Righthaven’s business practices and that Righthaven had exhibited professional behavior during settlement negotiations.
  16. Righthaven inappropriately sought to have Mr. Hill provide a false apology for his actions which he maintains are fair use under the law.
  17. Righthaven inappropriately sought to extract a false apology from Roberta Hill’s for critical statements regarding Righthaven.
  18. Righthaven inappropriately sought to extract a false concession from Mr. Hill’s counsel for critical statements made regarding Righthaven’s business model.
  19. Righthaven inappropriately sought to fabricate quotes from Mr. Hill’s counsel that would contradict the facts of Righthavens litigation conduct in an effort to mitigate or cut-off any accrued liability.
  20. Righthaven inappropriately sought to fabricate quotes from Mr. Hill’s counsel that would falsely admit, and make legal conclusions that Righthaven was within their rights to pursue claims of copyright infringement against Mr. Hill, and that Mr. Hill’s actions violated the law. Such false concessions would result in extreme prejudice to Mr. Hill’s legal rights and any later appeal efforts, but would be in total derogation of counsel’s ethical and professional obligations to his client.

Righthaven drops lawsuit against disabled truth website activist

Author: Silence Dogood

Righthaven has done the right thing and dropped it’s frivolous lawsuit against truth website operator, Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News.

Of course they do say that no immunity is given to Mr. Hill but he never expected it because he said to me days ago that he was never ever going to use their photos again on his website or anywhere so they not need to worry about infringement from him. There is no doubt that he will never use that photo again and will not post any photos owned by Righthaven. It’s just common sense as Righthaven is no more then a business that relies on infringement allegations and settlements to do their bidding.

ArsTechnia made a post about Mr. Hill, so did Vegas Inc (Steve Green), and Westword alternative news blog.

Brian has always been a good reporter, activist, and journalist so he never intended any harm at all against any content creator. He now knows the dos and donts of being a good reporter. I know whenever he was reposting stuff he never knew the dos and donts of being a real reporter. He is still a reporter in training and now knows how to legally protect himself by asking for permission or using creative commons photos.

I do think the elite was after him though due to his report on them being connected with a Billionaire banking group. They (Illuminati, and Bilderbergs) probably used the patdown photo as a scapegoat to target this disabled man but now that he had a great attorney, he never intended any harm whatsoever, and since he took down the photo Brian’s case is nothing but a PR disaster for Righthaven. The affidavit proves that he meant no harm.

So theres a high chance the elite, that whether it be the Rothschilds, Bilderberg Group, or any other puppet organizations and law firms, will still find ways to come after him but Mr. Hill is definitely a fighter against any political organization that wishes to destroy him so they can continue their satanic ritual abuse.

Brian also told me he is trying to get Ted Gunderson on Popeyes show “Down the rabbit hole!” and so hopefully he will be able to bring any light to any satanic ritual abuse down by high ups that has infiltrated our Government.

I pray that he will never get in any lawsuit again but with the corrupt justice system who knows what will be cooked up against Mr. Hill.

The Court Industrial Complex is a crooked warped form of Justice

Author: Anonymous

I am the original owner who posted this. I am from Texas and I see corruption where I live as well.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_NfN_EWerqnQ/TFufhFeB4lI/AAAAAAAAA4M/w9ybuotfUXs/s400/kangaroo_court.jpgThe Kangaroo Court is the pillar for the Court Industrial Complex. Image found from Report on Conditions blog.

Right now I am seeing the heart of the corruption of the Judicial system. I have seen the heart of the corruption of the Executive system. I have seen the heart if the corruption of the Legislative system. Today though I am going to talk about the crookedness of the Court Industrial Complex.

If you are poor you are either forced to admit to guilt and perjury just to get out of a lawsuit which is the same as a plea bargain. It is far cheaper and more convenient to admit to guilt and crimes you never committed to not have to go through a kangaroo court trial.

If you are poor you have no rights to prove your innocence. That is that way of the Court Industrial Complex. If you don’t like it you can try to change the court establishment and suggest things we can do to change the system.

To make matters even worse must Federal and local Judges are either bought and paid for, killed via Tucson AZ style shootings because they stood up for what was right, or are losing their positions because of their moral standing. The court system is only in bed with rich and super rich law firms or in bed with the Prison Industrial Complex. Judges that do stand for justice and helping the poor end up getting assassinated and this is all true and we seen that with the Tucson Shooting because that federal judge and congresswomen was going to stand against Obamacare. The Court system is no longer about justice or even balance of law anymore but a business, a store, and a corrupt and warped sense of justice.

That is why the Court Industrial Complex is the very monster we are seeing these days. That is why we are seeing no Justice or even the Supreme Court simply stating that the U.S. Constitution is null and void.

The courts everywhere in America used to represent Justice when it all first started but then it became a business, a store, and apart of the crooked imperial machine. I now call it the Court Industrial Complex simply because judges are either corrupt or killed. That is also the way of the executive system as well. Presidents that go against the will of the elite are assassinated in public just like the shooting in Tucson Arizona or are corrupt to the core.

Most lawyers in America are corrupt because money is being made off of the suffering of the peasantry. One example is the abuse of copyright law for the personal wealth expansion of the super rich. The court system is not about helping the people and they serve no justice.

I humbly ask the American people that we peacefully set a resolution and a declaration to take down the Court Industrial Complex and create a new judicial system.

Brian now petitioning the Colorado Court to dismiss lawsuit

Note: Brian has given me permission when I requested that he do a interview.

Brian D. Hill is now stating on public record that he broke no law, never intended to cause any harm, and that since he is disabled and on social security disability money he cannot afford to goto Colorado and therefore would be hardship to ever be forced to attend the court trial.

Mr. Hill has stated “I will not agree to any fee agreements or pay any filing fees because even the poor and disabled should have the right to defend themselves and to declare innocence without paying thousands of dollars. Dr. Shirley was right when she said that the court systems don’t care about the poor or at least something like that from Justice4Us.”

Also Mr. Hill will offer no public apology as he committed no crime and will never agree to any stupid agreements.

So now Mr. Hill has started a petition known as Petition Judge Kane to dismiss lawsuit against Brian Hill – The Petition Site and is going viral on facebook already through negotiations with friends to share this and other public online channels. Brian is going to declare to Judge Kane via answers to the summons and get it on public record that he broke no law and shouldn’t suffer any penalties because of the lawsuit scam by Righthaven. He states “I broke no law so why should I pay fees? I committed no crime so where is my justice? I thought justice was given to all Americans including the poor and disabled but I guess there is no justice”.

Also he has created a Facebook Event asking people to boycott the Righthaven Newspapers found on Righthaven Victims blog listings of Righthaven newspapers.

Mr. Hill says “I will never agree to be silent or submit to any gag order if I have to suffer and if it means that Righthaven will get away with their crimes and that I will be looked at as a criminal when that is not the case. I am innocent and will show Righthaven how many media outlets I will go to to stop Righthaven’s frivolous lawsuit. I will petition Judge John L. Kane to dismiss the Righthaven lawsuit against myself since the U.S. Constitution gives us a right to petition any part of our Government for a redress of grievances.”.

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