Warning: Shopping Mall Rent-a-Cops are now harassing photographers taking photos of Christmas decorations all over America

Author: Silence DoGood

Only in North Korea can taking photos of Malls, Government buildings, or of anything lead to arrests, harassment by law enforcement or rent-a-cops, and even be told that photography is against policy or against the law when there is no law nor any policy prohibiting photos nor was there any complaints by the property owner. This information has been brought out by a undercover truth movement operative, used to be alternative media founder and reporter until the cops came after him for his website exposing too much so he became a undercover operative for the truth movement, that mainly just wanted to take non political photos of the Christmas decorations at a mall. The information has been confirmed to be valid with not just the source which wishes to remain anonymous, it looks like others are complaining about getting the same treatment just for taking a few amateur photos of Christmas decorations at a mall.

Not only has two malls had creepy Nazi, or even fat weird eye looking officers treating their guests like criminals for simply taking a innocent photograph of Christmas decorations which is free advertisement to the mall and business owners, why wouldn’t they want photos taken of their shops full of Christmas decorations as they don’t have to pay any commission to get more interested customers, but there is also stories posted online by other people experiencing the same dilemma that see no signs or rules saying Photography is not allowed without permission, yet the security guards in many malls now are taking the opportunity to act tough against shoppers and act like it is illegal to take photographs or that it represents a plan to possibly commit an act of terrorism even though photography in a majority of cases has never been used to commit any violent act as all the terrorist would have to do is go to the city hall and request the floor plans and construction records of any particular mall, not take stupid little photographs of Christmas trees.

A blogger also experiencing the new form of tyranny of mall officials now blocking any right of photography and any news reporting except for mainstream corporate photographers and media all thanks to the Department of Homeland Security telling mall owners that photography could be used to plan an attack against any private and governmental infrastructure.

If it was true (according to a security personnel in one of the malls in Mandaluyong City) that the mall has a policy that disallows any mall goer (or any person really) from taking pictures (of any of its properties including the Christmas decoration), then the mall should inform the publicThey should put up posters and signs like this one above on the entrances and exits of the mall.  They should also put up this sign beside their Christmas Tree.   I would certainly follow and respect their policy, and most likely change my mind about the mall… forever!

Even though people will argue private property owners can do whatever they want, this article is exposing that multiple malls all across the country are prohibiting photography when before they never had a problem with it. The fact that every mall has no rule written on signs nor any viewable policy list stating that photography is prohibited means that this is a new tactic by Obama’s secret police to get the public being used to believing that photography is illegal or against the rules whether it be a government property or private property. All of this is being done under the guise of national security.

Photo taking of Christmas decorations has always been an American past time even pay a little money to pose with Santa Claus. I have never heard or seen a time when taking a few photos of Christmas decorations inside big malls can lead to creepy fat or even Nazi look-a-like security guards just show up and tell you that it is there policy to not be allowed to take photos without permission when the rule boards say no such thing or when they just tell you no photo taking is allowed when there is no rules therefore the security guards shouldn’t harass you unless you break one of their rules or even get a complain from the mall property owner which is rarely the case or if it is ever even the case as they are too busy to be coming after hobby photographers.

This photo is now a supposed criminal act in Oak Hollow Mall in North Carolina:

All it took was a few photos and less then five minutes for security guards to start harassing the family interested in taking hobby photos of the Christmas decorations for the family photo album, nothing to plot terror, nothing perverted, nothing to encourage illegal activity, just taking a photo of Christmas decorations at a mall which never made any big deal out of it ever before until after 9/11 and Homeland Security.

This is the story of what happened from that person while it is still fresh in that persons mind to get on public record.

He walked in the Oak Hollow NC mall with three others, a veteran grandfather wearing a veteran cap, a grandmother wanting to see the Christmas decorations and take photos of it not to mention explore the mall and maybe buy something which gives the mall more business, a guy that looks young but is in his 20’s, and his mother that also wanted to see the beautiful Christmas lights.

After he had taken around 3-4 est. amount of photos of the Santa fortress as you see in the photo above, he walked to the back as his family was going to use the restroom then the 20yo was all alone ready to be preyed upon by authorities. He was walking towards the stairs right next to the elevator to get a photo of the fortress from a different angle and that was when a Mall Security cop just showed up out of the blue walking to the left of him. Then he just minded his own business and just walked forward and not giving any attention to the officer, then as he gets close to the stairs the officer says hello while he stairs at him looking for anything he may have of interest (What was he a shoplifter?? NO!!! He only been in the store for less then 5 minutes so that can’t be it) then started coming back at him and started asking in a weird kind of way “What are you doing?” and stared at his camera, He been spotted!!!!!! AHHHHAHHAHHHH! With his digital camera!!!!! then he explained that he had only taken photos of the Christmas decorations and that was when things started getting ugly. That’s when the officer started saying he was not permitted to do that, even though there was no sign and no official policies prohibiting photography within the mall property(even their own website has no rules against photography.) He asked if he can only get photos of the Christmas decorations and no stores therefore proves the person wasn’t planning anything malicious, then the officer replied with the fact that he would have to drive over 2 hours all the way back to the mall in the daytime and have to ask the mall manager permission just to take a photo of a Christmas fortress or castle decoration. That’s when he knew he couldn’t argue with the officer knowing very well the cops can be called on him for causing trouble so he opened up his camera bag and dropped his camera in there and said to the officer “Okay! I put up my camera! alright!!!” then asked him if he had read the Homeland Security manual where it claims that photography is terrorism and he refused to answer at all even though he wasn’t being recorded by a camcorder or even a tape recorder which the guy could have done if he wanted to since North Carolina wiretap law allows a private conversation to be recorded as long as at least one party consents not to mention the mall has security cameras so recording is already permitted by mall security. Then the officer leaves and he complains to his grandfather that just went outside the restroom to sit on a bench. e told him what the security officer did and said “This is ridiculous!” and “What has happened to mall security these days! They are getting worse these days!” and apparently they overheard him so they started ganging up as two now and stood on the second story of the mall watching him and his grandfather. Then as his mother and grandmother walked out of the restroom he told them what the security guard did to him as well as complain about what happened and as they were doing that security guards were monitoring him as if he may cause trouble so they all decided to leave and felt a funny feeling that usually comes when somebodies life and safety is in danger. So the whole family decided to leave and he decided to yell before being out the door successfully “I AM GETTING OUT OF THE MALL!,” “I DON’T FEEL WELCOME HERE!,” and that “I’LL NEVER COME TO YOUR MALL AGAIN.” then as he walked out to the parking lot he yelled in a very loud voice “PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOW A CRIME IN AMERICA!”  while few people were out then as his family then was out the front doors, the security guard was following them as they walked out and quickly got back to the car then the security guard started walking back and fourth watching them as if he was trying to get their license plate number to call the police and possibly used that to raid their house then the family left. As the security guard was trying to get the license plate number, when no law was broken at all they can kick them off their property but cannot arrest them for disagreeing with the mall security officers own decree that photography is illegal when the mall has no rules against it, he started taking his digital camera out and this time to shoot video and the security guard started walking away as trying to not get filmed by the cursive camera but he may have got himself on camera acting like a homeland security type thug. The video may or may not be posted on YouTube but in the event that it does, another FederalJack post will be made with the YouTube embed and link for those to copy and share on social networking websites. Even if it is private property which anybody will argue that they can do what they want, never at any mall has a security guard makes up rules as the mall has no rules against a certain action, also there is no law in that area against photography, no rules against it, yet the officer will claim it is a rule or law when there isn’t. If that had been a police officer that had tried that, somebody could sue the officer for violation of civil liberties but as it was just a mall cop the only thing that family could do was get their story out to FederalJack and the alternative media network. The funny thing was that officer did not act normal but instead gave a weird look in his eyes during the whole incident at the beginning as if the so-called photographer had done something to harm the mall and people or something illegal. He had the look of “Oh Your Suspicious!” or that usual look that crooked cops like to use. That whole satisfied look when dominating somebody and making them feel threatened or scared.

That same family visited another mall that same day to get photos of their Christmas decorations. That one was the four seasons town center mall around Greensboro, NC. So somebody whom only takes interesting photos which is not a suspicious type, starts point a camera at one store’s fluor delay(misspelling) a flower symbol that is used in ancient times, the officer said “No Photography! Of the stores!” then he showed her the lcd display and explained to her that he only took a photo of that flower symbol and nothing else. Then she said he cannot do that and had to put his camera up before the officer would leave him be. He only didn’t get in trouble for the Christmas decorations photo because there weren’t any officers walking around that area by the time he was there with his family taking photos.

So what is the coincidence that two malls and more around the same time around the same year near Christmas, is mall security officers across the country are targeting people over the crime of taking photographs which isn’t a crime but the security guards or rent-a-cops think they are GOD and can bark whatever orders they see fit like your own a military base with classified government secrets.

Why would security guards at malls treat photographers like garbage or like criminals because the FBI earlier this year released their “Communities Against Terrorism” Suspicious Activity Reporting Flyers. The army of propaganda fliers does include shopping malls. Even under the DHS-FBI Suspicious Activity Reporting Bulletin: Photography, it indicates that photography inside of shopping malls are a suspicious activity. It claims that “(U//FOUO) An individual took photos and video in a mall while holding the phone close to his body at waist level. The photographs and video footage included the mall storefronts, upper mall structures, bridges, exit doors, and closed-circuit television cameras.” Even in September 2012, Homeland Security partners with Simon owned shopping malls according to the Examiner.com news site. There is likely hundreds of other examples as to put together a jigsaw puzzle as to why people all over America are getting in trouble for simply taking one or more photos of Christmas decorations and even ancient flower symbols or any other symbols at store signs that triggered interest in the photographer.


Inflation already rampant, article describing how inflation has silently and slowly invaded all sectors of business

Author: Silence DoGood

Inflation of the US Dollar or fiat Federal Reserve note currency will not come like a typhoon but more of little waves beating on a rock slowly dissolving and polishing it until the rock turns to sand. What I am saying is inflation on basic everyday food and other items will come slowly and these are some of the tactics of inflation being done underground to prevent a panic or outrage. Some classic examples are quietly adding more fat to food to make eating less a more obese fattening experience while lack of proper nutrition grows like in third world countries therefore people will learn to accept being told what to eat and eat less while having growing deficiency in all basic nutrients, changing the packaging to be more flimsy and more cheaper, slowly reducing the amount of food people get at feast food and regular restaurants while quietly raising the prices while making out like they still have good deals to keep people believing that fast food and other restaurants still have good deals while the obvious is that prices are going up and the amount of people pay good money for is decreasing everyday while obesity is going up without an explanation, food superstores or supermarkets are slowly and quietly making their snack packages such as chips and peanuts and even most of other products in smaller packages or still sell them in big packages with the snacks half filled making people think they pay a good price when they open the snack bag it has hardly any chips or any other snack quantity, prices have been slightly raised along with the reducing of package quality and quantity of food within every package, and in some cases even the name brand snacks such as Little Debbie and other awesome brands starting to give out yucky snacks that used to be tasty years or months ago in other words food quality and ingredients in snacks and food are being reduced, reducing the size of drink containers at fast food restaurants while still charging the same price or even raising the prices along with the reduction of drink container size where the consumer has less when they refill their drink then taking it out to go, and the last common tactic is fast food restaurants all across the country are now scamming people for money by denying any honoring of coupons they make people believe have any use to them or in some cases charging more for what people were told costs less and in some cases people are scammed to pay extra dollars for the exact same product they paid that very same price for only months ago then the corporates just make out like if you don’t like their service you should leave when the reality is they scammed their very customers as if their life depended on scamming people now in certain occasions.

In almost every business sector you may have noticed products being made in foreign countries, falling apart over little things then the technician makes out like you damaged the product then refuses to provide a replacement or even repair of the broken product due to it’s poor quality, and you wonder if you think your mentally crazy for believing that only at one time you used to be able to eat more without getting as fat as you are now, that products were built better and made better with better quality and that under a good price you can at least have a decent product to last a few years instead of a few months, and that the underwear you just bought now has holes within months of wearing them when years ago you still had underwear you had worn over a few years with possibly hundreds of washes and still pretty good. Even shirts are breaking apart more sooner then they used to years ago. The facts are simple, you are not crazy, you are not imagining things, this article will bring some good stories, good pointers, and even show some evidence backing your suspicions that rapid inflation is taring apart consumerism substituting quality with poor quality, nice packaging for lousy packaging, quality service for terrible service filled with foreigners from Mexico and other countries as workers, the usual honoring of coupons and deals with scams and arguing with the cashier products being made in America with products being made in third world countries under poor conditions, more food and other product quantity of product per package with less food and other product quantity per package (8oz being reduced to 7oz), and last but not least the prices of food and other products all going up in price. The worst of it is that it gets worse every year and one day you should expect restaurants to stop honoring coupons entirely after they make you print them for the bargain, expect paying ten bucks per hotdog and ten bucks per cup of orange juice or that the box will be smaller to the point where it cannot even feed a family a of three or even two without food assistance programs such as food stamps but even then it is still hard to make it. All this is because of you guessed it the Federal Reserve private banking institution that is more worse for our country and economy then a standing army.

Some McDonalds whether privately or even corporate owned not honoring coupoins or Monopoly stickers they give out on their own large cups you pay good money for

So first of let’s start with the McDonalds scam not far from Myrtle Beach and South of the Border in South Carolina. For those whom buy large drinks and even sweet tea, they get these Monopoly game stickers and even with a janitor briefly mentioning about winning the game or affirming the McDonalds Monopoly game when that game isn’t around at any other McDonalds. Then you get two stickers with a “Instant Winner” label on them saying you get free medium fries or even that you can get any breakfast restaurant at no cost with the exception of McMuffins. You go up to the cashier that you just paid a lot for your fast and supposedly cheap meal, with the coupon saying you like to get your free fries then the cashier tells you “We’re sorry but we stopped this game a while ago. I’m sorry!!!” then as you leave you start cussing up a storm hoping you won’t get arrested for wearing in public angry that that exact McDonalds not far from South of the Border just scammed you and made you believe that the Monopoly game is going on when in reality it isn’t then refusing to even honor their coupons. The coupons even said they even expire at around 11/05/12 which is November 5th 2012, wait a minute…. why was McDonalds giving out large cups with the Monopoly game stickers all the way on December 4th deceiving people that these stickers with “Instant Winner” coupons have any meaning then tell the excited winner that they don’t even win a single medium fries with McDonalds used to sell fries in the same quantity as medium for a buck at the dollar menu then all of the sudden the fries that are a dollar aren’t even worth paying a dollar for as they won’t fill up the hungry which means you have to buy more burgers just to fill up the same hungry belly that used to be satisfied with more food and paying less at places like McDonalds. This is actually a true story and happened right on December 5th near South of the Border but the complainant is deciding to remain anonymous and even showed me the McDonales Monopoly coupons as proof that McDonalds scammed him. McDonalds didn’t used to scam people but as the dollar inflates to very high levels, crime will start to take place in legitimate businesses, people will steal and even do much worse just to have an excuse to end up in prison to be clothed and fed with showers and a nice warm bed, and restaurants will begin to cut corners by almost any means necessary like with what happened with that customer whom ended up with worthless Monopoly coupons while they sold the very McDonalds cups today with Monopoly stickers which expired around November 5th 2012, something is wrong here isn’t it.

Here is the proof of the customers claims. This is a McDonalds Monopoly sticker with a offer for Medium Fries with the term “U.S. Instant Win!” that was on a large drink given by a McDonalds Employee on December 05, 2012 yet the sticker expires on November 05, 2012. Is McDonalds actually allowing that regional McDonalds to scam their customers with expired Monopoly coupons making many customers angry when they are told the truth at the cash register while selling large drink cups with Monopoly game stickers. Hopefully McDonalds will respond to this embarassment for their business establishment where many McDonalds now are cutting corners by any means as a way to vamp up their stock market losses due to the failing economy and rising inflation of the dollar due to the fiat currency of the Federal Reserve.

The reduced ole Burger King or BK Breakfast Muffin they bragged would be cheaper then the McDonalds McMuffin and have eggs, sausage, cheese, and of course the two buns all for 99 cents

McDonalds Restaurant ain’t the only restaurant conning people and cutting corners by whatever means or even reducing their sandwiches to around the quality and quantity of that of a Krystal burger you know those tiny burgers that are often quite expensive. Burger King had announced a great new product to compete against the McMuffin by McDonalds which is the BK Breakfast muffin where frugal fast food spenders will now have the right to eat a breakfast burger with real sausage, egg, and cheese without paying an arm and a limb for it. Last time I went to Burger King to get a BK breakfast Muffin with egg and cheese with the sausage, I was charged an extra $1-$2 and I demanded to know why their $0.99 breakfast muffin had inflated that much, they told me that the charge was legitimate and that I couldn’t do anything about it. What they didn’t tell me in the Burger King cutting corners Scam, similar to the McDonalds Monopoly Sticker scam near South of the Border not far from Myrtle Beach, SC, even to the point of turning medium scale fries into kids meal fries at the dollar menu, the charge at Burger king the extra $1-$2 was only for the egg, for only ONE EGG, FOR ONLY A THIN SLICED EGG FOR THEIR BK BREAKFAST MUFFIN, and when I called another place the employee said you pay more for a half an egg on their muffins. That was the last time I had ever bought a BK Breakfast Muffin and was shocked at the sharp inflation of fast food in almost every business which includes Wendy’s with food size and quantity reductions similar to McDonalds and Burger King, and even other fast food places I cannot remember that is increasing their prices while we eat less for paying more.

Taco Bell Two Dollar Deal becomes the Three Dollar Deal!

Here is the Taco Bell Two Dollar deal that has either become the Three Dollar Deal or the type of taco or burrito is slowly reduced to a slightly smaller size giving people less to eat for the exact same price or for even a more higher price. Remember these dollar deals give you what is usually more expensive so imaging paying a lot for a reduced taco.

Here is the Taco Bell Two Dollar deal that has either become the Three Dollar Deal or the type of taco or burrito is slowly reduced to a slightly smaller size giving people less to eat for the exact same price or for even a more higher price. Remember these dollar deals give you what is usually more expensive so imaging paying a lot for a reduced taco. Of course you think your crazy and lost your marbles when you have a good reason to believe your taco or Gordita Supreme has got slightly a bit smaller since last time you ate at Taco Bell. Same as the other restaurants where food is slowly and silently being reduced without complaint by the brainwashed general public that is too busy worrying about their jobs, sports and porn, and other matters that aren’t as important as seeing all the food you love being reduced and tasting terrible after many years of good food that has now all the sudden being reduced to the size of Krystal Burgers or tasting rotten.

Here is the STAR Snacks nuts that is being reduced from a big container to a small container which I have witnessed with my very own eyes grocery shopping at Dollar General Market.

The STAR Snacks brand that usually sells for very cheap at a Dollar General Market store all of the sudden slightly goes up in price then the container is converted from big to small with a 1/4th to possible almost 1/2th of a size reduction not to mention even the full containers may not be filled 100% with healthy nuts that you paid for.

It used to be pretty big containers then reduced to ones the width of a pringles can with stacked chips. Now when you buy these small cans, instead of reporting 16oz as in the picture found above, now the peanuts which cost anywhere from $1 to $2 per can has only 5oz, yes you heard right 5oz when it likely used to be way more per can.

So now 5oz of peanuts which used to be way more not to mention the price going up at the cheapest grocery stores in America. What a Great Deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason people are not making a stink about all this is because they are being domesticated like dogs, like cats, like sheeple, where you keep feeding that stray dog until the dog gains your trust then feed the dog less and less until the dog is fine with eating 10 percent of what he used to eat in the dog bowl because the dog has been feed for so long that the dog cannot hunt naturally anymore, in other words that dog is dependent on bowl food forever while the food being eaten is not enough for a sustainable lifestyle. If the dog cannot find another source of food to eat then the dog will most likely slowly die and thin out thus making that dog desperate enough to do whatever the master wants or the dog will die of starvation. You owe your soul to the company store!

What more proof do you need that inflation is rampant and is already affecting businesses and communities all over America with a vengeance. Almost every cafe, shop, business or small business you hear the employees and even in some cases the owners complaining about the lack of tourists, lack of customers, and in most cases they have to rely on large scale purchases just to survive without dipping into the red in the monthly or even quarterly budgets.

When my friend traveled around Myrtle Beach while on vacation he saw the breakfast dinner at a hotel or resort, many resorts even one he stayed at with a good price, hotels, and even many restaurants and small stores within the main area of Myrtle Beach had not many visitors and most cars parked there being only employees. Even at Broadway at the beach many cashiers are now rude when you ask for a simple cash exchange to feed the fish and seagulls there, saying things like “I’M SORRY!!!! YOU HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING BEFORE YOU GET ANY QUARTERS IN CHANGE!” or “I’m sorry our business doesn’t do exchanges from dollars to quarters!” and when you ask for their cheapest price they look at you like a alien like they expect you tp pay bundles of money. This was the treatment throughout several small shops found by my friend at Broadway at the Beach. One restaurant there even charges almost $3 for a simple drink that normally would cost $1 to $2 anywhere else. Even one place he visited he said that at a pretzel shop the employee there was saying things like “The pretzels are soon done, we’ve got some combos over here if you want to buy something” and sounded kinda nervous like pitching a passerby to buy something. Either the attitudes are a little kindness and pity, to absolute desperation, to even rudeness and refusing to allow people to buy some cheap nicknack expecting people to pay an arm and a leg at their shop while refusing to exchange dollars to quarters just to feed the seagulls and other birds using the feed machines there. When he first arrived he even had to ask another person just walking by where he could find a shop that allows coin exchanges and the person be nice enough to actually offer to give some of his quarters for a dollar in exchange when it should be the businesses doing so as it likely gains them more money in the long run with doing little kind things such as not being rude and doing simple coin exchanges. The whole issue ain’t all about the coin exchange refusals but surrounding many small store owners desperate and afraid of going bankrupt that they are doing whatever possible to entice people to buy from their shops while when you walk in them you see hardly any people at any stores especially in malls.

In fact malls don’t want news reporters exposing how bad the economy is getting with many of their small shops going out of business by placing “No Photography!” rules inside indoor shopping malls so that people don’t get pictures of all the abandoned stores which proves how bad the economy is. Even with photography prohibited people can still witness which stores are out and even draw maps as a way to depict how much shopping malls are losing money.

This whole article ain’t about bashing McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Broadway at the Beach shop owners working hard to make a living, nor bashing STAR Snacks or any other company brands. This article is just here to highlight how bad everything is getting simply due to inflation of the American dollar. Inflation leads to paying more for less and lack of wealth and prosperity. Who should get the blame for every business owner and customers misery and headaches these days? Obama!! Nope!! Try the private Federal Reserve system that has big banks controlling and producing, inflating and deflating, raising and lowering interests, and controlling the very currency system that every business and individual in America relies upon. Upon inflation, more money is printed for whatever reason whatsoever therefore the fiat value of the dollar is lowered since there is more money beating demand. As the value of the dollar goes down, many hard workers, industrial factories, and store workers feel the need to get paid fairly for their service and/or product or even trade. So prices are raised to get the same value for the product as it was before the inflation and it is done one way or another.

People must realize that the economy is bad, no matter what the newspaper and Television Media tells you, no matter what the government and politicians tells you, the real economists and journalists are watching the government system like a hawk and know whats really going on. They know things are not getting better with every year of changes but is getting worse and worse by he day. Any day now food riots will become a major event all over America, many more homeless people will be flooding the streets, and the economy will collapse with people throwing money in the streets as money becomes worthless just as what the Holy Bible scriptures says in Revelation. What more can I say?

Even around 11 minutes into a Alex Jones interview with Pastor Lindsey Williams on “Obama to Tax Middle Class into Oblivion!” listen for two minutes as Alex begins to admit that food packaging is getting smaller and that meat is getting thinner which was why I had decided to write a article about this. Americans are now being reduced by the government and mega corporations on a large scale until they are reduced under absolute despotism

Watch the video below:

Talking surveillance camera lamppost has invaded Myrtle Beach

Photo taken around December 03, 2012 night time by the former USWGO head, Brian D. Hill, given to me with his full permission and authorization to use his photo and share within this article. Photo details a surveillance camera connected to some wireless or routing unit, with two cameras pointing in different directions, with a speaker to the left, a spotlight in the center, and a small 5 to 6-hole and highly sensitive microphone that can record the conversations of the citizens and tourists that walk on the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Author: Silence DoGood

It has been discovered by the former USWGO head that a talking surveillance camera is integrated within their beach boardwalk lampposts near the giant Farris Wheel at the main boardwalk of Myrtle Beach, SC. The camera is discovered to be only within one of the lampposts which it’s residents likely pay no mind to notice which could lead to more lampposts with talking and listening surveillance cameras embedded into lampposts at boardwalks and streetlights, piers, state and national parks, and even railroad tracks.

Even a May 14th, 2012 Infowars news article mentions that talking surveillance cameras are coming to the US Streets. The fact that anyone on the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach, SC can just walk up to this and videotape it or take a photo of it proves that these devices have been confirmed to be integrated into basic things that people usually do not notice, they exist and are not a practical joke nor is it a conspiracy theory. All laptops that usually have large speakers also have a integrated microphones that always have less pin holes in the plastic then the speakers do. The Photo details a surveillance camera connected to some wireless or routing unit, with two cameras pointing in different directions, with a speaker to the left, a spotlight in the center, and a small 5 to 6-hole and highly sensitive microphone that can record the conversations of the citizens and tourists that walk on the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach, SC.

According to a British news reporter named Paul Joseph Watson, he describes that new cameras are being added into “The street lights also have loudspeakers that can give audible warnings to individuals, mimicking the talking surveillance cameras in the UK that shout out orders through microphones telling people to pick up litter or leave the area,” and that “high tech street lights with “homeland security applications” are now being installed in major U.S. cities.”

The surveillance camera can be used for positive things such as fighting crime and protecting the citizens from any violent criminal but they also have their bad usages that would be in violation of civil liberties. One example is that the police can target anybodies political speech or even conversations using the surveillance system to gather evidence of the person’s political speech to persecute them. Another example is that perverts can use the surveillance system to capture unwanted and embarrassing images to use to satisfy a perversion or even use as a form of blackmail to mold the behavior of people to the way they want. Another example is how a tourist can just randomly take photos at the boardwalk and any police officer can order them to stop or have their photo taken, added to wanted posters until the photographer is questioned and bullied into not taking lawful photos at the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. Surveillance cameras also prove that people are not considered trustworthy by the Government nor the police department. Alex Jones also explained on his radio show that Austin, TX is attempting to install a surveillance camera and even a microphone wiring them into streetlights. I heard that he saw plenty of police cars and even a officer on a bicycle, so why on earth are these Orwellian type of security cameras imposed on the public without debate on the pros, cons, and how much these cameras could threaten the peoples Constitutional civil liberties and human rights. Why not just hire a officer to make sure that peace is kept, aka a peace officer? Why use a surveillance camera in a lamppost?

Myrtle Beach, SC is one of the major tourist spots with miles of beach and over tens of thousands of tourists every summer, run by the City council and Administrative form of government. The city council would have to authorize the usage and development of these surveillance systems to be used on public boardwalks.

So now you better be careful what political things you say at Myrtle Beach, SC boardwalk because the police there will know what you are saying, can forward your facial data from the video images to Homeland Security, know everything your doing, and even bark orders at you for the public to hear like “No Loitering on the Boardwalk!!!” or “Political discussion is not permitted here at a fun place at the Beach!!!” or any similar orders whether they be warranted or not. Even orders such as “Hey! No Photography!!!” is possible with these surveillance systems in the future.

Photo taken around December 03, 2012 by Former USWGO Head Brian D. Hill. Same as above where Mr. Hill shared his photo with me and authorized it’s use in this article. What more proof do you need whenever a photograph clearly shows the lamp, beach in the background, with the camera and shape exactly as the photo above, not to mention anybody can verify this by checking out this lamppost for themselves.

I have even heard the old story by the former USWGO Founder that just by walking on the side of train tracks in the small town he used to live in, this pickup truck from Norfolk Southern showed up asking them not to do that scaring the heck out of him. The weirdest thing is that there was no sign anybody just randomly saw them walking beside the tracks as he and his mother never got in trouble for that before. That was when he suspected there were cameras posted up at the woods right around the tracks to watch the tracks closely then one of the cameras picked up the explorers just curious where the tracks lead, then sent somebody over in a Norfolk Southern pickup truck which proves that a Big Brother paranoid authoritarian police state society has been built and is incrementally taken over America.

Government REFORM Group to have national online conference in December

Author: Silence DoGood

A new group that has been created on Facebook called the Government REFORM Group and doesn’t yet have a official webpage as of yet except for the Facebook Group page, has decided to call for a National online skype or Internet conference that will debate how the new trend of popularity for state secession will be used to restore the United States of America republic Federal Government that has been conquered by foreign and private central banking cartels that have no morals nor ethics.

Ever since Alex Jones along with Ron Paul, and Bruce Fein debating on how this secession movement is going to to restore the corrupt and co-opted Federal Government and re-institute a new Federal Government with better checks and balances to peacefully shut down the banker occupation of the United States of America, a new Facebook Group founded by the Former USWGO Head Brian D. Hill that has fought political corruption first hand for years and exposed a lot of dirty underhanded stuff by the corrupt elements of the Federal Government, to basically end corruption and reform the Government.

In December the date and time will likely be announced, with a Minutes being drafted and approved by a majority of the members of the Government REFORM Group, then people will be invited by Facebook Group Event to attend the conference and even register for public comment period, bringing issues to the table as to what plans the GRG will have, and coordinate all different people in different fields of expertise to devise a bulletproof plan to revise the Federal Government and even go as far as coordinating efforts to reforming any corrupt state governments to be able to fully engage in a plan to kick out the central private bankers from governing the United States, bring back representation into the United States.

This message was posted publicly by the group:

Official Announcement from Founder: I am now announcing that when I get back from a vacation I am on, I am announcing that we have a national skype or Internet conference(Americans only!) that is to reexamine our Federal Government and how to reform the government and stop the corruption once and for all, legally and effectively. A Week later we will likely get a conference date and time set-up, with Minutes for the online meeting approved by a majority of the members in this group, how long the meeting will be, whether it will be recorded or that somebody will transcribe the whole meeting into a document that can be publicly viewable, and then set the goals and what certain members will do with their approval, they will decide what roles they wish to play in this movement to restore the republic.

(Another message was posted regarding the Minutes preparation)

Minutes will be drafted within a few days with the advice and consent of the members of this group along with my suggestions. Once an agreement is reached by a majority of people from this very group then the Minutes will be certified with a official seal with my signature verifying that this is the official minutes that will be discussed once the online conference has been started similar to how a town or city Manager and clerk has to help prepare for the minutes for every town or city council meeting. We can organize these efforts so that nobody has to be arrested again for asking questions or giving out petitions simply because of disorganization so we need to organize if we are to win in reforming government so we can all be free and happy again not under a tyrannical police state government that is oppressing and arresting us all while the untouchables(Elite) can murder and rape and get away with it. It is about time government is reformed to come back down to earth and not be hijacked by a group of murderous criminals.

So now it is official, the group will now be drafting the minutes until it is fully created then the Minutes and Agenda of the online conference will be prepared then executed to debate how the American people will legally take back their government from the private central bankers that bragged that they have conquered the United States.

More articles will be written on the Government REFORM Group as they progress towards what Alex Jones and others have been hoping for, to restore the Federal Government and bring back real representation to the United States, and put an end to the One World Government agenda.

Also they need volunteer staff positions to be fulfilled so please go on their Facebook group and apply to be apart of the volunteer staff that will set a good example of a good organized, non-violent, political organization or body-politic that will organize efforts to persuade the state legislature to petition for a new Constitutional Convention for changing the Federal Constitution of the United States. It was the states that created the Federal Government and it’s Constitution, so why not ask the states to reconstitute the Federal Government, to reform it out of the hands of corrupt politicians, and bring it back to it’s old republic before the conquerors (the banks) took over the US Government.

Like the town councils there will be only a new business in their agenda meeting until the group is well established then there will be the old business and new business to set up the framework for real united political activism to take action to reform the Federal Government then move to reform the corruption in the states, then the people shall live happily and prosperous.

New Constitution Amendments for the New Republic, these Amendments must be added to the Bill of Rights

Author: Silence DoGood

With the secession petition movement at petitions.whitehouse.gov gaining more ground everyday, there will likely be a new Federal Government to represent the states, a new continental Congress, and a new Constitution The only problem with the old Constitution is that it is missing some more Amendments to deal with the new modern form of tyranny that wasn’t back  during the time of Great Britain so the founding fathers didn’t protect the public against the new modern 1913-2012 tyrannies that every American faces now with the Federal Government.

So here are some Constitutional Amendments that the General public can debate about that I put in this article. You can agree or disagree with any of these in the comment board below on FederalJack or wherever the article has been syndicated to. You can even propose it at the new Constitutional convention after the state secession has been completed and a new national capitol has been designated.

It is not treason to debate about reforming the broken Federal Government that only represents the Corporate New World Order. It is only treason to betray the US and go to war with it or even adhering to it’s enemies. If the public of the US feels that the Federal Government has failed in it’s duties and is trying to destroy the very country it’s founded upon, then the public has a right to peacefully organize and demand a new government or in other words a REFORM of the Federal Government whether the tyrants rant about it or not. The Declaration of Independence talked about government taking away our liberties

This article will put what new Amendments need to be added to the future Constitution and Bill of Rights. These are real Amendments drafted by somebody I know whom has been studying law and has ran an alternative media website for years alongside FederalJack and Infowars but had to shut down his website due to political corruption falling upon him. That is why these Constitutional Amendments need heavy debate and consideration.

Term Limits:

Congress and the Senate shall have a one term limit to serve office. A term limit is necessary for the security and representation of the people. Campaigning beyond just one term in some cases have led to bullying and police harassing anyone whom criticizes their representative which in most cases leads to lack of representation in government thus the confidence in government goes low while rebelling against authority goes up. A Senator shall have only a one six-year term and a Representative shall only have four years within the Congress.

Updated 11:26PM – Smaller Districts and Real Representation:

In order to maintain and keep real representation all districts must remain small. Each Representative district must only encompass 30,000 people. In other words each representative will represent only roughly 30,000 people per district to keep the districts small. In order to comply with this Amendment more representatives must be seated in the House of Representatives in order to make representation more easy and not a hassle with the increase in the human population. Also the amount of Senators must be increased to three per state to increase the amount of Senators to 150 to represent the 50 states and yet still be lower then the House of Representative as with the traditional form of this government.

Recall Elections:

In the event where a Representative and Senator has not preformed satisfactory in their duties, in the event where the Constituents feel a lack of representation, that the people of their Congressional Districts shall have the inalienable right to request a emergency or recall elections at any time that certain qualifications are met. Those qualifications in this amendment are met when only a Constituent of their district puts in a request for a recall petition, that the petition gathers at least 750 valid signatures of only Constituents residing within the same district as where the petition was requested, and that the Constituent be a citizen of the United States. The validity of the petition signatures will be determined by the elections public servants. That signature count shall not take more then two weeks and shall be speedy. That when the petition has received the total or more then the required signature count, that within two weeks shall voting polls be opened up within the county polling places within the district, that if more votes goes to the opponent of the sitting Representative or Senator that the opponent shall immediately hold that district’s office without delay, that the Representative or Senator that was elected through recall elections serve that district for the remaining of the term. If the recalled politician is reelected then that representative or Senator shall stay for the remainder of his/her term.

The US President can also be recalled but under different standards. Americans have a right and duty to recall elections especially with election fraud being evident. The standards are as follows:

1. The person requesting a recall of Presidential elections must request a petition form for this very process as what is determined by law.

2. The person requesting the petition and the petition signers must all be verified US Citizens and has lived in the United States for at least 2 years minimum.

3. The petitioner must find a citizen in each state to be a liaison for managing and being responsible for gathering petition signatures within his/her respected state.

4. The state Board of Elections will be responsible for verifying the petition signatures for authenticity and accuracy.

5. One-fourth of each states population is the amount of signatures needed for a recall election for the office of US President.

6. Petition signatures must be counted and verified within in one month or earlier.

7. Once signatures have been verified then all political parties shall be notified and be given 1 extra month to follow the rules for getting on the Presidential ballot. Ballot rules shall be different in recall elections then with the November general elections as the amount of time needed to get on the state ballots would be difficult within one month but the time limits are necessary to prevent the elections boards from stalling the petitions to keep the recalled President in office even when the procedures were done properly.

Penalty for passage of laws in violation of the Constitution:

Congress shall work within the framework of this Constitution. This Amendment however does not apply to a Constitutional convention where any Amendment can be changed through it’s usual process. The penalty for Congress, the Executive Branch, or even the Judicial Branch passing a law, setting new precedent for case law, or even creating an executive order that violates the Constitution is a lighter form of High Treason. The penalty will be carried out by forced recall elections with no right to reelection. That politician will be fired of the duty and job immediately.

Health Freedom:

Congress shall not pass any law or treaty that shall regulate, prohibit, penalize, and even imprison somebody for what the individual and their medical professional decides is best for their health, whether drugs or herbs, whether using machines or even old fashion equipment. The right of individual health shall remain within the individual. The government is prohibited from passing a law or even a mandate to force a individual to take medications, go through surgeries, or even insurance. Each person has a right to their health choices in a free society, in a liberty based government.

Food Freedom:

The persons right to grow their own food within their own property is a right of the people. No law shall be passed that will penalize or completely ban gardens and food production facilities on residential or even commercial land.

State Nullification of Federal Law:

If a single state’s citizens disagree with a Federal Law then their legislatures are permitted within this Constitution to nullify a Federal law. The legislature shall pass a resolution into state law that declares a federal law in it’s entirety or a portion of it to be nullified by the state. Federal Government is about representing the states yet regulating interstate commerce but was not created to regulate the states since each state already has a legislature, and local and county laws to protect the rights of the people. However no state law nor it’s Constitution shall overwrite the US Constitution.

Presidential Term Limits:

The President and Vice President of the United States shall only have a one term limit which is four years. The president will worry more about doing the job instead of worrying over the election results and trying to win for campaigns.

Jury Nullification:

If a jury believes that enforcement of a particular law is an injustice within the court against the individual, that the jury have the right to overturn the case by nullifying the charges. Jury Nullification is another watchdog within the judicial community to ensure that all Federal Courts do the right thing and never imprison somebody over a law meant for a purpose different then what the authorities are enforcing the law for. The defendant in court has the right to explain to the jury and give documentation as to why a request has been made for jury nullification. Jury nullification however does not nullify a law entirely but gives somebody a warning then a second chance for a crime. Jury Nullification can also be used to overturn a case where the person is punished in court for simple civil disobedience or even for unknowingly violating a law as no human being can remember every law including lawyers since there are different lawyers for different types and subjects of law. Laws that are passed with the purest intentions are not always used for the right reasons so jury nullification is the best remedy for these circumstances. However the Jury has the power to require certain conditions upon nullifying the charges against the defendant, when the conditions are met the charges are dropped and can never be pursued again for that particular case. When the conditions are not met another trial can begin for sentencing the individual for the crime committed. Conditioned Jury Nullification is the best alternative to a executive pardon since only the sentence under a pardon can be dropped and criminal record is created and made public and usually difficult to expunge especially when charged with certain type crimes even expungement and pardons may not legally work out. Also Jury Nullification nullifies any need for police to create a criminal record for the crimes that the Jury forgiven the defendant for. Example of usage of this system is that somebody breaks a law due to a unhealthy addiction or psychological problem. The court usually imprisons the person never giving that person any help for the mental illnesses that may have contributed to the crime being committed. The Jury can condition somebody to seek psychological help with a review by the court then when the court order has been fulfilled then the court case is dropped and no criminal records shall be filed on the individual or in some cases can be destroyed as what is prescribed by law to meet with this amendment.

Fair Use Doctrine:

It is not a criminal act nor a civil violation to use copyrighted material in a way that is compliant with the Fair Use Doctrine. When the rights under Fair Use Doctrine is violated by the copyright holder or holders then they shall be held liable for court fees, sanctions, emotional damages, and for any loss of employment as a result of the lawsuit or criminal case over a Fair Use protected activities.

(Fair Use Doctrine should be copied here, right from the Fair Use doctrine already under law but is harder to eliminate using treaties and contradictory laws)

Copyright is important to protect peoples works and allows credit to be given to the true inventors of art and other creative works. However copyright must never be used to penalize the news media, schools and educational institutions including universities, satirical and parody pieces, criticizing somebody using their work as a source to criticize, documentary filmmakers, and even protesters using copyrighted images or symbols for social justice. Copyright was never meant to target bloggers as they are also the new opinion editorials and news media. Courts shall never rule that bloggers are not protected Free Speech and Freedom of Press. Penalizing bloggers will eventually be used to penalize the press for copyright infringement since many news media outlets reporters now have blogs on their main news organization websites.

Human Rights:

Anybody whom is mistreated by a public servant or peace officer, with no reasonable justification for the forceful actions that the officer takes, shall be liable for medical damages, and emotional abuse damages depending on if the officers actions had actually caused emotional and psychological harm. The judicial branch will prescribe under case law for what constitutes emotional abuses by any peace officers actions.

Limitations in Executive Orders:

The President shall only use Executive Orders out of what is prescribed by law, what is authorized under the Constitution, and what is acceptable by the court. A president cannot sign executive orders as a way to work around Congress or even the Judicial Branch. Any such action will be deemed as a misdemeanor and low level High Treason crime and the President will have to leave office and a recall election shall be held throughout all 50 states to pick the next President for the remainder of the term. The President does not have the power to write laws nor make mandates that the people have to obey except what has been prescribed by Congress, the Constitution, and by law.

Going to War against the countries own people:

It shall be unlawful for the President and even the Congress to engage in a offensive war against the countries own citizens during times of peace. Any American that peacefully assembles, any law abiding citizen, any citizen that lawfully has an opinion or even works politically against the government in a non treasonous way shall not be subject to a war zone. In the event the President goes to war against his own people, the president must be arrested for war crimes. When the Congress turns on their Constituents by creating a war bill to suppress the American people, such action will be viewed as a war crime and any Representative and Senator that voted to kill their Constituents using a war bill shall be executed by death penalty for committing a war crime or being an accessory for a war criminal.

So there you have it to solve all of Americans problems with the police and with the law I created all these Amendments now go ahead and start debating about which Amendments you believe should be added into the next American Constitution after the secession movement and a new Federal Government is made with even more checks and balances to ensure it doesn’t become corrupt again like it was last time.

Bilderberger Rick Perry refuses to stand for State Secesssion petitions that are gaining popularity

83,306 petition signatures clocked around November ‎13, ‎2012 6:27PM. Petition was created around November ‎9, ‎2012. It is highly likely within a few days the signatures may reach 100,000. Getting 1,000,000 signatures would be 1/300th estimated of the entire American population.

Author: Silence DoGood

Texas Governor Rick Perry, whom has attended the Bilderberg meeting in 2007 and has also mandated the vaccine Gardasil to 11-year old girls that permanently harmed them thanks to a Executive Order style mandate, has decided to stand with the Union and refuses to stand with the most popular State Secession petitions which is Texas.

The Huffington Post reveals that “Texas Gov. Rick Perry does not stand behind a secession petition filed with the White House by a Lone Star State resident in the aftermath of the presidential election.”

As what was explained in another article earlier today, only the President can make a treaty with 3/4 of the Senate concurred, which can allow the states to legally and peacefully secede from the union which is the United States of America. There has been talk that a treaty may not even be needed for Texas since it was declared the lone-star state and that whenever it had joined the union, that the treaty clause already has a provision allowing Texas to leave the union although I haven’t done research to confirm this. If confirmed then all it takes is the Texas state legislature to approve Texas leaving the union then Texas will become it’s own republic under it’s own Constitution with no Federal Government. This also means the Texas US Senators and Congresspeople will also be out of a job since they represent a state that may decide to no longer be apart of the United States.

The second most popular State secession petition on Whitehouse.gov petitions system is Louisiana that clocked at 30,579 around the same time as the Texas petition recorded by this article. Only 25,000 signatures is needed to require a response from the White House according to their own policies on Petitions.Whitehouse.gov under the guise of following We The People. With the President declaring “that he will work around Congress” after the elections a unknown CNN video has shown, it is well doubtful that the President will just let the states slip through his fingers thus outdating the power of the President and Congress. The movement is growing as it has been reported that Mitt Romney won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote college.

In fact there is a chance that Obama may begin a civil war if the states begin to falter it’s support for a broken and dysfunctional Federal Government with out of control agencies and a powerful Executive Branch that usurps the three branches of power. There is also a chance that the petitions were created to entrap and detain rebellious people and arrest those that want to throw the Bilderberg banker control occupation out of the United States. Considering the fact that Rick Perry was a Bilderberg attendee, the Bilderbergs may not want this petition as it will destroy all hope for a North American Union and will make it more difficult to unite the world for the New World Order agenda.

State Secession and dissolution from the Union on the horizon, pros and cons behind state secession

Author: Silence DoGood

State Secession is now a reality today with a battle between the Tenth Amendment, corrupt Executive branch, and corrupt Congress with a 9% approval rating. Petitions are being created by citizens across the country to get permission from the current US Presidential Administration to allow the states they reside in to secede from the union. USWGO in it’s earlier days advocated state secession from the union and supported Texas’s threat to secede from the union over a corrupt Administration working with the Bilderberg Group. USWGO also started the Nullify-NDAA Petition movement to get his state to go against a Federal law which would throw Americans into interment, torture, and death camps, in other words a concentration camp with no charge nor a court trial. Only Representative Bryan R. Holloway supported the petition while Rep. Bert Jones and Sen. Phil Berger refused to take action to redress the grievances so further action had prematurely failed.

Texas has already had enough signatures according to the Digital Journal and I quote it is titled “Texas secession petition to White House reaches 25,000 threshold.”

States such as Colorado with Amendment 64 and Washington both passed a Amendment into their state Constitutions’ making it a legal right to “legalize and regulate the production, possession, and distribution of marijuana for persons age 21 and older,” according to CNN. Even California allows marijuana for medical usage but despite the states legalization of a Federally banned substance, the feds can still detain, arrest, search and seize, and charge marijuana growers and users. That is what is paving the way for states getting sick and tired of a RepresentativeLess Federal government telling people what they can and cannot do yet will easily cave into lobbyists that work for major corporations and special interests.

Not to mention several states including the state of Virginia passed laws or found some other Constitutional way to fight the Federal National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2012 law. North Carolina became a coward and turn tale and ran by their state senate president pro Tempore. Other states have yet to redress the issue of the NDAA 2012 law since a corrupt Federal Appeals court is protecting the Indefinite detention provision in direct violation of the the US Constitution by using the corrupt judicial branch and Executive branch as loopholes along with the corruption of the Congress.

Of course states can possibly secede from the Union, in other words legally declare to leave the union, of course they do need permission from the Obama Administration along with the US Senate as what is required by the US Constitution’s treaty clause.

Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, includes the Treaty Clause, which empowers the President of the United States to propose and chiefly negotiate agreements between the United States and other countries, which become treaties between the United States and other countries after the advice and consent of a supermajority of the United States Senate,” according to Wikipedia.

[The President] shall have Power, by and with Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…

That means that the US President would have to be petitioned by a large amount of people to persuade the President to allow states to legally leave the union and therefore would no longer be under the legal Jurisdiction aka the Jurisprudence of the United States Government. That includes Federal Courts, federal laws, federal executive orders, federal mandates, and all federal programs including assistance programs would no longer be enforced or active in the states that have left the union. Any government assistance programs including the Social Security program would have to be provided only by the state since the Feds will not operated in states that have left the union. All Congresspeople and Senators that represent the very states that can legally declare secession would also be out of a job since the very states they represent would be void once out of the union. Also all Federal Courts would either be shut down or switched over to the states to determine whether to destroy the Federal building or operate it as another state court. All Federal Marshals would also be out of business since they operate under US Code and state code, therefore the Federal Marshals service can either get authorization by the state legislature to continue their operations but only as a state marshal instead of a federal marshal or shut down. Also the FBI, CIA, and any other government agencies buildings would be shut down within the seceded states. FBI tasks would become only SBI tasks, Social Security may become statewide Social Security or another disability and elderly government insurance program to assist them financially. State police and local police won’t arrest nor enforce US laws since they would be null and void within a state that has become a country and does not belong to the Union. The Bill of Rights under the US Constitution would also be null and void but that only the state Constitution be the law of the land. The Federal Supreme Court, the appeals courts, and the lower federal magistrates would no longer has jurisdiction therefore the only Supreme Court that legally exists within the state is the state Supreme Court.

Here is how a state can legally secede from the union? It cannot be law because the law is just a code that citizens have to obey under Federal law and help guide the actions of the state legislatures and it’s people. It cannot be under the Constitution because it would be a hefty process such as Constitution Convention, plus approval from both Congressional houses plus 3/4 of the states which would be a crazy process just for one state to leave the union. Instead it only takes a treaty which only the power of the president has to make a treaty then have approval from two thirds of the US Senators concur. In other words the president, with help of a state secession petition, can draft a treaty with assistance by the states citizens and legislatures, to request that the state be allowed to voluntarily leave the union for whatever reason and purpose there is behind this action such as no confidence in the Federal Government and corruption in the Federal Government.  It was the thirteen colony states that installed the Federal Government with support of the legislatures, then states can also leave the union but depends on what terms a territory or region agreed to before creating a legalized state that is officially apart of the United States.

For Example with the Town of Mayodan North Carolina, town of Madison, NC, City of Martinsville in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and any other municipal governments within the state, they all have a local Constitution type of declaration called a Charter. This declaration is a local law and legal deed approved by the legislature that gives a town or city it’s designated existence. Without this legal declaration, anyone whom lives within the county is only under the laws and ordinances of the state, Federal Government, and the County Government including the Board of Commissioners. Under a town or city, they also have to abide by county laws but also have their own form of laws called bylaws or ordinances and can only be enforced within the town or city limits. Outside a town or city, they would not have the legal jurisdiction, unless enforced and permitted by state law, to enforce town and city ordinances usually passed by the town or city council with approval from the local administration. Without a charter, the town and city does not legally exist nor has the legal abilities of a public Municipal corporation and body-politic. Same with the states, there would have to be come legal charter or declaration giving the states the legal power to be apart of the United States and in some cases, there may be a certain provision allowing a certain state to legally dissolve the marriage with the union. Similar to Marriage law, two people can join together as a legal union, in areas where multiple spouses can be married and become a union, in other words marriage is similar to the states joining the union. When a wife or multiple wives decide they no longer wish to be in the marriage union then a petition is filed in the court, usually a state court, called the ‘Dissolution of marriage’ under Family law in a Family court. Once the judge makes the ruling on the dissolution of marriage then that wife or wives no longer have to stay in the relationship nor union but also means no entitlement which would have happened by being within the union. The States can also petition for the dissolution of the marriage between the states and the United States. Marriage is only valid with a certificate of marriage declaring the two people or more under a marriage with multiple wives to be a legal union. States also have some form of certificate with the treaty system to which the states can either request to add to the treaty, the right for a state to leave the union, or if there is already a provision then all the state legislature has to do is approve of a resolution  giving the state the authority under it’s Constitution to dissolve the connection and jurisdiction with the Union, therefore the state becomes a small country and the state legislature and Governors office becomes the highest office of the land instead of the Congress and White House.

Before anyone should get together a popular voice in the state secession movement, they need to know the pros and cons with it.

 More will be added as comments and suggestions come in. Email u.s.w.g.o.admin @ gmail.com for personal suggestions for this article and table.

Pros and Cons Table for State Secession Pros Cons
Constitution (1)Federal Government would no longer be the Supreme Authority therefore all corrupt and bad Federal Court rulings would be void within the state. All corrupt Supreme Court Justices that commit high treason won’t have to be followed anymore under case law nor within the state. (1)Any Constitutional Amendments within the Bill of Rights will be null and void. Any Federal Constitution Amendments that are not duplicated within the State Constitution will be lost and unenforceable.
Human Rights (1)Slavery can still be banned just like within the Bill of Rights. The State would have to introduce a Constitutional Amendment banning any form of slavery and end racism. A federal Government isn’t needed to end slavery but only a government with good sense of morals and human rights support. (1)It can be far easier for a state to legalize slavery of certain colors or even all humans then it would be for the US Constitution convention.
Executive Authority (1)The White House, the Supreme Court, and the Congress would no longer have jurisdiction over the state that left the union. All Federal laws will be unenforceable within the state. The FBI will not exist within that state anymore so harassment of peaceful activists and news reporters will be history since the FBI has no regional jurisdiction over a state that is not within the Union.(2)The White House will not have any executive authority over the state, instead the governors office will be the commander in chief. The Governor will decide whether to start war with another state or not. (1)The White House could decide to send troops into the states that left the Union since they are no longer under the protections of US Constitutional Law.
Government assistance (1)All Corporate welfare sanctioned by the Federal Reserve and Congress would cease to exist. (1)All Federally funded and sanctioned government assistance programs will not exist anymore and will collapse unless the state takes control of and sanctions the assistance programs such as Medicaid/Medicare, Supplemental Disability Income (SSI) benefits and other programs to help the elderly and disabled below the poverty line, Food Stamps (EBT/SNAP) also apart of the Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy assistance programs, and other federally sanctioned assistance programs.
Park Service (1)All National parks within the respected state would have to be transferred to the State Government for protection of the natural resources and preserve the site for future generations. In other words all national parks would then have to be taken on by the state and become state protected grounds.(2)The National Park Service and Department of the Interior would not exist anymore within the secession states but instead the state park service or whatever legal name it is designated as will be in charge of all parks designated and declared by law to be protected and under that particular agency. (1)Since the National parks are designated under US Code, if the state refuses to quickly add state code to re-designate the national park territories as a state park territory, then the National parks can be looted and destroyed since the land was only protected by the Federal Government.
Government Supremacy and Authority (1)The Supreme Court and Federal Supremacy clause will have no merit. All authority will come from the state.(2)The State will have the authority and right to produce it’s own currency whether fiat or backed by backed by precious metal. As of before the Congress only had the authority to produce the currency by the Department of Treasury. Although the Congress has sold out the treasury to the US Private Federal Reserve complex. (1)The very Federal Supremacy clause that hurts the states and it’s people, can also be a good thing in regards to state corruption and dealing with a out of control state leadership. Under a secession the Federal Government cannot legally and will not lift a finger against any issues within the state.
Criminal/Civil/Police (1)All criminal and civil cases will be dealt with by the state, for only state laws.(2)If somebody was set-up as a criminal within another state they can be exiled by fleeing to the neighboring state and be protected from the corrupt law enforcement and be safe from political persecution. (1)A Criminal that violated a law within the state can simply flee into another state before the secession begins and be protected by the state against the police from the other state since the police would have no jurisdictional authority under the more recent state of residence with the exception of extradition from one country state to another using a treaty system.
Political Corruption (1)Political corruption within the Federal Government will cease to exist.(2)Corrupt Federal Court rulings would cease to exist and can be reset to the very beginning so if a new union forms between states, that union won’t enforce court rulings before the secession.

(3)All Federal laws that are corrupt and in violation of the Constitution and harm the peoples liberties will also cease to exist.

(1)State Corruption will still exist and state politicians live more closer to people within each respected county therefore if the politician knows a district attorney within the county they can hunt down and kill/destroy political enemies exposing corruption within the state. The only thing that politician needs is an excuse or set up the person for a crime then slam them into prison. Usually when exposing a corrupt US Senator or Congressperson, they just ignore you but with a state politician, they know where you personally live locally and close to where they live.
Military/Defense Forces (1)All US Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and any other military force bases would no longer belong to the Federal Government but to the state and it’s governor will become the Commander in Chief unless the State Constitution has no provision for this radical change without the state legislatures rapid and fast changes to the State Constitution.(2)The state will have to forge a State Defense Force or State National Guard, State Army or Militia, State Air Force, State Coast Guard, State Navy, and other needed state military forces.

(3)The State can decide whether to create a intelligence agency to counter the CIA, NSA, and Defense Intelligence Agency the intelligence arm of the US Military.

(1)All foot and vehicle traffic would have to be subjected to inspection, seizure, or even state customs inspection when moving between states. Traveling between states will become rapidly difficult within encountering military and state boarder guards.(2)Traveling from one state to another may require a traveling VISA and Passport.

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At least this article can inform every American about the Pros and Cons and consequences with seceding from the Union. Before people start demanding that the states can leave the United States, they should at least know why they should, and be informed as to what changes may happen to the states citizens after a rapid change in Jurisdictional political authority and state power. You should make sure this is something you and your family wants before you forever be apart of a radical change to get your state to leave the corrupt but still a bit-fair United States.



Hard Drives in computers the Ultimate Spying Machine that can be used against you

Author: Silence DoGood

You can be a newbie to computers or a advanced IT Expert, Technician or even a hacker but many don’t even realize that their computers are already an ultimate spy machine for the U.S. Government, State Governments and their forensics departments (SBI, FBI, CIA, Private Intelligence Agencies). Who needs to plant bugs or GPS tracking devices when you have the suspects hard drives from their computer by using a search and seizure raid on just something as simple as being accused of a computer crime or even downloading illegal material whether it’s true or not. Even after the Virginia Tech Shooting and other major criminal incidents, the police or FBI or even the SBI always talk about wanting to come for the suspects computer equipment and hard drives to send to forensics to investigate their entire life history through the usage of the computer with the hard drive used for data storage. It’s all there!!!

Hard Drives are basically a High Density magnetic medium using tiny bits to encode and decode information, for simpler terms it is like writing files and reading files from a computer unit. Every hard drive doesn’t give you access to it’s full memory but holds off a fraction that is not user accessible which also likely holds data on our digital activities. In addition the hard drives use a form of magnetic to where no matter how many overwrites you use on a hard drive to coverup confidential and sensitive, embarrassing, or even material that you don’t want the world to know you have whatever the reason may be, the data can still be recovered at a forensics lab or even some expensive Data recovery company that is hell bent on obtaining personal information knowing they can blackmail people for profits. Well whats the problem, what do you have to hide? It does sound like it is over the top paranoid in this article but the experts such as Peter Gutmann admit that hard drives that are wiped with certain methods can always have it’s Data recovered using certain magnetic analyzing technology. All the police have to do is claim you committed a “computer crime” and they will have the legal ability to use forensic recovery units to find all your lifes history, any embarrassing photos and videos you taken with your boyfriend or girlfriend and yes that also includes cell phones so any horny young teenage guy or girl could become the next bust for child pornography, top secret and confidential legal attorney/client documents and that also includes top secret government and military documents, and even your entire web history and can even move on to what organizations you belong to and chatter with. The question is why does the government want us all to have computers, to spy on us and keep tabs on our entire Internet and computer history. Since people stupidly chat on Twitter and Facebook about all the things they do such as cooking to partying, all their activities are being archived and cataloged to each individual and since most profiles are public anybody can archive your information to use against you later on. It is even discovered through attending a autism meeting that many autistic people including children accidentally get into pornography when the parents installed no filter and end up getting caught on pornography charges (Laws prohibiting people under the age of 18 and in some cases the age of 21 from viewing adult pornography) which are very hard to drop in court which means juvenile prison. More teenagers and children to be brought up and raised under the Juvenile Prison Industrial Complex!!!! Whoever thought people can be arrested over what we do privately with their boyfriends and girlfriends and in some cases looking at a few digital photos is all it takes to go to the slammer whether there is a harmful intent or not. That is why it is a popular method of setting somebody up and that is setting somebody up for child pornography charges because it is nearly impossible to get out of them and ruins their life and reputation.

All of our activities whether it is posting photos of your family on Flickr, emails you receive and send, whatever documents and other files you create, being involved with non-mainstream religions whatever your beliefs are, being involved with hack tools, being involved with file-sharing or even downloading warez material, and any other digital activity ever conducted is all stored on the hard drive and impossible to completely erase by normal conventional erasing software.

First method that can be used by the forensics team is simple software and MFT Data recovery tools to find all the files both deleted under the MFT and even data that is lost due to MFT corruption by seeking out the file type signature, every file type ever made has a distinct signature or header that identifies the file type, and recovering the data based on the signature. Second method that forensic technicians use is Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) and even Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) or even Magnetic Tunneling Microscopy (STM). No matter what method of recovery, magnetic recovery is the far worst privacy invasion since the leaks of classified government documents via Wikileaks. Peter Gutmann, the same Computer Science expert that created the Gutmann erasing method (35 passes overwrite) that is used in almost every hard drive erasing software not limited to Active@ Killdisk erasing tool, conducted a study and whitepaper titled “Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory” (PDF) which concluded that “it is effectively impossible to sanitize storage locations by simple overwriting them, no matter how many overwrite passes are made or what data patterns are written. However by using the relatively simple methods presented in this paper the task of an attacker can be made significantly more difficult, if not prohibitively expensive.” Of course with the SBI and FBI fueled with the need to be champions of justice they will spend lots of money to recover the erased data no matter how expensive it is since they can just take more and more tax payers money through the IRS thugs. Reminds me of that movie “No Way Out!” where a Pentagon high-up had a photo taken I think with some Russian spy and the photo was ruined but the Pentagon had a forensics method of restoring the photograph as evidence then used to prosecute him for possible espionage.

I even heard that when the authorities take computers by a court order, they say that they can find anything on it, time stamps, your life history, all of your life ever on a computer, can be examined by the State Bureau of Investigation or even the Federal Bureau of Investigation via their crime labs. They can even plant material on the hard drive since it is pretty easy to manipulate the timestamps, hack somebodies password protected or even public Wifi, mix somebodies DNA with a rape and/or murder victim sample for analysis which the charges can only be thrown out with a very good alibi or getting the forensics expert to admit to setting somebody up which will never happen of course, and internet histories can be fabricated by altering the hex data and even with computer virtualization technologies such as VMWare and other tools.

Heck look what they did to Brandon Raub for the crime of making 9/11 inside job and other political statements on his Facebook profile. People saying anything that possibly sounds like some threat against the US President warrants a secret service visit and could maybe even a hard drive seizure if they desire it.

People should be concerned at the fact that hard drives, RAM Cards, and other memory storage devices were on purposely created to not only store your data but to also violate your privacy with a backdoor that can allow deleted and even erased (DOD, Russian Ghost, Gutmann, One Pass Zeros, One Pass Random, other erasing methods) data to be recovered and accessible. If that is not apart of a major spying surveillance system being set-up then what is? Windows saves all file accesses and program histories with MRU, and possible other file access histories of files opened up. Every web page visited whether encrypted or not saves information which piles up overtime when not deleted which can be impossible to get rid of without overwriting it in the exact same data spot with conventional files to overcome the MFM’s ability to recover data erased by conventional hard drive erasing procedures.

The solution really is to be careful on anything you do in your computer and cell phone, be careful when your political because somebody from forensics can set you up for computer crimes or even of murder, and when erasing be aware that you have to copy all your normal everyday files into the hard drive after erasure for a best chance at destroying any chance of recovery of what data you were hoping to erase if that is even possible. Be aware that when your hard drive stores your personal information even after deletion and erasure then it is meant to keep your computer history stored for any police or government agency to look at will especially under the Patriot Act.

Even when you delete you are not deleting the data but just a MFT reference to the file along with the timestamps. Of course when you erase with any pattern all the forensic has to do is figure out what erasing pattern you used and then start the recovering process through magnetic imaging of the drive disk platters. If anything when you first buy a computer your better off first-hand encrypting the entire hard drive with TrueCrypt’s System/Partition Encryption and use a very complex password so that on every bootup you can use a operating system that is more secure and when data is deleted or even erased it will be impossible to recover since MFM usually relies on unencrypted RAW Data and even if they tried to break the password to use forensics to find the deleted/erased file, it was erased on the encryption side which means just the encrypted data changes a bit and since that happens it didn’t disappear on the outside using a normal overwrite procedure so it is no doubt that having your entire operating system and hard drive encrypted would be the best practice to data security. As for your autistic children please for goodness sake use a filter software to block all forms of pornography so that your child doesn’t get caught then forced to go through hell just for getting a little too curious. As for any teenagers you raise in your family, please keep tabs on their cell phone so if they take any photos of themselves you can delete them to prevent your son and daughter from ending up on a sex offender registry. As for the average computer user this article serves as a warning to all of you that anything you do on your computer can be accessed and data profiles and histories are set up on everybody especially with Facebook and Twitter.

Two ways to help buff up the US economy: End the Fed, and forgive Americans of their debt

Author: Silence DoGood

There are only two quick ways to buff up the economy of the United States of America and empower people to get out of slavery.

First of all, the entire nations currency is being controlled, managed, printed, and circulated by the Federal Reserve a non-governmental reserve of foreign and private banks that control and create the fiat currency. Fiat Currency means that there is no raw material or resource to back the currency giving it no value thus the only way a currency has value is based on supply and demand and also based on the human population of the country. The Federal Reserve is Federal in name only (FINO) by a mere statute from 1913 but it is not managed by the Treasury of the United States.

First of all by transferring the currency power from the Federal Reserve to Treasury, the people and good politicians that are still in office can hold the power of the nations currency in check. The value of currency determines the power and strength of the country as a whole. If a country has a poorly valued currency with high inflation then that country is no better then being invaded by a foreign army.

Then the second way of restoring the economy is to stop giving stimulus money to big corporate money wasters that have proven to waste tax payers money. Instead all Americans should be forgiven of their debt with a modification of The Jubilee Act. With these modifications Americans can be forgiven of their debt and even granted start-up credit money upon a condition that the money will be used to help create a small business to help the economy. With the people being forgiven of their debt and maybe even given some credit, they can start up small businesses and also allow people to buy their goods and thus the economy starts to boom again. Instead of helping the corporations, the bailout money should be given to the people under certain conditions if needed to make sure it isn’t wasted again, that the money goes directly to helping the US Economy.

Then another method to help the economy even better is to allow access to the largest clean coal resources in America to burn clean environmentally friendly coal for power plants so that the environmentalists are happy and we can still live off of cheap electricity. Of course the EPA regulations preventing cleaner coal burning would need to be disbanded since these EPA and energy regulations were brought with the intention of shutting down competition of electric companies and create electric monopolies which would effectively harm the prosperity and economy. Corporate and political monopolies are a threat to the basic freedoms and liberties of the general public and businesses there corporate monopolies should be discouraged and prevented by law.

A idea for a cap bill that would effectively deter lobbying by special interest groups

Author: Silence DoGood

A new bill that can become law is needed to effectively end corruption in most levels of modern government. There are good politicians still in government even though there are also bad. Part of what has led to the downfall of respect and approval of politicians in the Congressional, General Assembly, and even county level is what we all call lobbying that is a new form of bribing, some states do this which is called pay-to-play form of representation.

In a regular job, the better of a job you do you can get promoted to get more money and benefits for the quality job you’ve done. What we need is to reward the Congresspeople and Legislators for good behavior and following the Constitution to a T. This is the idea that will go viral nationwide to end most of the political corruption and police brutality that has plagued our nation because of special interest groups all connected to the Bilderberg Group and other crooked interest groups.

With US Presidential candidate Virgil H. Goode he stated that he would not accept campaign contributions more then $200. The legal way this bribery goes on is using a loophole that even if you can’t bribe a politician directly you can provide financing to his/her political campaign and even offer complementary trips in a way that the lobbyists get the bills they want through the Congress without technically violating the laws against bribery. The way to combat all of this is to impose a national and even statewide general assembly type of cap on all political campaign contributions. Even if the politicians scream at a bill like this, if the people back it then it can be passed, it can be done. It is as Jesse Ventura stated on The Alex Jones Show with saying “If you bribe in the private sector you go to jail, but yet I see it all the time in the public sector” (If the quote is a little off then comment below and I will correct any mistakes).

First of all the bill would have a purpose of limiting all campaign contributions to $200 or another capped amount per person per election campaign. What makes corporate lobbyists very powerful and have a lot of pressure on the Senators and Representatives is how much money they can contribute to each politician which is usually anywhere from thousands of dollars on local politicians to the top branch of government known as Congress all the way up to millions per bill to lobby. With a small cap on all lobbying, they will be forced to rely on their constituents to be able to pay their campaign costs.

As these corporations will have to use proxies to lobby high amounts which is very difficult, most of the people can afford lobbying low amounts therefore this will level the pay-to-play playing field to where we all can contribute to have our say in our government. This would also effectively nullify the eugenics efforts by Planned Parenthood and other horrible legislation that damages the general public from other corporate psychopaths that want to see the peasants harmed, enslaved and killed. Even put caps on all vacations and gifts given to Congresspeople, Legislators, and even local and county politicians.

A nationwide and even statewide efforts to put caps on all contributions would not take away liberties but allow better representation for the majority of the people and protect minority rights since money won’t decide the vote and what bills are created and passed. Since courts have ruled that corporations are to be treated as people, then an entire corporation would only be able to lobby $200, and also the bill can deter using corporate employees/staff as proxies to deter the caps. Even Mitt Romney said that corporations are people my friend! so why not use the Bilderberg corporations own legal weapon against them. Even if they are passing laws in the special interest groups favor, laws can be used against the lobbyists that helped put them in.

It’s lobbying that is helping to destroy our civil liberties like with helping the NDAA, naked body scanners and forced molestation grope downs, allowing ISP data caps that would violate net neutrality with no factual basis to support the need of capping the data download/upload, restarting the eugenics cult, passing laws to force vaccinations while vaccine makers are immune to lawsuits from damages caused by vaccines, and other horrible legislation passed that benefits the elite while harms the rights of the people. Congress should be listening to the facts, experts, proper and valid documentation, and best represent We The People.

As long as unlimited lobbying exists there will be endless corruption and usurpations of law making power. With caps on the value of gifts, campaign contributions, and even vacation trips there can be better representation for the general people untainted by special interest groups working with eugenicists and psychopaths. With a cap on all type contributions to politicians, it will give even poor and middle class people, their chance to have a voice by supporting their local US, statewide, and regional politicians and actually being listened to instead of being kicked out the door and given a automated formal letter.

Also another issue that should be looked at is making the districts smaller so that Congresspeople and Legislators aren’t frustrated with representing a large amount of people that it attracts following the ideas from small special interest groups instead of the large districts of people. It will make their jobs easier and have the system run more smoothly not to mention making it more difficult to ram bills through Congress without a a chance for review and debate.

If you think this article is factual and is a very good idea then send this article to your local media, national media, or even alternative outlets such as Infowars and Drudge Report. This isn’t coming from a democrat or even a republican but a concerned American that has experienced corruption at the state and national level which is why this article should be a great and moral concern. With Congress having a 9% approval rating, there is no representation for people at this moment due to special interest lobbying.

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