Autistic young man still waiting for his day in court, after 1.5 years; sixth amendment violated

Copyright Unknown(Send us a message if you are the original copyright owner and want us to credit you) - Photo of Andrew Rose

Copyright Unknown(Send us a message if you are the original copyright owner and want us to credit you) – Photo of Andrew Rose

Author: Ben Franklin

Note: Amount of Andrew’s rights violated: 2 (No Search Warrant, No Speedy trial)

A young autistic man named Andrew Rose, around age 17 when he was arrested by the police at his High School, was suspected of possessing child pornography, and has still not been given his day in court since he was arrested on December 5th, 2011. One year and sixth months have passed since he was jailed and which terrified him, he finally was released on bail due to financial assistance from his family. One of his bail conditions was that he would not be allowed to go back to school and in the end, he was told to just go get his GED, and never graduated with the other students. He is still awaiting his day in court but will it ever come? Likely not which is why this article is written to shine light on the dirty tactics of corrupt federal prosecutors on minors and young adults whom are caught up in the child porn undercover stings.

“First in May Andrew was going to appear in court, then July, and now August, the prosecutor keeps pushing the date back!” – Quote from Reporter

How was he accused of this crime you all probably wonder?

When Limewire was around, a little over a year before the arrest, Andrew was downloading music files which are easy to get, you can find any title, album, and artist tracks. The only thing that Limewire did not show in it’s search database was a album art image search to search for mp3 files that have a certain tag image. This was where Andrew got into hot water. As what was explained in an earlier article I had typed, all mp3 files have a identification system used by all computer software music players, mp3 players, and even tablets. This identification system is known as mp3 tags which any software program such as Mp3tag can edit mp3 files to manipulate the tags of each mp3 file. The tag album image can be as big as the user wishes, it can be 500x, 600x, even 800x. Any image can be added to the mp3 tag, and that includes child pornography and naked teen photos.

What happened was a particular user was distributing music on Limewire with these lewd naked or half naked teen photos. When Andrew downloaded music thern played it on his music player, likely Windows Media Player, he saw a big album image of young teenage girls in the buff then exited out of it then tried re-downloading the file to see if it would go away but sadly the file that was shared has a album image of naked teenage girls, so he went to another place for the song. In the end he deleted the music file and never looked for it again, the only problem was that the very minute he played that music file and the album image displayed, it was locally cached in his computer as a hidden or system file as Windows Media Player caches the album art image of a particular music file or music files. Because Andrew didn’t think to go in the folder options and check the allow hidden files to show, he never knew that dirty image planted inside the mp3 file was also cached onto his computer which was later used to indict him by a Federal grand jury. Of course his intent is obvious, he is not a child pornographer and has no interest in that kind of material, he is not a pervert, but the police didn’t care.

So one day the police came to his families house, without a search warrant, separated him from his own mother in his room asking him questions, interrogating him without a search warrant and without allowing his mother to be present and without being offered an advocate even though he was clearly autistic. Police detectives can easily tell from his behavior that he has some difficulty in social behavior and could determine he was autistic since the Missouri P.O.S.T Autism Training allows police training on how they deal with a autistic person while following and exercising their duties, and a 2009 AELE Monthly Law Journal report talked about the concerns of how police interact with a autistic person and what training they need. Despite all that the police never gave him an advocate and then in the end the family was told by the police “they may or may not be back” but was proven a lie in December of 2011. Apparently in all child porn investigations, police lie and tell the suspects that had their computer equipment seized, regardless of circumstances and evidence, that they may not be charged or that they may not get in trouble but is a lie to keep people believing that everything is going to be okay.

One day federal agents showed up to arrest and book Andrew while he was a senior at his High School in Missouri, “and dragged him out with his hands cuffed behind his back and humiliated him in front of his peers. ”

“He arrived at the booking center for the first time in his life to have his mug shot taken, be finger printed, and placed in a cell not knowing what is going on and trying so hard to hold back his tears.”

“Upon his release Andrew requested if he could return to school, his attorney set up a meeting with the judge to discuss this. The judge saw no reason not to allow him back in school, but DA Robert Parks did and went around the judge by sending a letter to the principal of the school explaining what Andrew was being charged with and how he did not believe he should return. Andrew’s hopes for finishing high school are now over. His principal told him he may take a GED course, but was no longer allowed to be a student in the school. At the age of twenty, Andrew’s nightmare is still going on. He and his family have been trying to prove his innocence for quite some time now, but DA Parks keeps dragging his feet. Draining the money from the family and also trying to drop their morale. Andrew is not the only one in his battle. Since a website was set up on his behalf, hundreds of others have come forward with the same nightmare, the youngest being thirteen.”

Quotes from the Facebook page

It turns out he needs $50,000 for bail to get him out of jail and as a condition of his release, that he cannot be around anyone 18 or younger. Again thanks to his family he has been released.

Things only went from bad to worse, over 5-6 times now his court hearing for the criminal prosecution of child pornography, has continually been moved up and rescheduled to another date causing a headache for not just his legal counsel but also for his family. Around May 22 of this year, Andrew and his lawyer was notified that the pretrial and trial date has been moved up to around July, then I have received word that the trial has been rescheduled again to August 8.

“Andrew’s sixth Amendment right in the Bill of Rights has been blatantly violated. What kind of federal prosecutor continues rescheduling the court date back again and again?…On this day it is officially 1.5 years that this autistic young man was denied his basic Constitutional right to a speedy trial since he had his booking and mugshot taken. His fourth amendment right had been violated during the search and seizure, his internet activities completely should prove that he has no intent to look at child pornography yet he cannot even get his pretrial as of yet after 1.5 years and his classmates assuming he is some dirty perverted child porn watcher. This is a complete joke, a complete failure of our justice system in the United States. If his family had not set the bond to pay the bail fee, this poor young autistic man would be sitting in a federal prison holding cell for years, putting even what Adam Kokesh went through to shame, and still awaiting his day in court that may never come unless he pleads guilty. Andrew’s right to face his accusers and fight to exonerate himself to have the criminal charges thrown out has been shattered by a corrupt federal prosecutor. I am ashamed what America our country has become. Our founding fathers would turn in their graves seeing that people are denied the right to a speedy trial simply for being accused of child pornography and because of the excellent chances he will win the case for all his rights being violated and for his behavior clearly having no criminal intent. Our justice system is a failure when a prosecutor can continue to reschedule the trial date whenever he feels like it if he feels the criminal case will not go in his favor. This is abuse of judicial and prosecutor power. The ACLU and EFF needs to be all over this like flies on you-know-what. How shameful it ain’t just terrorism anymore that we are denied the right to a trial until we beg the prosecutor to waive our rights to a trial and become a felon to rot in a prison cell,” comment from former USWGO Founder Brian Hill on his views regarding the matter since he has studied law and politics to a certain extent.

1.5 years of his life have gone by and he is still under bail restrictions, under police scrutiny, and is being denied his basic speedy trial rights clause the United States Constitution.

Whom is the prosecutor that is doing all of this, why Robert E. Parks of course. He is a Franklin County, Missouri, prosecuting attorney which is usually only a state prosecutor. Apparently he doesn’t understand what real justice is nor does he even follow his own oath of office when sworn in since he was suppose to give this autistic youth a speedy trial and allow him to face his accusers with a right to a jury of his peers. Apparently according to D.A. Parks, that right can only come when he wants the defendants in his cases to appear in court as he sees fit when he sees fit.

No news stories on Andrew Rose

Click image to see full resolution of screenshot.

In fact when searching up Andrew Rose and the child porn case on Google News, no news outlets have reported on the case nor the fact that his Constitutional rights were being violated. I guess the media doesn’t care what injustices are happening to people unless there is background pressure to shut the mainstream media up so they don’t cover this judicial travesty.

It has also been discovered that when a few reporters were looking into Andrew’s case and how it ties into the ICE Operation Flicker scandal and misconduct, the reporters were threatened and told not to report on Andrew’s case. When calling one of the local branches of the Associated Press in Missouri, one of the news editorial staff told me that “there are so many child porn cases now, that we cannot cover them all.” Also told me that if there was something significant about it then they look into covering it. So child porn cases by Operation Flicker has got so out of control, innocent minors and young adults lives all being ruined and the question is are they really child pornographers or were they set up? I don’t know.

It appears there needs to be a change in Federal law for prohibiting state and federal prosecutors from being able to reschedule a court trial for a defendant indefinitely. There needs to be a limit like let’s say around 1 or 2 times a prosecutor may reschedule the court date as long as he has a valid reason and if he reschedules it again, the court can deny the request and mandate that the government prosecutor appear before that date. The case law precedent for violation iof the speedy trial clause in lower federal courts has a minimum of having the trial delayed beyond 6 months. In Supreme Court law, 6 months is the Supreme Court precedent for a trial being delayed by the prosecutor that can sanction a sixth amendment Constitution violation. The only remedy a defendant can make is call for the dismissal of the criminal case and indictment meaning that the defendant can never be charged for the same claimed offense again since his rights have been violated.

The more of this article is to expose that now if you are accused of child pornography and have a plausible defense like Andrew Rose, if the prosecutor finds out you have a good chance at winning the case, then you may never get a trial and may have to wait for years and years even beyond the federal and state statute of limitations before you will get a trial or just cave in to the prosecutor and sign a paper declaring guilt and waiving rights to a trial.


Anonymous threatens to expose the FBI and other government agencies for their alleged set-ups

Author: Ben Franklin

Subject: Porngate Scandal

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Note: As I continue covering the porngate scandal I am asking whistleblowers to do the right thing and still report tips on government corruption regarding child pornography set-ups and statistics padding to pornleakz@hushmail.com. I am sure with Anonymous lurking around and making bold statements through mass emailing, they will likely start targeting government employees using internet hacking as that is their specialty then investigate government networks to find evidence that they are moving child porn files around to set people up with. I know many government workers and agents are afraid of getting in trouble and or being arrested on child porn charges themselves for speaking out but this trend cannot keep continuing as many innocent Americans will likely kill themselves or have permanent psychological repercussions as a result of these wrongful child porn raids and sex offender convictions.

Right now it appears that the hacktivist group named Anonymous with the Anonops decentralized branch has claimed that they have sent emails to all of the media around the internet world. They have claimed they will expose and gather evidence that government employees are directly or indirectly planting child pornography on people’s computers to pad the child porn bust statistics, taking care of political enemies in all isles of politics, and keeping up the police arrest quotas as a majority of child porn busts seems to be using local police and detectives for the ICAC while the feds conduct Operation Flicker.

So far the mainstream media has not made a peep which will make it hard to determine if Anonymous had really contacted the media around the internet world as there is so many alternative and mainstream media outlets, the amount of emails this group will need is likely in the tens of thousands however if they are committed to their cause, along with all the volunteer hacktivists, they will likely reach that anywhere between a week to three days.

Here is the pasted content and subject right from an email that appears to be an Anonops email address hosted on Tormail:

Subject: This is Anonymous, with a special Announcement for the Press and the world

Dear Entire News media of the Internet world,

We are now aware that thousands to tens of thousands of innocent children and adults are being set up with child pornography which includes Andrew Rose whom downloaded Mp3 files with child porn attached to the MP3 tags. We watch how so many innocent people are being paraded around in your news programs as child porn watching child molesters and this angers us. We wish to find out the truth then take action. Now the US Government plans to punish whistleblowers and any reporters whom meet with them so that they can continue to plant child pornography on more kids and adults computers to set them up as child sex molesters and offenders then parade them on the news as disgusting child sexing monsters when the truth is they been set up from the gitgo. Then added onto a sex offender registry and beaten and tarnished in their communities. Many to all have to live in dumpsters and homeless because they cannot find a job once they are tarnished on the registry.

We’ve heard the story of Andrew Rose and other mainstream media and alternative media reporters, political activists, and even small bloggers are being targeted and framed with child porn, drugs, or other felony conviction level contraband or people being paid off to start infighting or making violent political statements as a result of the corrupt establishment by the Bilderberg Group that has taken over various government and police departments throughout the world including the United States. These child porn busting task forces are a fraud. They didn’t even prosecute the over 5,000 Pentagon employees for their purchasing and downloading of child porn on the tax payers dime. These people don’t care about stopping child exploitation and are only used as a political tool of destruction to destroy good and innocent people’s lives through the corrupt and costly criminal injustice system which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars just to prove innocence with attorney fees. Poor folks can’t even get an attorney until they are indicted and forced to sit in jail for months and months until the prosecutor is satisfied with making innocent people suffer like hell. Some form of justice we’ve got eh!

We’ve sent emails to every alternative media, mainstream media, and other activists emails we got through various email collecting agents to get the message of Anonymous out to everyone.

Anonymous IRC chats and other mediums of contact had to keep turning away people begging us to prove them innocent of child pornography and they were set up by a trojan or virus that shares child porn. We hated this and now we have decided to send a message to the entire Internet World and to the corrupt FBI.

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Operation Flicker, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other tragedy law enforcement agencies, WE KNOW YOU ARE PLANTING CHILD PORN ON INNOCENT PEOPLE’S COMPUTERS using trojans, physical file set-ups using flash drives and sd cards, putting child porn inside the MP3 tag headers of music files on Limewire and eMule to entrap music downloaders as child porno possessors, and we know all the child porn fighting organizations get kickbacks and sustained funding for every arrest and prosecution you get according to various documents we have received through our agents we have everywhere in every level of government. How shameful you make money off of ruining people’s lives forever including twelve year boys, 17 year olds and other little kids and teens. You FBI people must love putting all your enemies on sex offender registries, that must really make you enjoy yourselves thinking of us all rotting in prison with the dumb juries doing blanket convictions on innocent people just for being accused of pornography.

We have a message for you, We will find out the truth!!!! We will find out who in the government is planting child porn on innocent people’s computers then we shall publish all their names on the real  “Anonymous sex offender registry” which lists every government employee that has set up innocent people with child pornography and this also includes police officers on the task forces. This will also go out to all the media and all the child porn sharers in the force that had innocent people condemned to mandatory sex offender reporting, the truth will be known about ya. Beware you aren’t Anonymous crooked cops and agents whom enjoy setting up people with child pornography. You must be proud of yourselfs pedomakers or pedobuilders.

To all child exploiting government people whom set the innocents up: We shall expose the truth on YOU

We are Anonymous
We never forgive
We never forget
We are legion

Little does Anonymous realize that my friends alternative media website is no longer but nevertheless Anonymous wants the whole world to get their message that they are sick and tired of innocent people begin set up with child pornography including a autistic teen named Andrew Rose whom got in trouble when he was around 17 years old. Andrew’s family has run a support group on Facebook and amount of membership has grown exponentially since the Porngate scandal investigating articles started coming out on alternative media website with the exception of big name ones like Infowars and Activistpost as those are the most reputable and will take to research and confirm things before those websites start writing articles about the next big government scandal since Bengazigate, Climategate, IRSGate, and Watergate.



Hidden Tor website encourages uploading child porn through people’s personal Wifi Routers, setting them up


Screenshot 01 from the Undercover Unit Investigator of the Wireless Trolling website. Image is resized so click the image to access the full size image.

Author: Ben Franklin

Subject: Porngate Scandal

Evidence Download Links: Undercover Unit Investigator; Document 1 REDACTED for legal compliance – Document 2 REDACTED for legal compliance – Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3; Informant; ICAC task force documents and report in .zip file – UM-CS-2012-016.pdf (5.2 MB) (Available on public web)

Note: We still encourage people to leak any government documents and blow the whistle on any activity where the government or law enforcement is planting child pornography on innocent people’s computers including political activists. Continue to send your emails to pornleakz@hushmail.com. The more you send us the more we can expose the rotten activity in the government which has led to a lot of innocent people being convicted as child sex offenders for child porn distribution and possession. We must end this nasty trend of government ruining good people’s lives. More innocent lives are now on the line awaiting criminal charges to be filed. Now is the time to stand up and fight back against the child porn set-ups.

The evidence has finally arrived that further peels the onion of corruption and wickedness. A hidden Tor website which has recently popped up, according to anonymous sources over the Torchat system and with information leaked by a undercover unit investigator(Don’t know if he is really government or not, but he does hint that he is) that encourages people to upload child pornography on public non-encrypted chan websites through open Wifi routers which the police will record is the wireless routing hubs IP Address and not the real offender or offenders. It is unclear whether the new website was created by s0meone or a group of people in the government or corporate elite networks. However these leaks do confirm that people can be set-up with child pornography and that the Internet Crimes Against Children(ICAC) gets a sustainable or even more Federal or State funding for the amount of arrests and prosecutions the police make in regards to chyild porn investigations.

Around five days ago, I released an article asking for whitlsblowers and inside government employees including Pentagon employees to leak any credible information proving that the US government, state, and local governments and law enforcement may be setting up innocent people with child pornography for both political reasons and to pad their stats to make it look like they are fighting pedophilia to the death when they are turning innocent people into child porn sex criminals.

Also we decided to excerpt the text given by the investigator so you can see what exactly he told me:

I like to leak a few files to you of documents and screenshots of a Tor
hosted hidden website that is encouraging innocent Wifi users to be set up
with child pornography.

They are all encouraging using open Wifi routers, and some will likely
attempt to crack password protected ones as well, to upload child
pornography to public openweb chan sites which will give the Wifi user’s
IP Address as the uploaders.

The police will investigate and start raiding hundreds to thousands or
even tens of thousands of people monthly with this new pedophile campaign.
This website also has mirrors which also work fast. I suspect they are
government operated entrapment websites to set up more innocent people
with child pornography. I am doing the best in my unit to investigate this
website and trying to find out who is operating this. Once I find out I
will attempt to send you the case information to your email so you can
leak this to the general public. I think this is terrible for the police
to do such things but it sounds like darker elements of the government are
the ones planting child porn. I do work in some field in the government
but that is all I can tell you. Anymore and they will claim I have child
porn then indict me before I can blow the whistle. Once I get enough this
will be sent to Wikileaks and other major whistleblowing sites.

Undercover Investigator and Whistleblower

According to the information posted by this investigator, I read it over and found some interesting stuff so I am uploading the leaked documents then posted right in this article before it is made public. I also made sure to redact the links so that the feds don’t come after me claiming that I linked to any illegal material. Nevertheless these documents show a real website hosted on the Tor hidden services network encouraging pedophiles to upload child pornography to public websites hosted on the World Wide Web through people’s private Wifi routers across the country.

The website has been named and dubbed the “Wireless Trolling” Tor website. According to the other screenshot it appears that the links may be child porn caches to which the website encourages uploading through public wireless routers.

Screenshot 02 from the Undercover Unit Investigator of the Wireless Trolling website. Image is resized so click the image to access the full size image.

Screenshot 02 from the Undercover Unit Investigator of the Wireless Trolling website. Image is resized so click the image to access the full size image.

It states that “1) Upload the most fappable pictures from here over Public Wifi to ClearWeb Chan sites“, “2) Sit back and watch, then repeat step 1”, and last but not least that “Most Wireless on Earth are not banned, yet! Most wireless are DHCP!”


Screenshot 03 from the Undercover Unit Investigator of the Wireless Trolling website. Image is resized so click the image to access the full size image.

It states that “Move from wireless to wireless for each Chan site until b&”, “Neighbor you do not like has unsecured wireless?”, and “…guess they will be posting on Chan sites and Forums.”

The one document leaked just affirms the screenshots credibility and the other also has a message as to why innocent people’s IP Addresses should get the mblame for child porn being posted to chan sites and forums.

Wireless Trolling :::: Butt Why?

Keep rookie cops busy
Keep moderators busy
Encourage more parents to create OC
Piss off white knights
Really piss off white knights
Help more pedos discover what they like

MILLIONS of unsecured open wireless IP addresses not yet banned!

Share with non Tor users? Sure!

Sounds like something a Anonymous hacker group wannabe would say, No?

Sounds like this pedophile website is planning a child porn uploading war on the open internet. With tactics like this who could bet a million dollars that this could be a website run by the Feds. If so then isn’t this going a bit too far having millions of unsecured wireless IP Addresses flagged by the Internet Crimes Against Children(ICAC) task force and the Immigrations Custom Enforcement(ICE). Which brings us to the next item on our hunt for the truth to discover if the government is really wanting to child pornography on innocent people’s computers and what the motives would be that are cited to justify it.

An email was sent to me by someone we are keeping anonymous but have decided to excerpt the email in quotes below:

I can’t provide real evidence like you’re asking for but I can provide some information. I’ve attached info on the ICAC program including what Standards they are required to follow plus the relevant US Code sections. The way the program is set up agencies get rewarded with continued or increased funding if they increase the number of arrests and prosecutions. I’ve also attached a report detailing how they monitor file trading.

So it has been revealed that the way the ICAC program was set up, according to the Congressional record and possibly also contributed by the states, that the ICAC regional task forces across the country get continued funding or increased funding if they can increase the number of arrests and prosecutions of suspected child pornographers. Of course the police will argue that the increase funding can act as some kind of reward to get the police to work harder to catch as many of the child pornographers and pedophiles as they are able to under the law. However just like with arrest quotas, police plant drugs and misapply laws to people in order to make more arrests and convictions in order to help the police departments get more funding. Basically the police have to arrest a certain amount of individuals at a given time to have sustainable funding or even increased funding which is more money to the Prison Industrial Complex and law enforcement employees across the board from agencies to local municipal police departments. Just like how providing more funding to law enforcement can help fight crime, it can also be used as a tool of corruption and profits and here is how it works. Both the private and public prison contractors all require one thing, Money $$$, money is needed by both the government and private sector. What do prisons need to survive and make a lot of money, they need as many prisoners as these prisons can hold. So if innocent people is convicted and set-up with child pornography then it makes it look like the ICAC task force is successful in spearheading the pedophiles and getting rid of the pedophiles by imprisoning all of them. When many go to use anonymity tools including Tor, it gets more increasingly difficult to convict these child porn distributors so if they can’t catch the ones behind the anonymity shield, which would make them look like a failure, so if they decide to uses viruses such as the eMule virus and use other methods to plant child porn on people’s computers then this would pave the way to make the ICAC look successful in cracking down on pedophile related activities. So if the ICAC and ICE Operation Flicker may have any direct compartmentalized style involvement with the planting of child pornography images on people’s computers then this would help boost their funding and staffing for these operations. Thus more money is needed by the government in the form of taxes to have more people convicted and then thrown into prison. If the Wireless trolling website is not shut down within more then 1 month, then it is clear that the FBI, ICAC, DOJ, ICE, DHS, and other government agencies don’t intend to stop child pornography but to allow it or even help it to be spread all over the internet, exposing both children and adults to finding these child porn files, and thus more arrests and child porn convictions can thus be made to get more funding secured for the ICAC and ICE.

The more leaks and public information we receive on these government agencies claiming to fight child porn, the more we can begin to peel away the onion of despotic tyrannical corruption in the system which tares apart what made America such a great nation.

Any Whistleblowers whom wish to expose Porngate, I ask you to come forth and tell us

Author: Ben Franklin

Subject: Whistleblowing

Note: If any government employee, Pentagon employee, or any law enforcement officer for that matter is aware that the US Government, state government, or local governments is setting up innocent people with child pornography then I ask that you email any leaks and tips to pornleakz@hushmail.com. I know you all have families and are all afraid of repercussions out of releasing this information but there is absolutely no reason to keep inside government knowledge secret to the extent where innocent American citizens are being set up with child pornography charges and given lifetime sex offender registration where their whole life is restricted and can never raise a child as a result of these set ups. Do the right thing and leak these child porn set-ups. Would your creator or spiritual entity or karma allow this? For those that don’t believe in a creator would you allow your fellow human beings to be set up then thrown into prisons under trumped up child porn charges? I as a article writer beg you to get the truth out and leak either through documents, witness testimony, or official records to prove that people are being set up with child porn so we can forward to Wikileaks in addition to alternative media such as Infowars, Intellihub, and other places and then all the people whom were wrongfully convicted can finally be granted innocent by a Governors pardon of innocence or be granted a right to a retrial.

Right now an article I have published around April 19th, has gone viral and made American Livewire, TheIntelliHub, Planet Infowars and other places. I know a few are questioning whether this is real or not, trust me what happened to my source and Andrew Rose did happened and he did upset some high government people connected with some very powerful criminal banks. They used the eMule virus to get his IP Address flagged in NordicMule the law enforcement version of eMule that possibly shares and probably downloads child pornography in order to catch those whom are downloading it over the eMule network. According to a document I examined that was given to me by the very same source from the last article I have typed(document cannot be made public as it contains personally identifiable information) it let me know how the government was able to track and record the IP Addresses of those whom are set up. In fact I will post some excerpts from this document to prove to you that I have done my research and know what I am talking about, that I am credible. This is copied from a document typed by real law enforcement but is available in court records which are public and aren’t punishable to release to the general public.

That means whether someone from the government used another virus or physically planted child porn images into someones computer, or that the eMule virus was the tool that planted and distributed the child porn, or all of the above, that the eMule virus was a beacon that got law enforcement officers after whomever they planted the Trojan type virus on.

NordicMule is a software tool based on the eMule software program, a publicly available P2P client that operates on the eDonkey network. NordicMule was originally adapted from eMule by The Norway National Criminal Investigative Service for law enforcement purposes. NordicMule was then modified for law enforcement investigations to function within the CPS suite of tools, discussed above. Functionality and features were added to create a software tool that identifies computers offering to share files associated with the exploitation of children on the eDonkey network.

NordicMule works by regularly downloading ed2K links (eDonkey magnets) from the CPS servers. Those links are file hashes previously viewed by law enforcement and known to contain depictions of child sexual abuse. As NordicMule receives information from sharing peers about a known file, it attempts to connect and browse that peer. NordicMule identifies what each individual and specific computer is offering for transfer based on IP address. Thus the information acquired is not from multiple sources, but from specific IP addresses at specific dates and times. All information submitted to the CPS servers is the result of individual peer computers responding to a request from NordicMule. Information that is logged to the CPS servers contains the police officer’s license number.

NordicMule searches for files of known or suspected child pornography and then records the IP addresses of those computers offering to participate in the distribution of known or suspected child pornography. NordicMule reads the publicly available information from computers that are identified as offering child sexual abuse images for distribution. This software reads these reported offers to participate in the sharing of child pornography and reports the IP address, the time, the date, the ED2K MD4 value, the type of software in use, the GUID number (or serial number) of the software, and the filename for each computer offering in a consistent and reliable manner to the undercover servers housed in Florida.

The reason the term suspected child pornography was marked in bold was due to the fact that NordicMule does not only track and record IP Addresses of known child porn files, but also ones only suspected of it and that means files that can use any of the known pedophile keywords which this article will not disclose as anyone whom attempts to search these keywords risks getting raided by the police and I do not intend to get any researcher in trouble. So that means any variant, personally programmed and controlled eMule virus, or Win32/MoliVampire.A that distributes the material or even downloads it will be logged and flagged by NordicMule then the police will plan a future raid against those IP Addresses caught up in this. Even a ABC News article that was likely contributed or impacted by the Associated Press has revealed of various people in court documents in their defense claimed that viruses were responsible for child porn getting on their computers.

Since eMule is open source under the GPL License, can be ported to multiple operating systems, any hacker can port the eMule file sharing programming language code into their viruses and Trojans to download whatever they want then release the commands through hacked personal computer or server relays. Child porn can be used as a powerful weapon to ruin somebodies life since all someone needs is one or a few more child porn images and their computers are seized forever as evidence in a criminal trial, the person risks a lifetime permanent and mandatory sex offender registration, and prison time. The government has done operations such as Operation Northwoods, Operation fast and Furious, Operation Gladio, the Pentagon has over 5,000 employees that were never prosecuted after caught purchasing child pornography, and so why wouldn’t the government plant child pornography images and videos in people’s computers. The facts this article presents proves that this isn’t some fear mongering article by the entertainment industry nor is this article a fake. This article is the real deal and exposes what the mainstream media should be exposing and that innocent people are being set up with child pornography and in many cases has no evidence or ability to prove innocence so many wrongfully convicted become lifetime sex offenders with no right to a pardon granted(some states may bar the Governor from pardoning sex criminals despite each different circumstance, innocence, or facts surrounding a criminal conviction) by the Governor. Those on the sex offender registry has their entire life restricted, from where someone can live, to where someone can hang out or even eat, to all kinds of other restrictions. Your life basically becomes a box, a prison, where your all alone, and this is happening to everyone on the sex offender registry whether they are pedophiles or not, whether they are dangerous sex criminals or not, regardless of what the circumstances and facts that are proven are.

So the eMule virus and other viruses are downloading and distributing files which can be flagged by NodicMule the law enforcement modified version of eMule then the IP Addresses recorded. Does this mean that law enforcement operations such as the Internet Crimes Against Children task force and ICE’s Operation Flicker are knowingly releasing child porn embedded into music files and are using viruses such as the eMule virus and could also likely be planting real child porn files or even sharing real child porn files on P2P networks to pad their statistics and fill their arrest and criminal prosecution quotas to keep their budget from being cut? Is the law enforcement organizations that are aware of somebodies innocence trying to convict law abiding Americans just to keep the respect from their communities? Is this being used to destroy political free speech and free press? Are corrupt politicians now using child porn to shut up critical dissent? If certain criminal elements in the government can deal drugs, purchase child pornography on the tax payers dime, meeting with prostitutes in other countries, and conduct other criminal acts then why wouldn’t they plant child porn in people’s computers. Child porn is such a controversial topic and is so taboo that any government group or employee can destroy somebody by simply adding a few naked or sexually exploited child images to their computer then bye bye whomever was set up.

That is why I beg anyone in law enforcement and government that reads this, or someone whom knows somebody in law enforcement or works in government, to leak out any documents, witness testimony, or any information to help back our claims that the US Government can set people up with child pornography. Once enough evidence is gathered then the whole government child porn scandal shall be dubbed as the porngate scandal.

More questions that should be asked for these so called ICAC and ICE child protection raid squadrons that raid every downloader suspects home and take away all their computer equipment including personal family photos and other irreplaceable data forever, why are they not raiding child porn sites hosted on the TOR network, I2P network, and the Freenet network. With the police doing everything in their power to catch child porn sharers on P2P even using dirty methods, why have they done nothing to root out nor trace the location of the server’s or try to get one of the server administrator’s to admit where the original server is to bring down sites like Lolita City and other high profile pedophile sites according to RussiaToday and other mainstream media articles. In my investigation and confirmed some things after speaking with some TOR people through Torchat and TOR IRC networks, I found out hidden TOR websites that host child porn are raided by foreign police departments and law enforcement and likely shut down by police that were able to track down where the sites were located yet the American ICAC and ICE can’t take down some of the biggest pedophile websites hosted on TOR. (Disclaimer: I didn’t conduct any onsite investigations as the law enforcement would use that to come and arrest me but just simply chatted with some TOR users that kept themselves anonymous but yet with chatting with enough people was able to confirm the information without visiting any sites, all info confirmed by anonymous witnesses I spoke with on a TOR chatting system) I also discovered some of the Torchat users telling me that Lolita City is still online despite the hacker attack by Anonymous as they seem to be the only people going to war with that TOR hosted website and few others according to news reports I read. Is our government intentionally letting child porn flourish on certain networks then when they get too big they get them raided and taken down then allow a new pedo trading website to be uploaded? You would think with the eMule raids against small time eMule users that many of the techno pedos likely fled using P2P altogether and are using encrypted Peer to Peer protection systems such as TOR and others. So what use does the government need out of continuing to share or abet users sharing child pornography on P2P networks that are dwindling in peers due to all the people targeted over file sharing whether porn was shared or not, and yet they are not taking down some of the major porn trading hubs on TOR. How can these people brag about protecting our children from child exploitation yet the ICAC and ICE cannot do as well as the foreign law enforcement organizations that are doing a better job at taking down certain pedo sites hosted on TOR. Throughout talking to people and asking them questions as a undercover news reporter and intelligence operative, I now know for a fact that the ICAC and ICE Operation Flicker are all lies and not making much or any of an effort to protect children from exploitation but are here to set up innocent people with child porn charges or are simply the compartmentalized task forces that don’t set people up but that another criminal element of the government sets people up or maybe people outside of government with ties to some political high ups set people up with child porn then the ICAC legitimately believes they are the heroes protecting the children from every nasty porno downloader on the block.

That being said I do not see how the real bad guys are being targeted especially with the TSA groping little girls and boys every single day with no input from law enforcement except that they arrest every parent that does not want TSA screeners touching their little girl or boy in places they should not go which would constitute a felony for molestation in normal circumstances.

Either the ICAC and ICE is knowingly setting people up with child porn or they are front groups compartmentalized while the more deeper government people openly share pedophile material and conduct the set-ups to cover their asses from prosecution.

Regardless of the fact the anonymous source admitted he went up against a corrupt state govt official with an intent to expose then thrown him off the thrown with criminal charges of violating his official duties and then all of the sudden mysteriously got the eMule virus then the detective claimed they found child porn on his computer without immediately sending to forensics stinks to high heaven. Then they threaten his family to coerce him to confess to false child porn charges and get him to admit being attracted to young girls when he has always tried to find a way to go on dates with young women around his age(18-24yo range). He is obsessed with beautiful young women around his age especially Japanese women so why would he ever go after little girls and want to exploit them, the police could care less that he is an upstanding guy, ran a successful alternative media outlet in his local area, questioned his elected official when other media would cower and ask softball questions while he asked the hard ones and got police threatening him and his family questioned by the same police in the local area, and he had a petition saying that he wants a unconstitutional federal law t0 be nullified and said that abductions and torture(which includes sexual humiliation and abuse by US military) is all wrong and is against federal law, and walked over 5-10 miles from each section of his local neighborhood gathering petition signatures and informing people of these unconstitutional federal laws. He will never molest a child, he has never done anything of the sort throughout his entire life, and has never taken any interest in children. He wanted to be a news reporter when he became older, he wanted to do the right thing even if police harmed him, he never got in trouble with the law before, many people where he lives knew about him and agree with his political views, and yet he was set up with child pornography and the police actually believe or at least they are giving that impression that he wishes to plan child abductions and molestation all the time simply because they claimed they found a few photos on his computer. Why would this person use P2P for something illegal when it is well known that people get busted for any type of file sharing? Why would this person throw his own life away taking an interest in images that are exploiting children when he has been fighting for a long time to stop the globalist agenda and protect the rights of the American people? The whole criminal charges doesn’t fit him. The whole narrative that he is some bad boy wanting to sexually abuse and touch little girls when he has been trying to get a regular girlfriend or even future wife to spend his life with, and he has done everything he can to remind the police that certain unconstitutional federal laws that require abductions and physical and sexual abuse such as political torture at CIA black sites of anyone accused of terrorism is in violation of federal law prohibiting such acts. The evidence and the answer is clear he is not a child molester, he never will become one, but the local police are hell bent on convicting this person upon a set-up by the eMule virus and will have his life ruined and he had wondered months ago about killing himself as he has been telling me he thought of doing so upon the event of successful conviction since he won’t be able to go dating and meeting beautiful women he admires and wants to get to know with lifetime sex offender registry. It is horrible to think a man like this will be convicted and thrown out on the news as a convicted child sex offender that is a virgin and has never been around children let alone done anything to anyone. If anyone has been set up for a political crime of speaking out and doing what was right, he is the perfect political criminal example to the rest of the community to shut up or child porn gets put in certain community people’s computers to be the next example if this guy isn’t enough to scare the other political dissidents and dissent.

Our government really cares about our children do they? 🙁 More like hit people with meat grinders then telling them it is to protect the children.

ALERT!!!: New virus that may be planting child porn to set up people as pedophiles

Author: Ben. Franklin

Subject: False Flag

Notice: There are ways of combating this type virus and other horrible viruses but is not 100% bulletproof, none of these methods are the silver bullet but it is better then having no protection from these set ups and technological witch hunts. You are recommended to use ESET and McAfee and any other anti-virus that covers the emule type sharing viruses.

A new virus has been spotted that seems to be planting and distributing suspected child pornography files and is likely being used by the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force to conduct raids, searches and seizures, all data taken including irreplaceable family photos and videos, police threatening to harm family if the person of interest doesn’t fess up, and then last but not least then go before the grand jury then have the person indicted then successfully convicted as a child exploiting sex offender for life or as prosecutors would love to call them, child sex offenders even though every person just caught with only images are either virgins or never harmed a child themselves or even not have a desire to but nevertheless have a few of these so called images and likely the computer virus along with it but forensics only confirms the images are on the computer and when the images were viewed then railroad the suspects to prison.

Because of how grave the situation is, somebody whom is already under police criminal investigation is the source of the intel and won’t allow me to reveal his name for personal reasons. He has been telling me that he got into a operation where he was exposing political corruption then had the virus planted without his authorization while the police were harassing and surveilling him. Then a month later the police showed up at this guys house with a state sanctioned search warrant telling him that he was under investigation and that they are searching the premises for the suspicion of distributing and possession of child pornography. They took everything, his family threatened, and was forced to confess to wanting to harm little children out of a sense to protect his family from harm by the police. Of course that was a lie as he never was around any children and has all the alibis proving he was innocent but confessed to the crime even though innocent because the police threatened his family and questioned over political investigations and articles he was writing for a major news outlet, and I’ll just leave it at that. He told the police since day one about the virus, as he conducted more of an investigation he remembered that the virus had three rogue programs, Ares.exe, Shareaza.exe, and emule.exe. While opening the file location using the Windows Vista or 7 Task Manager, the directories looked like regular emule sharing directories and went inside Incoming, and saw hundreds to thousands of child porn files were planted in that directory which he freaked out then deleted then tried whatever he could to disable the program but there were enough security holes to get control of his computer, then of course how convenient the ICAC shows up at his front door. That was when he decided to talk to a few other individuals he believed was either targeted or shut down their sites out of chilling effects and fear. When former alternative media reporter got word of this, remnants of that organization decided to release reports on the virus which they call the ’emule virus’ as emule was mainly what the police accusing this source of using to share the material, and so they released reports and conducted a large investigation until they finally received the variant and codeword of the virus according to ESET and also claimed to found the same virus variant from McAFee virus reporting site.

According to ESET the virus has been classified as the Win32/MoliVampire.A, the file is what many suspected as a trojan, size 10067968 B, and reveals a lot of details of this virus. McAfee also details the virus but has a different codename and has a different file size so these viruses are all different in variants and threat level. The variant that shares child porn could likely have been created by the government to make the war on child porn look really effective as it is not effective unless many people are convicted of child porn whether they be pedos or not, even with false convictions on set up politicians and activists but that is just speculation and is not a certifiable fact as of yet since nobody really investigates into this since anyone who talks about child porn and is not in favor of dirty and underhanded tactics are usually labeled bad guys or pedo supporters just for questioning the narrative by government people.

So whom would benefit off of sharing child porn and downloading it to set people up? Corrupt government elements as a greater moral crises on the Internet will lead to more controls, bans and restrictions on P2P as Cary Sherman (RIAA President whom bragged about child porn on P2P) would have dreamed of, corrupt police that need to fill their quotas, the private prison contractors that need a guaranteed occupancy and have no other way to convict people so they switch to setting people up with child porn, and politicians that need to kill their enemies characters so that they can get rid of them physically.

Alberto Gonzales the former US Attorney General, before Eric Holder, would benefit off of the child porn crises as he begged for mandatory data retention type laws where all internet activities, emails, and other sensitive data would be logged then retained for months and that the police can have access to this personal data history without a warrant and would allow the RIAA and MPAA to sue people at will using mandatory data retention as the opportunity to know who exactly shared copyrighted material using discovery motions at all court junctions. Cary Sherman or future presidents of the RIAA would benefit off of the child porn crises as they can use that in their case for the witch hunt against file-sharers and converting them all into possible child sex offenders to burn at the stake with prejudice. There are wide variety

So anyone whom receives this virus or variants of Trojans similar to this virus, is at risk of being accused of distributing and possessing child pornography then having the computers and family photos, videos, and other personal data taken away forever. Then will likely end up years in federal or state prison then receives a lifetime sex offender record, isn’t that just great!!!!!

Also other organizations other then the ICAC are also engaging in dirty undercover operations to set up autistic people and techno geeks with child porn charges with very little chance of getting out of them and that is if your lucky and have enough evidence to overturn the prosecution arguments and forensics investigative reports. The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) investigative arm, also known as the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), that conducted Operation Flicker that was mainly for undercover child porn investigations, caught over 5,000 employees working for the Pentagon and Department of Defense (DOD) purchasing and downloading child pornography but were never fully investigated and were never prosecuted, is in the process of investigating and prosecuting a 17-year-old autistic youth for downloading child pornography when the only things he was downloading was music files from the Limewire P2P file sharing network.

His name is Andrew Rose, Facebook has a support group which allows people to talk about the injustices of these child porn stings since there are very dirty and underhanded methods being used to net these suspects. This article will fully explain why Andrew’s predicament is unnecessary and why his defense is credible.

The dirty tactic that was used is the worst thing the government could have ever done and does nothing to catch child predators, and should immediately receive a inquiry by Congress and the state governments that are cooperative in these operations. The dirty tactic was that child porn was embedded in a normal everyday mp3 music file, likely within the MP3 tag which every mp3 file has or a non-encrypted stenography software appended child porn to the music file to where the file was on the computer but was attached to the music file. These are the only two technologically feasible methods that were likely used that this article can and will reveal, however if there are any vulnerabilities then that could also be another method of choice if it exists.

MP3 Tag method

example music file playing

Every music file contains a tag identification system also called a MP3 tag and in other music formats there is likely something similar. Every MP3 file allows you to customize the album art, edit the track info, and allow you to add comments. Advanced MP3 tag software will allow you to attach photos to be embedded into the tag of the music file.


If ICE wanted to set people up as possible child molesters for their pre-crime style program where your not guilty because you hurt a child, your guilty for possibly having images and that you may hurt a child future, not because your planning to commit a felony, not because you did, but because you may, then all ICE has to do is add a child porn image to the MP3 tag of the music file then use modified law enforcement versions of emule, Limewire, and other P2P clients that is bugged with logging software and other identifier systems to share the bugged child porn embedded music files, then as any music file sharer and downloader likes collecting music files to listen to will download the file or files and then receive a visit from ICE or the ICAC task force then their families threatened by police or even detectives to put a person under so much anxiety and fear that they will undoubtedly confess even though the person is not guilty.

All it takes ti be arrested and convicted as a child sex offender is downloading music files, yes downloading music files. If you don’t believe this is technologically possible then just view the screenshot of freeware software products such as MP3Tag which makes planting child porn files as easy as 123. Then all the police have to do is share hundreds to thousands of pirated music files with child embedded in them, then they can make the war on child porn look really effective with all the pedophile patsies, and people being set up, we can at last finally fight crime by putting innocent people in prison. The fact that Congress has not investigated the ICAC and ICE for planting child porn and embedding it in normal music files and other kinds of files is beyond me. As long as the children are being protected, why should we care if Andrew Rose goes to prison and gets beat up on by other inmates, why should we care if innocent people are thrown into prison as a sex offender, why should we care about dirty corrupt methods the government uses to catch criminals and predators. Let’s just put teenagers in prison, let’s just put every music downloader in prison and call them pedophiles because that is the new AmeriKa and the USSA (United Soviet States of America).

Stenography methods

There are certain stenography programs that only attach files or embed files within files unencrypted. That way since there are Content ID type systems where files are scanned to find any illicit material, since child porn can be attached to one file, these systems would flag and detect it then monitor all whom download and share it or the government does this then are the sharing perpetrators and can get away with it by claiming it was a “Undercover Operation” and that is why agents shouldn’t be held accountable for planting child porn in ordinary everyday files shared on P2P. Just like how cops can freely murder, rape, and commit other crimes and get off easy or without any punishment due to the police Bill of Rights where cops are held accountable differently then average ordinary commoners where the book is constantly thrown at them and are subject to jail-guard abuse.

This article reveals the truth, that government can commit crimes and set people up and get away with it unless people stand up and say no to it then maybe the ICAC and ICE can finally be held accountable for their dirty corrupt undercover operations.

Diabetic doctors changing insulin administering tactics, is this apart of Obamacare rationing?

Author: Ben Franklin

Disclaimer: The information is not intended to be a replacement or substitute for consultation with a qualified medical professional or for professional medical advice related to diabetes or another medical condition. Please contact your physician or medical professional with any questions and concerns about your medical condition.

Has your doctor told you that you may no longer have any sugars, fried foods, or anything with a grand amount of carbs? Has your doctor told you not to count carbs anymore, that your insulin to carb ratio has been suspended, that you can only take fast acting insulin shots to a certain level before each meal and that you may only do shots based on a blood sugar sliding scale? When you explain to your doctor that you do shots based on carbs, the doctor tells you no, “you don’t understand! Your orders are to only take a shot before each meal then base it on a sliding scale” then acts like you are stupid then orders you to see a nurse to explain the sliding scale to you. I can’t say who is ordering this but is has happened to my friend, and I am finding out doctors across the country are starting to abandon the insulin-to-carb ratio.

A article was released originating from Nov 28, 2012, then was updated around April of 2013, all revealing that carb counting is now a no no for all diabetics now by their medical professionals. Is this a coincidence since the Obamacare law aka the Affordable Care Act passed into law around 2009-2010. Of course doctors will not admit that this new trend may be apart of the Obamacare plan of rationing care. As long as people do a lot of exercising, they can eat carbs and still avoid getting fat. All it takes is walking down your neighborhood almost everyday and water aerobics but it doesn’t matter anymore. Doctors don’t want you to eat your way anymore and will use prescription drug control laws along with the Obamacare law to force you to eat less to your doctors tune. However you shouldn’t get angry at, argue with, or blame your doctor as to the new changes. It was likely apart of the hidden Obamacare rationing mandate since with universal healthcare, everyone suffers collectively on each persons eating habits and healthcare choices, everyone must be healthy against their will.

Former alternative media outlet USWGO released multiple articles revealing the dangers of Obamacare, around December 2009 that Obamacare will end the freely lounging of buffets, and in August 2012 that Obamacare will create a dictatorial national public healthcare council that will seat chair-people that have no expertise in either mental or physical health.

Alex Jones revealed that Obamacare was written partially by the insurance companies and that Obamacare may not even cover preexisting conditions. Whether this is true or not will be examined by me as a FederalJack writer.

Healthcare rationing will limit not only hospital visits, doctors visits, but will also limit all prescriptions every American can take against their will and their doctors wishes. Since the entire healthcare system is nationalized, since healthcare is collectively administered, anybody whom does not do what the doctor orders doesn’t affect just one person but effects the entire society as a collective therefore every diabetic must cut back their eating habits to certain portions and must limit their exercising and all actions to go along with the entire collective healthcare system.

Even Obama admitted after defeating Romney in the elections, that America is becoming part of the collective when using the term collective which is the codeword that America is becoming part of the democratic collective. What makes democracy bad is that our actions, our own lives, will be dictated by the majority of the people and the democratic leadership, while in a republic our lives are are own and not dictated by the majority.

Insulin dependent diabetics will no longer be allowed to eat what they choose anymore, do what Obama and the doctor tells you because doctors are no longer advisers but will mandate you do this and that or else you won’t get any care at all.

If you attempt to fight and resist this attempt of the government to decide what you can and cannot eat, the corrupt police will just plant drugs(felony charges), child pornography(permanent lifetime sex offender record), or any other contraband on you then you have to fight for years in a corrupt court just for a chance of not going to prison then having permanent criminal records with little chance of a pardon or being proven innocence.

Former Alt Media Founder: It is now time for North Carolina to stand with state nullification and protect the 2nd Amendment

Author: Silence DoGood

Former USWGO Alternative News Founder with US Presidential candidate Virgil H. Goode, photo dated May 26th 2012.

The former USWGO Alternative News media founder Brian D. Hill finally speaks out in the months of mysteriously shutting down his growing alternative media empire that had over 2 million hits monthly and growing. He explains that now with the overwhelming resistance in North Carolina over Obama gun control executive orders and laws that threaten the 2nd Amendment rights, now is the time for North Carolinian’s to stand up, and get their state to legally resist the feds using the 10th Amendment.

USWGO.com had disappeared and articles on other sites including scribd documents all disappeared with hardly a explanation from Mr. Hill or that it was muffled as to the reasoning behind the move to destroy USWGO. He has decided to speak out at least once from his political exiled response since the gun control crises will wake up a lot of brainwashed and uneducated North Carolinian’s due to the corporate controlled media all over the state including the Madison Messenger, WXII12, FOX8, The News and Record, RCENO, and other TV Stations, Newspapers, and internet news sites that Brian had battled to get them to cover stories explaining to the citizens how the NDAA 2012 federal law threatens individual rights to a trial and jury. Those media outlets refused to cover the Nullify-NDAA Petition which was partially responsible to USWGO’s downfall since a corporate controlled media blackout means that any political activist can be targeted or destroyed without any hope of beating it. Only a truthful media can keep the government in check and that includes the federal government.

He advocates that North Carolina citizens read and share this article with other people within the state then send emails, letters, phone calls, and even ask the state legislators and senators in person if they will support the Nullify-NDAA petition and plan by former USWGO and other state nullification plans including plans by the North Carolina Tenth Amendment Center (NCTAC).

The North Carolina Tenth Amendment Center created the North Carolina 2nd Amendment Preservation Act which will be lobbied to a North Carolina legislator or senator to introduce in committee for the state house or senate. Brian tells FederalJack that he thinks North Carolinian’s should also work with the Nullify-NDAA petition that is on record with the North Carolina state government archives. In the offices of both Rep. Bryan R. Holloway (91st district) and Rep. Bert Jones you can find in their records of email exchanges between them and the petition organizer, a copy of the Nullify-NDAA Petition that Brian had done last year which gathered over 200 written signatures from Constituents in such a short time all by himself with no help from the democrat or republican parties nor any political organizations except We Are Change NC. Infowars also covered a story about the Nullify-NDAA Petition as well.

“Now is the time for state to fight for nullification of unconstitutional federal laws. The NDAA, the gun ban laws, any law that attempts confiscation against gun owners that own lawfully purchased firearms should all be nullified, and if the federal government gets angry and sues the state I say let them then challenge the feds in the supreme court on the grounds of Marbury Vs. Madison, the tenth Amendment, and the 2nd Amendment. I will still keep my mouth shut on a lot of things so my enemies won’t have to worry about sending people out here to eliminate me or target me, I am not ready to be assassinated yet. I am taking a little risk getting my friend to put out my response on Federaljack and other alternative media outlets but I say there is nothing wrong with letting out steam about why nullification is important against Unconstitutional federal laws.” A response beautifully said by the former USWGO Alternative News Founder that ran a website that had over 6 articles and posts on Infowars. He had even been an author on We Are Change at one time, and interviewed Patrick Henry Jolly last year but the interview videos had been stolen according to Brian and that is all he will say on the matter.

Rep. Bryan Holloway

Rep. Bryan Holloway

There are several people that appear to have already begun publicly admitting that they will fight any federal attempts to disarm the American people. Rep. Bryan Holloway said in a comment response on his Facebook profile that “Yes, we will being working to protect the 2nd Amendment this session. I do apologize for not responding more quickly. I don’t check Facebook very often.” Brian also contacted the Infowars staff and they accepted the information and put into the request that Rep. Holloway be interviewed on The Alex Jones Show one of the largest political talk shows since Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. The show has over 10-15 million radio listeners conservative and word is out that the Rep will contact Brian over the matters of using his personal connections with Infowars to attempt to get the state legislator on the Alex Jones Show over gun control, the NDAA, and other Constitutional matters. It also means that Infowars fans that love Alex’s show are encouraged to call the Infowars phone lines, send letters, and emails asking them to make Rep. Bryan Holloway a guest on one or more segments on his radio program. Since the corporate media is controlled in North Carolina, Bryan Holloway can use Alex’s show as a way to reach more Constituents without help from the mainstream media.

Former state rep Glen Bradley admits he will form a legislative caucus to help with the issues of nullifying the NDAA while Holloway and other legislators will continue resisting gun control. Gun control might be the thing that breaks the silence on state Nullification of federal laws in North Carolina, that the gun confiscations might be the medicine the state needs to get them to fight back against the federal government and possibly remove their Constitutional amendments in the NC Constitution giving loyalty to the federal government and overreaching of power not delegated by the Constitution the supreme law of the land.

A internet user sends out a document to reconstitute the republic through a second Declaration of Independence

Author: Silence Dogood

A document was sent to my alternative media friend that sent the document over to me. This document is titled the “The Second Declaration of Independence Referendum One” and claims that the Federal government has committed atrocities and that states should vote to leave the union in order to reconstitute the republic. He apparently is aware of Alex Jone’s broadcast where he made statements on the secession petitions that had plagued the Whitehouse.gov petition site months ago. He also stated that Ron Paul and Alex Jones both want to fix the republic by reconstituting it using state secession as the way to reconstitute a federal government.

The secession petitions had reached popular signatures as Texas got over 100K, and several others made the 25K mark needed for a official response from the Obama Administration. Ever since the secession petitions embarrassing Obama, the number of required signatures has been set at 100K.

It looks like from the forward that many recipients were also sent that file. It shows a picture of the Declaration of Independence at the top then starts listing the crimes committed by the three branches of government and calls the federal government “corrupt” and ignores the “rule of law”.

Here is some quotes from this:

Referendum to be voted on by the General public, the state legislators and senators in the legislature, by the town and city councils, by the county commissioners, and to then be voted on by legislature to declare Independence from a illegitimate Federal government plagued by criminals and power usurpations.

The unanimous Declaration of the citizens and of the legislatures of the fifty United States of
(Reciting from the 1776 American Declaration of Independence)

You can read the rest right from here or archive.org.

He calls himself the “The Veteran Constitutor a Ghost of JFK and Benjamin Franklin,” and you think wow what a long name to call himself. I guess he decided not  to reveal his real name out of fear of being targeted by the feds. Who knows if he is a veteran or not but I do know history does repeat itself. As tyranny is coming and now killing bloggers such as Aaron Swart a Obama “kill list” opponent, many are holding onto their guns as if a civil war is coming and as Obama declares himself as the new Abraham Lincoln. Already New York and Illinois are attempting to ban guns but the 23 Obama executive orders are a concern for the three branches of government as Obama is signing executive orders as if they were laws. It looks like the Illinois gun control bill failed but there is a chance the gun control advocates are playing possum then planning to implement gun control in the middle of the night.

The Constitution is already being shredded and once the 2nd Amendment is gone, the other Amendments will disappear.

We will keep you updated as to what is going on with the new secession declaration starters.

H.J Resolution 14 to begin effectively eliminating Free Speech and Free Press

Author: Silence DoGood

Corrections Update: After reading the Section 1 area of the Resolution Amendment it only applies to Free Speech and doesn’t waive the entire First Amendment but this resolution and others are still a cause for concern because any committee could just slip in more and more.

According to an investigation on the Library of Congress Thomas search engine, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH9) has introduced a House Joint Resolution 14 bill that will effectively and legally begin hacking away at Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances, Freedom to peacefully Assemble aka protesting, and even that the Government cannot force people to join a religion. First of all they will claim it is only to target lobbying corporations and business organizations that buy the members of Congress but the bill will do no good to stop the bad lobbyists that are turning America into a feudal system of corruption in other words fascism but that government is working with the top corporations already. Instead of just passing a bill to limit lobbying or find another way to stop corrupt corporate lobbying, the authoritarians that call themselves “Liberals” or Left-Wingers want to start desecrating political Free Speech and Freedom of the Press and I’ll explain how and why. That is if the bill passes committee, both houses, approved by the President, and then sent to the state legislatures for approval from three-fourths of the states as what is required by the Constitution.

`Section 1. The first article of amendment does not apply to the political speech of any corporation, partnership, business trust, association, or other business organization with respect to the making of contributions, expenditures, or other disbursements of funds in connection with public elections.

It also states in part on “Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States waiving the application of the first article of amendment to the political speech of corporations and other business organizations with respect to the disbursement of funds in connection with public elections,” and it doesn’t just include corporations but businesses and associations. It will be the death of the State and National Rifle associations. Any political associations will be threatened with loss of speech and press in regards to criticizing the government by this resolution passing. So far it does not include non-profits and organizations but that could change and force political businesses like Infowars, DrudgeReport, and any commercial news entity to shut up or go to prison. Even The Intel Hub and any 9/11 truth websites can be sent to prison as the judges will rule that they are commercial business entities and are not protected under the 1st Amendment which grants Free Press and Free Speech.

I’ll explain how this works. First of all any rogue police officer that tries to find any excuse to arrest reporters and journalists, activists, and even protesters and give them high prison sentences to get them to shut up politically are usually always protected by Federal and State courts on Constitutional grounds. Usually Journalists have to make money or get donations to fund their operations to do what they have to do. Section 1 will waive the First Amendment away for any corporation, partnership, business trust, association, or other business organization that has any funding or campaign contributions in public elections. Yeah we all know there are evil lobbyists out there that make the general public suffer and in many cases go to prison for violent-less crimes and being labeled as horrible criminals over laws that were contributed by mega corporations and mega banks. The mega banks and corporations do not need the First Amendment because they run the offices of government so the law breaking corporations will continue it’s practice of breaking the law. So in other words if Alex Jones or even Matt Drudge decided to personally contribute money to the Ron Paul Campaign or even Rand Paul campaign or any campaign that fights for Liberty that is unpopular in the Government nowadays then the courts will determine that they will be stripped of their First Amendment rights since they both run news organizations that do make money which is in turn a business and they are connected to their businesses so personal contributions will be proof as ascertained by the court will qualify with Section 1 under the Bill of Rights First Amendment as a business that is meddling with public elections there sanctions will be used against these political business organizations and will either have to be on government money and get their ObamaPhone or they will be waived their First Amendment right. A court would rule that Infowars, The Intel Hub, any business news website that donates to Ron Paul or even Jesse Ventura or even NC Rep. Glen Bradley will be waived their rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Upon this will open a new can of worms which may mean imprisonment or even disappearances of these websites and it’s operators since they no longer will have a First Amendment right, of course they can still cite their State Constitutional rights to Free Speech but I am sure the Feds will rule that they are supreme and will still imprison any political organization that is deemed a money making operation. This will in turn be the death of any alternative media website that runs any small shop or any business operation. That means any political commercial entities will have to get government paychecks to fund their operations or lose their First Amendment rights if they contribute to any pro Liberty candidate that usually never wins any election.

It can even go as far as with a court ruling that if any staff member of alternative media contributes money to the Pro-Liberty campaign candidates then that will waive their organizations First Amendment rights forcing staff to sign waivers that any political speech they make is of their own speech and no longer apart of the organization but even that may not work. Despite the evil things some despotic corporations have done threatening the First Amendment for businesses is not the best way of doing it. The US Government knows that America runs on small businesses and that a business owner might just like Liberty so he contributes money to the Liberty candidates because he believes in Liberty but doing a simple act like that will rid him the rights of the First Amendment depending on whether the court will rule that the free speech denial will just apply to the businesses themselves or whether they also apply to the employees while off and on duty. Altering the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights is opening a can of worms, once it becomes altered and the states approve then it may slowly be waived from the general public little by little. Once we accept slowly destroying our Bill of Rights for whatever good purposes our fake democracy creates with two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner, then Liberty will be put in jeopardy. America is not a democracy but a republic because if the majority of Islamic people wanted some woman to be raped(Aka violating Islamic Sharia Law) or a man to be tortured they can do so by a vote but in a Constitutional republic we have laws to protect our rights even if a majority of people hates someones guts for their political speech and viewpoints.

Heck by waiving the First Amendment the government could in the future pass legislation forcing businesses to worship Obama as the new Jesus Christ since they don’t have a 1st Amendment prohibiting government from getting involved with religion as it would only apply to regular average joes working slave wage jobs or prison slaves. Businesses would have to say something as stupid as “Heil Obama Jesus Christ! Heil Obama Jesus Christ! We didn’t build that! We will worship you oh heil Obama! We will even give our wives to your government cohorts to do what they want with them! We will even force our children to join the Youth Brigade to serve America under Nazi America! Oh Heil Hitler and Obama!” and by refusing they would go to prison for violating a religious enforcement law for businesses and later for the general public.

I’ll explain why this is happening. They know many people that run political websites are forced to make money to pay the server or shared hosting costs either by running small stores or small businesses or even banner advertisements to pay the hosting costs to run a website. They know radio shows have to have sponsors that are of commercial interest therefore radio shows that have commercial sponsorship and ad slots may also be targeted to be waived of their 1st Amendment rights if they personally contribute any money to any political campaign including hat of Jesse Ventura or Ron Paul or even Virgil Goode. They know they will finally be able to obliterate a majority of free political speech and free press and force them to become pro government messages in the alternative media or cease functioning by court order. Commercial newspapers such as The Denver Post for example will also have to only present pro government and pro authoritarian messages or risk being put under political sanctions as long as their operations comply with Section 1 of the new First Amendment that H.J. Res 14 wishes to create.

Instead political candidates running for election are better off following the Virgil Goode methods where he only accepts campaign contributions up to $200 from each voter or even follow Jesse Ventura’s example of not accepting any lobbyists in his office when he was governor. Instead of chilling the rights of free speech and free press, we need good political candidates that won’t stab their Constituents in the back and won’t get rid of their rights. We need to reform the election system to allow up to five or six political parties on the ballot instead of just the corrupt Republican and Democrat political parties,

Illinois Law Banning Semi-Auto Firearms a Violation of Their Own State Constitution

Author: Silence DoGood

In response to the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre the Illinois state house has proposed legislation to not only ban guns but criminalize the owners as well. The only problem with the bill or bills is that the Illinois state house is governed by the state Constitution that has been “adopted at special election on December 15, 1970,” which means that a more modern Constitution that governs the state of Illinois and it’s legislature has the right to “keep and bear arms”.

“HB 815 amendment 1 & 2 and HB 1263 amendments 5 & 6 were passed out of the Illinois Senate Public Health Committee last night, advancing to the full Senate floor for a debate and possible approval later today,” according to Infowars.com.

HB 815 Amendments 1 & 2 and HB 1263 Amendments 5 & 6 that have any provisions to ban firearms which also defines guns, semi-autos, and even the term weapons that can fire bullets are all considered arms which is protected under the 1970 December 15 ratified State Constitution of Illinois. That means in the event that any officials inside the state that engage in confiscation of peoples legally registered and owned firearms, they have a right to know the names of the officers that confiscated the firearms and then file a lawsuit with the county district state courthouse that the firearms being confiscated due to a state law banning his/her firearms is in violation of Section 22 Article I of the Illinois State Constitution adopted and ratified on December 15, 1970. You can read the Amendment for yourself at ilga.gov (Illinois General Assembly website) with the quotes “Section 22. Right to Arms,” stating that “Subject only to police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Also with local police, the local municipal police departments are created by the town and city governments which are created by municipal corporation created charters, in other words a town or city Constitution per se, which are local laws that are passed by both houses of the state which allows a town or city to be officially registered with the state government and subject to the state Constitution. That means town and city charters are subject to the laws of the state and regulated in accordance to charter laws. City and Town governments are municipal corporate entities and are also considered a legal body politic which are all legal lawyer terms but nevertheless means that all state police and even local authorities are all subject to the state Constitution and that Federal police forces are subject to the US Constitution. The thing is the US Federal Constitution has the 2nd Amendment so any attempt to confiscate or even charge individuals that own firearms are in violation of the 2nd Amendment. Any state police and local law enforcement and even State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) agents that attempt to use force to confiscate firearms and criminalize individuals for their firearms is in direct violation and infringement of Article I Section 22 of the Illusion State Constitution. Since all laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are void, Marbury Vs. Madison (1803) and thousands of other federal and also state rulings for example, any state or even local laws which are ordinances passed by state registered political entities subject to the State Constitution, if any state or local laws are passed infringing upon the right to keep and bear arms then those laws are invalid as if the law never existed. If a police officer enforces a law he/she knows to be invalid then they may be subject to a state lawsuit at the county or even superior court since the police have no legal subject matter jurisdiction in order to take someones firearms and would be considered theft of someones legal and protected private property. The firearms owner cannot just only be released from imprisonment for legal firearm ownership protected by the state Constitution but can sue the state government and town or city municipal corporation entities for using the color of law or charter registered by the state to illegally and unconstitutionally seize a individuals firearm ownership.

So let’s look at what a lawyer might see when he/she reads “the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Now first of all it says individual citizen meaning both a US Citizen residing in the state and even natural born resident of the state meaning somebody whom was born in that state but nevertheless means any citizen living within the boundaries of that state. It says the right to keep and bear arms which means we have the right to possess firearms as you cannot keep firearms without possession of them. By banning possession of firearms the right to keep arms will be infringed. Since the section was adopted into the state Constitution in 1970 it is a more modern drafted Constitution thus meaning it cannot be treated as obsolete simply because of the modern times we all live in which is one excuse Constitution violators like to use is that it should only apply to the old times and not the modern times. When you look-up the definition of the term “bear arms” it means to “to carry weapons”, the right to carry and keep firearms is engraved into the Illinois Constitution then we have the US Constitution which has the 2nd Amendment which also carries the right to keep and bear arms and that the militia be allowed to secure the free state.

No matter what justification the state representatives and senators can use to justify a bill to ban firearms, it would be null and void when a citizen of that state files a complaint with the State court and requests that there be questions as to whether the state law violates the Constitution of that said state. The state Attorney General that will likely be named as the defendant can give their arguments as to why he/she believes that state law is Constitutional and then the plaintiffs can argue Section 22 and Article I and explain to the justice or Superior judge what that Amendment talks about and apply it to the modern cases of firearms carry and ownership, and then the judge will give the verdict based on law and facts not based on fantasy as some activist judges like to do. Of course a proper judge will always rule in favor of valid Constitution arguments and will enforce a nullification and injunction on the state legislation in part or in whole, whatever violates the Constitution, banning any kind of firearms as it violates Section 22 Article I of the state Constitution unless the state legislature went through it’s Constitutional process of removing that Amendment or section which would be very difficult to do as it can be a lengthy process in other words the state may have to get permission from a majority of voters. Unless that provision and the 2nd Amendment are removed, any police that enforce and legislators that pass legislation banning firearms are in violation of the State Constitution. The Constitution is meant to restrict government as government cannot always be trusted so checks and balances are put in to keep the peace and order of the country and state.

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