Attorney Richard Fine Unlawfully Incarcerated

An attorney called Richard Fine has seen his license to practice law revoked, a massive fine of $47,000 placed on him and has been held in jail since March 2009. This has all occurred because he dared to question the neutrality of the courts. Prior to the incident he was a distinguished attorney who had made a name for himself by standing up for taxpayers rights. He won several cases against the county (LA), including the repayment of child support money and interest thereof that was taken without cause (amounting to $85 million in repaid funds). His most recent case led him into severe trouble with the courts.

He realized that several of his cases against the county were being dismissed by judges for bizarre reasons, when he did some investigation into these strange occurrences he discovered that the county was making illegal payments to judges and, at the same time, the county wasn’t losing any court cases being ruled over by a judge. Mr. Fine, obligated by oath to do so, took these findings to the judges themselves and said that wherever there is a slightest hint of partiality towards any side, the judge in question should voluntarily step aside.

Far from doing this, the judges banded together and refused to step aside. When Mr. Fine attempted to fight back the judges managed to remove his right to practice law by charging him with “moral Turpitude” (conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals). When the judges placed a fine of $47,000 which he refused to pay, he was placed in prison where he has stayed for almost a year. It is the height of injustice and clearly shows that corruption of the courts has stretched to an unbelievable level. Judges are being bribed by the County to give false rulings.

When Richard Fine stood up against this corruption he was subject to a deliberate and false attack upon him. He has not even been allowed media access as any interview requests have been turned down by La county Sheriff Leroy D. Baca (who, coincidently, was also responsible for the incarceration of Mr. Fine).

If you wish to fight this injustice then you can contact the sheriffs Department Headquarters and demand immediate media access to and release of Richard Fine as well as the reinstatement of his license to practice law and the removal of the fine.

Contact details:
Phone: (323) 526-5656
Phone: (323) 492-8100
Fax: (323) 415-7149

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