Attorney General Mukasey on proposed policy changes for FBI

Mukasey on proposed policy changes for FBI

(AP) – A partial transcript of Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s June 5 remarks to reporters about changes to the Justice Department policy that governs how the FBI investigates crime and national security cases.

Q: I’ve been told that you’re working on revision of the Attorney General guidelines. Is that true?

MUKASEY: The Attorney General guidelines?

Q: Apparently there’s something called Attorney General guidelines.

MUKASEY: For investigations generally?

Q: No, national security sections.

MUKASEY: That would involve investigations in general. The answer is am I working on it? Yes.

Q: Can you talk to us a little bit about what changes might be coming down?



Q: But I want to make clear that I understand what it is that you’re looking at and what you’re revising. Are those the ones that you’re looking at?

MUKASEY: I am revising guidelines relating to investigations.

Q: Why?

MUKASEY: Because it’s necessary to put in place regulations that will allow the FBI to transform itself as it is transforming itself into an intelligence gathering organization in addition to just, and it’s some, just a crime solving organization and to make sure that we have coherent regulations across the board so that we’re not having investigations of, we’re not having regulations relating to one subject that conflict with regulations relating to another.


Source: Justice Department

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