Attack Dogs used on a High School Walkout in MD, Four Students Charged With “Thought Crimes”

5 Responses to Attack Dogs used on a High School Walkout in MD, Four Students Charged With “Thought Crimes”

  • DICTATORSHIP! If they could only have seen the ’60"s Demonstrations!

  • I have two important points about this video. The first is the ubiquitous and outrageous nature of the police presence in our schools, the second is an observation about unfortunate nature of the response to problems in this country and the press bias in covering the response.

    The continual police presence in American schools is quite problematic. The so-called "resource officers" have turned schools into Orwellian control centers. These officers are often responsible for turning what traditionally have been considered discipline problems addressed by teachers and administrators into criminal law issues dealt with by police officers who, in many locales do not even have a B.A. degree and are poorly educated, and the courts. This is a huge step in the wrong direction and is at odds with the principles enshrined in The Constitution, in particular The Bill of Rights.

    Police sweeps and totalitarian behavior at schools is an outrage. There are many cases where the police make drug sweeps of the entire school without probable cause and when they do so, they use dogs and force and intimidation with drawn weapons all the while screaming at the kids at the top of their lungs and sometimes shoving them around and frisking them. They search the lockers, backpacks, and other belongings of all of the students without probable cause. This is usually done at the behest of administrators, superintendents, and school boards, it does not come out of nowhere. It is important for citizens and parents to hold these officials accountable for their actions and to force them to revert to the traditional policy of very little police presence in schools, and then only in emergencies.

    The second point that I would like to make regarding Orwellian behavior in this country is the unfortunate response and the favoritism displayed by the mainstream press.

    Unfortunately, the response to the problems, most of which are caused by nanny state socialist intervention in all aspects of life, is leftist, socialist or even communist, nanny state talking points. An example is the occupy movement.

    If the answer to our problems were leftist talking points we would now be in nirvana. After all, the current administration and its army of "czars" has been and is heavily represented by extreme socialists and even communists. Consider the biased approach to hate laws and voter intimidation laws admittedly (Holder proudly proclaimed the bias in congressional hearings) practiced by Holder’s "Justice" Department. Consider the genocidal population plans admitted (and documented in his books) of science czar John Holdren. In fact, with claims to the right to practice extra-judicial killings of American citizens at home and abroad and with the absolutely totalitarian sections of the NDAA allowing the indefinite extra-judicial imprisonment of American citizens, and signed into law by Barak Obama, this administration has surpassed even the Bush administration’s contempt for the Constitution and our constitutional rights. In fact, this and the previous administration have even nullified rights enshrined by the Magna Carta (1215) thus making this government less enlightened and more brutal and barbaric than a medieval feudal society! Now let us not forget that Senator (at that time) Barak Obama voted to renew the totalitarian "Patriot Act" legislation after having made a campaign promise to vote against renewal upon reaching the sunset of the law! He voted to renew the Orwellian attacks on our liberties and broke his promise to vote against! The leftists clearly opposes liberty (and unfortunately, the vast majority of Republicans also oppose liberty).

    The occupy movement has correctly identified some of the problems (other than the ridiculous and highly abstract blame put on "greed") but they follow the extreme leftist socialist and sometimes communist talking points on other issues and certainly for solutions. I adamantly oppose the totalitarian and unconstitutional and brutal treatment of the occupy movement protesters and of these kids. However, unfortunately these kids (like the occupy movement) support socialist and extreme leftist approaches and the press gives great support to such approaches.

    Notice that these kids (who appear to be mostly quite affluent and thus insulated from the wage and employment problems caused by heavy immigration and work visas) support foreign citizens being brought in to teach when there are record unemployment levels for American teachers! Just like the occupy movement, these kids are sadly misinformed and brainwashed about what should be done. But get the cops off of the case for goodness sake! Police, have some respect for the Bill of Rights and your oath to observe and defend the constitution! Treat our young people decently, no matter how misguided they are! Parents, you should take these attacks on your children very personally and you should put a stop to it now! Put pressure on the school administrations!

  • And the cops did as they were told…like some kind of Brainless Robots,and then go home hug their children,and tell them about the wonderful future they are help build for them…sick!

  • If I had been a student there, I would have just stayed home until things improve and had my parents to sign me up for homeschooling. That is being compliant whilst sending the message.

    Now there are more and more parents horrified at the things that happen at school nowadays.

    If I ever have another child, he or she WILL be home schooled. No question about it.

  • Also, I can’t find the Elcambio page they mentioned being on Facebook. Found a bunch of unrelated stuff.

    If you could post the link, I would greatly appreciate it.

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