ATS employee threatens citations



(4409)   This guy gets flashed on a side street outside of the ATS headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ. 

ATS  flashed him using him like a lab rat to test their new photo radar scam surveillance system.

He stopped his car on the spot and walked into the ATS building and complained. The next morning this ATS employeee calls the flashee to apologize then all hell breaks loose!

EDITORS NOTE:   Conducting experiments outisde their building in a business district does not seem appropriate.  Furthermore the employee, who states that he is around people who are incompetant because they make $12.00 per hr, goes off on a power trip that could match any jackboot.  He isn’t a cop, he is some individual who sits at a desk and watches the camera feeds so he can ticket people.  If he doesn’t give out tickets then he doesnt have job security.  Private Corps, contracted by your local Government to spy on you and issue citations, which the city, county, and Corp all get a a piece of that citation money.  It’s a fraud.




2 Responses to ATS employee threatens citations

  • This should be on every news sight! This is a clear indication of the attitude that has evolved in this country of authority over the people. Don’t challenge the authority which is how a dictatorship works.

  • What really shocks and irritates me is not the attitude of the ATS employee who is a total moron. That goes without saying, I am really irritated and shocked by the bootlicking and bowing that takes place on the part of the citizen in this situation. What kind of man doesn’t tell this ATS dipshit “Mike” to stick his authority up his ass? I mean jesus is this the type of men we are raising in this country? Is this any indication of the type of resistance we can hope to present to an invading power? I mean seriously!!!! Is this what we have become? Have we fallen so far???? HAVE WE?? What the hell has become of our men and women when we just take shit from people who have absolutely no authority at all to have such a high and mighty attitude with us? I no more than two weeks ago told a police officer that he was fucking wrong at a traffic stop. Not just wrong but, fucking wrong and I told him he was a liar. He stopped me for not stopping at a stop light in Vegas. He was over 400 ft. from me and around a corner there was no way he could have seen me so I told him he was a liar. He ran my name and asked me the usual intimidation shit and I told him he was a fucking liar and go ahead and run me or take me to jail if he saw fit but, just don’t pretend he was doing something right. This dude on the phone used an intimidation tactic and he got away with it so he is feeling pretty good. The problem is the citizen in this situation for not verbally bitch slapping “MIKE”. END OF STORY!

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