As Rome Burns Idiots Shop

(FEDERALJACK)   As Rome burns the morons line up like sheep to be the first to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have.

Idiots camp outside Best Buy for Black Friday sales on Wednesday Night (11-24-2010)

Idiots in California camp outside of Best Buy for Black Friday sales (11-25-2010)

Black Friday Shoppers Trampled As Doors Open (11-26-2010)

5 Responses to As Rome Burns Idiots Shop

  • I love the added touch of the Mexican Flag. If you had put out the U.S. flag they would burn your tent down. Hmmm kids can’t have American flags on their bikes but Mexican flags are allowed everywhere. What is the country coming to?

  • California needs to crash and burn! Especially that brain dead bastion of kike led liberalism, Frisco. Complete failure, crash and burn, then reset!

  • Crash and burn indeed. But not just california. Not just Florida. Not just the US. Not just the white. Not even the brown way or the yellow way.

    We are all, collectively at a multi-generational tipping point. Everything is up for a reset. In a fractal world, it cannot be any other way.

    We are culturally lost, adrift, confused. And culture is the medium in which we exist.

    Bye bye civilazation, we hardly knew you. And sitting here in India, watching it’s pernicious effects on the confused herded population here (we have become consumption ogres too).

    Time we got back in tune with Nature, eh?

    Don’t want to live in the Age of Machines…


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