Armed Woman Reportedly Concerned About FEMA CAMPS Arrested In N.Y., Sent For Psych Exam

(PRISON PLANET)   The New York Post ran an article August 1st entitled ‘GUN NUT’ BUSTED AT BASE, which begins

“A Long Island mother of three — armed to the teeth with an assault rifle and shotgun — was arrested for scouting out and taking pictures of an Air National Guard base in the Hamptons, authorities said.”

The article goes on to allege that Nancy Genovese was “trespassing outside the Gabreskie Airport ANG facility Thursday night, and Homeland Security and the FBI are also investigating”.

This begs the question, how is she ‘trespassing’ if she was outside the base? Is this another case of “it’s illegal to film” government buildings? The woman was then held for a “psychiatric examination” after she allegedly went “berserk” in court. On first guess, I would bet that a forced mental health hold may be enough under their ‘law’ to be used as a pretext to seize her guns. Sheriff Joseph Caracappa is quoted in the article saying they guns are “registered”, but“scary” weapons, despite the fact that there are no laws requiring gun “registration”.

It’s very amusing, and perhaps cautionary, what a quick 2 second google search can reveal. I searched Nancy Genovese fema camps and came up with the following myspace blog: 3Ffuseaction%3Dblog.ListAll%26friendID% 3D79614513+Nancy+Genovese+fema+camps&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

Assuming from first glance that this GENOVESE is indeed the same NANCY GENOVESE who was arrested in New York, her blog reveals that she watches Glenn Beck and still seems to be somewhat stuck in a left- right paradigm. The keywords “Genovese, McCain, Palin” are listed at the top of her blog. She is very anti-Obama, which I consider a good thing; she is for capitalism, is anti-corruption, and pro-constitution. Once of her most recent blogs was about a boycott of MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN (Fox was noticably missing form her boycott post). She wrote “These networks are biased leftwing organizations”.

She blogs about FEMA camps, military drills, and details how FEMA called her at her home recently. She also posted an interesting story of her recent interaction with an abusive police officer who grabbed her arm and shouted to her that “THERE IS NO MORE CONSTITUTION”. Her posts are usually very long, but they reveal a peek into the mindset of a woman fighting the good fight.


Officer screams in my face, “There is no more Constitution!!” I have to admit, if it were not for this video, posted on, 2 years ago, I would have done anything this police officer demanded. He threatened me with jail, and more. But I viewed this video a few weeks ago; someone sent it out in a bulletin. I recommend all of you to take the 45 minutes to view it. I have shown it to my three teens and some of their friends. It’s not boring and the kids’ sat through the entire thing. As I was being threatened by the police officer, I remembered this video and what my rights were and I used them. This is an amazing story, skipping over much of the details; my concern is; why how could, this police officer, after losing his professional conduct and his temper, scream at me “there is no more Constitution.”� The above statement worries me, about the real condition of this country, and the fate of our constitution and our constitutional rights, more than anything. This was one hell of a long two days. I had a landlord tenant issue that went on, today, and continued to the next day. My Tenant was avoiding me for 2 days, didn’t pay his rent, completely out of character for this guy. Something was very wrong. My tenant arrives, he had been drinking heavily, also out of character, (well maybe not, he is in AA) and he was behind the wheel of a van. My tenant told me he was moving out. I asked him to return tomorrow, sober, to pick up his things. End result, my tenant phoned the police. The officer arrived, I took out my files, I showed him all the docs I had. These docs were in proper order, explaining official use of the home between my tenant and myself. Nothing about the tenant having use of storage is mentioned. The officer kept insisting he wanted to go, with my tenant, into my house. Also they wanted access into the area where the tenant said had some boxes stored. I told the officer I would not allow him to go into the storage area. I didn’t do anything illegal. The officer insisted I open the outside door and let him go into the storage room and my house, which is on a different floor. I just kept saying “no, sir, you have no warrant. I know my rights.” This went on for hours. I gave the same answers for hours. I insisted the officer needed a warrant; he had no right to enter my house, or my storage area. There was lots of screaming from the officer, and my tenant, screaming commands, demands, and so on. The police officer wanted to intimidate me and my teenagers. The police officer took me by the arm and told me I was under arrest. I knew I didn’t do anything and stood my ground. I didn’t say a word; I walked towards his police car, as he held my arm. I think he expected me to be upset, in tears, begging to let me change my mind and open the storage door for him. Nope, I knew he had no reason to arrest me. This is MY house. He HAD no warrant. I didn’t have to unlock the door and I didn’t have to LET THE OFFICER IN MY HOUSE WITHOUT A WARRANT. He had no reason to get a warrant either. I have to admit, the officer was totally taken back by the fact that I would not let him in my home without a warrant or that I didn’t get the least bit upset as he was pretending to arrest me. I remained calm. This officer was in my face, nose to nose over and over again, threatening to put me in jail, again, unless I opened my door for him. He asked my two sons to open the door for him; they gave the reply, “NO”. The officer became so unprofessional, because we were not intimidated by his demands, his temper tantrums, his screaming and his treats to take me off to jail. Please view the above video for future reference, just in case. I know I would have caved in to this police officers demands if I had not seen that video, called; “BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters”; No, sir, you may not enter my home without a search warrant,”; (over and over again.) I don’t submit to a search, I do not have to speak to you. Remaining calm, I told the officer, over and over again, “This is private property, it’s posted, this is a private road, I want you to leave my property, and you do not have a warrant. This is my house. I do not have to open my door in any part of my house to let you in. I know my constitutional rights!!”� Well”� this is when the police officer lost it completely and screamed in my face, ” “There is no more Constitution.”� Can you imagine this? How could these words roll off his tongue so easily, in a fit of rage? Is he being trained for the day he can say these words and mean them? My two boys were as floored as I was. My one son took me by the arm as I felt myself fill with horror! I felt my face drain; I was shocked, my eyes lit up and I gasped for air! My boys knew exactly what it meant to me to hear the police officer to say “there is no more Constitution,” simply adds more truth to all we have been reading about our country and our rights taken away from us on a daily basis. I have been reading and showing my teens the videos regarding these topics, their Constitutional Rights. If marshal law is imposed, there is a possibility of the government freezing the constitution, the bill of rights. I read some of the info to the kids often and it paid off tonight. The boys were clam, confident even in the face of a screaming officer. I was so proud of my two boys, doing the same thing, giving the officer the same answer, over and over again. I believe most people would have given in to his demands, especially after the officer grabbed my arm and told me I was under arrest. I can’t believe I had the nerve to follow what I learned in this video, and I can’t believe it worked. Several times the officer called for backup. We remained calm, we repeated ourselves, regarding the officer demanding entry into the house. The three of us even replied in harmony, all at once to the officer’s demands to enter the house, “No, you need a warrant.”� Just remember, OUR constitutional rights still work FOR us! Even today, with all we have going on in America, our Rights are still there for US to use, IF we know how to use them. Don’t believe everything the police tell you. They will lie through their teeth to get what they want at that moment, and then lie again later when you complain to their supervisors. My last words to the officer (a town cop) were;I do not submit to searches, I do not have to speak to you, I do not want to speak to you, this is private property, this is a private road, get off my property, NOW!!! We went inside the house, locked the door and they all left my property. I was not under arrest, he lied, I never did get arrested for anything, I did nothing wrong. This cop was simply bulling me and I used, what I learned in the above video, for the strength and knowledge, to stand up to him. Putting out this video is the only thing I can say thanks to the ACLU for. Remember the police are there to do a job and that job is NOT to be your friend.

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