Apartment Complex Asks Police To Conduct Random Warrantless Searches For Marijuanna In Iowa

(DAILY PAUL)   Hey fellow freedom loving folks, I just got home from work to find a notice under my apartment door.. here’s what it says, along with a picture: http://imgur.com/pfOR7 (edit: the highlighting was done by me, not them)

We have posted or delivered multiple notices regarding marijuana use in the building. We continue to get complains from tenants and smell it in the hallways ourselves when giving showings to possible tenants. This is unacceptable and illegal. We have requested that the Davenport Police Department begin making random checks, with a drug dog, of the building.

First off, this was part of the monthly newsletter for the complex, so everyone got this notice, not just me. Isn’t that a flagrant violation of our 4th Amendment rights? Even after reading the following Wikipedia article on common areas of buildings, it seems the police must have either a search warrant OR third-party consent AT TIME OF ENTRY in order to perform a search in common areas. These cases don’t seem to indicate that the property owners can give the cops free reign to search whenever the hell they feel like it.


So what do you think? If they are indeed asking the police to perform illegal, unconstitutional searches, what would be the proper course of action?


5 Responses to Apartment Complex Asks Police To Conduct Random Warrantless Searches For Marijuanna In Iowa

  • The school got regular visits by the drug dog so students used Q-tips and wiped there pipes with them. The Q-tips then were used to dirty all kinds of places around the school including lockers and break rooms etc. The dogs soon found traces everywhere and the game ended.

  • The landlord owns the property. If their receiving complaints of elicit drug use, then now they have probable cause.

  • Great idea whiteyward. Better yet, the school teachers lounge, principals office, you get the idea. In this case,all common areas, the building supers door area, known narcs doors…

  • yo, you need to get out of that apartment–with out private property ownership, you have NO rights.

    I figured youd know that, FedJack.

  • I don’t think the police would even bring their dogs over there if they though ammona was spilled here and there knowning the dogs would run away,or refuse to go into the building. OF course the pot smokers could always move!!

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