Another pedophile found at children’s program set to go national

(C. PATIENCE SUMMERS)   The first city council meeting of San Bernardino after the ACORN bust found itself opening with a copy of a memo that yet another sexual predator, Jason Hoyt, was working at the very same Operation Phoenix center that alleged pedophile, Mike Miller, worked at. Apparently, the news was too much for councilman Chas Kelly to keep quiet about. With a nervous sounding voice, he finally insisted upon the council calling the matter for discussion.

When police Chief Kilmer was called upon, he explained that his department did investigate to see if there was any wrongdoing by the predator and none was found. Furthermore, he claimed, he was not considered a “high risk” sexual predator. The pastor of First Church of the Nazarene (Pastor Rhone), the church that housed the Operation Phoenix center, reportedly knew this man was a sexual predator, but he still allowed this man to do work at the church that had at least three children’s programs (including a preschool). The church had apparently requested that the convicted pedophile merely be restricted in his movements at the church.

Ultimately, though Mayor Morris objected, the council unanimously voted to give an ultimatum to Pastor Rhone: either ban all convicted sex offenders from his church to keep the children safe, or the city would stop paying rent at his facility. Also, Mr. James Penman, city attorney who is running against Morris for the position of mayor of San Bernardino, cited several laws that gave him the power to warn the parents that a pedophile had been at the Operation Phoenix center where their children had been. The police chief, Kilmer, objected; however, Penman set to warning the families the following day.

On September 23rd, the day after said city council meeting, James Penman and his investigators were posted at the children’s facility, passing out fliers stating that a sex offender had been working at their children’s pre-school: Operation Phoenix. Many Morris supporters were not in favor of telling the parents of the possibility of the children having come in contact with a convicted pedophile. Apparently, they believed, as Morris did, that it should have been kept private and he should be allowed to be there.

Pastor Rhone stated that it ws a civil rights violation to ask him to ban all sexual predators from the children’s facility as it is also a church and sexual predators have a right to worship where they please. He believes that the city council will reverse their decision and continue to have the children’s facility at his church that allows sexual predators to attend and work at.

Recently, Mayor Patrick J. Morris did meet with V.P. Joe Biden about the possibility of spreading this program throughout the United Statyes and, apparently, Mr. Biden thinks this is a good idea, as did ACORN at the genesis of Operation Phoenix.

Currently, Serenah’s Angels (a family & civil rights advocacy group in San Bernardino) is investigating further allegations that yet another pastor involved with Operation Phoenix may be harboring and protecting pedophiles on a regular basis.

Further history on Operation Phoenix can be found here:

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