American schools criminalizing childhood behavior

(RT)   It seems that kids across America are being exposed to the law at a younger age. With the police presence in schools throughout the country, more kids have been getting arrested for things such as disrupting class and even using perfume. Many critics believe that these sort of disciplinary actions are going overboard and only creating a culture of delinquency. Susan Phillips, research analyst for The Sentencing Project gets into more detail.


3 Responses to “American schools criminalizing childhood behavior”
  1. Connor McNessa says:

    I can tell you from personal experience that Denver Public Schools almost literally lets the students get away with murder. There have literally been murders in Montbello High School but the police did investigate. DPS lets the kids commit racist attacks on the white teachers with throughout the district with impunity.

    It is true that sometimes some kids are arrested for minor offenses in some districts but at the same time the schools themselves will not suspend or expel for really horrendous offenses. The teachers are not safe there. The lack of discipline puts the teachers at grave risk and there is atrocious anti-white racism in DPS.

  2. Connor McNessa says:

    When a student verbally or physically attacks you, the administration will not back you. They do not want to lose any money allocated to them on a pupil by pupil basis and day to day basis. No expulsions, no suspensions, open season on white teachers. Many black students do really heinous things to the white teachers and they get away with it!

    The school will not handle problems the normal way. Sometimes the police do.

  3. Connor McNessa says:

    If in the future I were to be attacked as I have in the past, I would file a police complaint for the truly criminal behavior. The schools refuse to punish the students.

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