Aleister Crowley’s Motto Used In Opening of Children’s Cartoon

(TRI373)   For those of you who don’t already know this cartoon.. you will. This message, as small and unnoticeable as it may seem, is about as destructive as it gets. Pay attention to what is said, when the girl (Mandy), appears at the end of the intro. credits. (Do not repeat!) This quote that she says, is the exact quote Aleister Crowley used and taught. This quote was the core principle of what he taught and wrote, in many of his books, including the “Black bible” that mocks the Christian bible. For those of you who don’t know who this is, he was a self-proclaimed satanist who made it his goal to destroy the moral fabric of Christianity. He believed that this could be achieved by television, music and any other means, that he could use to attack God’s structure of a family and tear it apart from within. He practiced his beliefs and had many followers, in various positions of power and influence. Some of the groups he was affiliated with include: Masons, Thelemic Knights and the group in which he founded, Golden Dawn. His name and words, have appeared with even Hollywood musicians. Ozzy Osbourne, wrote a song about him, titled: “Mr. Crowley”. Jimmy Page bought and lived in his mansion, where it was believed that Crowley performed most of his practices. The Beatles even have a picture of him on their album cover, titled: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club.” (He’s the black and white picture in the back row, who’s bald and looks like Uncle Fester.) Most of the people on this cover, were have believed to have inspired the Beatles artistry. You can find information on him quite easily. What’s even more disturbing, is the fact that one of the symbols for his group “Golden Dawn”, (Pyramid with the eye) can be found on many different things…… Try looking up the seal for D.A.R.P.A., Masonic Symbols and even the back of a one dollar bill….. Do the research. Nevertheless, this video is proof that someone is trying to attack us….. I tried contacting various different broadcasting stations and Christian media groups, to try and get them to do a story on this… Here’s the irony of it all…. all were ecstatic when I explained… all that had to be done, was that they had to get approval and they would be contacting me and requesting the video, as well as a few others… Well, they never called back. So I called them. Immediately I was told, that they were not interested and was brushed off. Cartoon Network broadcasts this cartoon. And even though they show adult cartoons on Adult Swim, keep in mind…. this is shown during the day.. And not to mention, that it was approved by the ratings board, for children 7 and up.. (Check the rating at the beginning.. TV Y-7) And for the creator of the show, Maxwell Atoms.. No action goes unnoticed.. Keep your eyes open people. The target has now become our children. I urge you to be aware and guard your mind. Knowledge is power and what you don’t know, can hurt you.


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  • The quote you refer to from Aleister Crowley. It is called the Law of Thelema: Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law. Law under will. Every man and woman is a star.

    "Will" here means what Crowley called the "True Will." This is a person’s true purpose and calling in life. He stressed that one should always live in accordance with this true calling. One’s true calling is divine in nature and one should not let others get in the way of that calling.

    This does not mean you’re allowed to do whatever you want and claim its your true calling. Your true calling is not something that you make up but is something integral about you and your existence. It’s something you have to discover. Following your calling also ultimately brings you into greater harmony with the wider world.

  • That was satan’s lie to Eve "do as you will" you won’t die!"

  • Funny Alex Jones has no problem paling up with Dave Mustane, or Charlie Sheen, as long as he can rub shoulders with famous people and the elite. Mustane has made some seriously evil and demonic music over the years in a band called "Megadeath". And I think Charlie Sheen is not the perfect example of christian life follower.

  • Name a song by megadeth that was satanic . They did do a cover of anarchy. But that was years ago . Dave became a born agian Christian several years ago. The name megadeth refers to nuclear holocuast.

  • I saw a Mustaine interview where he said he tried to get into the Church of Satan, but in order to get in, the priest got to bang him in the ass. Quote: I didn’t want to be evil that bad(ly)! He became a born again Christian because he feels the need to adhere to a doctrine and just can’t seem to break free from the mindset of a structured belief system.

  • either way, that is some F.ed up stuff to be putting in a kids show

  • Dude, this cartoon is NINE YEARS OLD. Talk about beating a dead Gimel. 93/93 to the faithful.

  • Parents.. be mindful, be vigilant, God-speed and God bless.

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