Air Force orders 2,200 PlayStation 3s

(MILITARY TIMES)   The Air Force is ordering 2,200 Sony PlayStation 3s, but it won’t be using them to play “Call of Duty 4.”

The video-game consoles will be networked together to create a massive computing cluster that will be used for special projects at an Air Force Research Laboratory center in Rome, N.Y.

The service is expanding its stock of 336 PlayStations, which are linked in 14 clusters of 24, with a powerful “compute node” attached to each cluster.

Mark Barnell, high performance computing director for AFRL’s information directorate, said he expects the PlayStations to cost about $650,000, and the entire project to cost less than $2 million. The consoles are inexpensive, he said, because the price of manufacturing them is effectively subsidized by gamers.

Sony “makes their money on the software, so they sell the hardware at either no profit or a loss,” Barnell said.

The new PlayStation cluster is expected to be up and running by May or June, and will be used to create virtual models of the human brain, among other things, Barnell said.

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  • What do you think they do with all this shit?? This is how the military DESENSITIZES its men and women to the ravages of war, killing and violence. It is a known fact that in order to MAKE men kill other men, they must first be desensitized to it, thus, the reason for all these war games, violent games, killing spree games on high tech gameboys using virtual reality and psyops technology. They must first brainwash LITERALLY BRAINWASH every military person in order to get them to voluntarily do all this shit. This is the same crap the government did on the American people (and in other countries) when they instituted the mandatory crossover to digital television last February 2009, and then extended it to June 2009. Those stupid little boxes everyone now has to have on their tvs in order to get reception is nothing other than psyops technology. They are watching your every move as we speak, and they are brainwashing you at the same time. Research it for yourself. It was used during the Desert Storm War and elsewhere. This is all the same trash. They know they have a major undertaking on their hands, and they know damn well no one is going to go along with the gag, especially the military rounding up their own American people and shoving them into cattle cars and off to concentration camps, without some major major major TWEAKING! STOP ALL THE TALK PEOPLE….KICK ASS BIG TIME.

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