After Ron Paul win, Values Voters organizer calls own poll ‘irrelevant’

(RAW STORY)   According to the principal organizer of the Values Voters Summit, the group’s own straw poll should not be taken seriously.

Following a victory by Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, told CNN on Monday morning that the win was merely an “outlier,” suggesting the group’s poll was actually “irrelevant.”

“Ron Paul bussed in over 600 people not to attend the conference but to hear is speech and vote,” he said. “I give them credit for being organized.” (THIS IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE)

A total of 1,983 ballots were cast, with Paul taking 732.

Perkins claimed that Paul’s win was not “truly reflective of where values voters stand,” and instead praised former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain.

“I think there’s something to be said about his results in the straw poll,” Perkins said.

During the presidential primary season, numerous Republican organizations typically compete for clout by holding their own straw polls, which television media often cite as reason to promote one candidate over another.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), for example, enjoyed time in the spotlight after winning the Iowa straw poll, and even had a fair share of pundits and anchors calling her a “frontrunner.”

The same will not be said of Paul.

While Paul certainly did have organized support at the Values Voters Summit, the practice is quite common for straw polls, which are mainly used as fundraisers for various organizations. That’s exactly how Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll in August, where she narrowly edged out Paul by less than 200 votes.

Even then, as Bachmann was celebrated by her supporters and some in media, Paul’s runner-up status was largely ignored in favor of other contenders.

Perkins had previously insisted that campaigns buying tickets in large blocs was not being allowed at their summit, claiming they would “preserve the integrity of this straw poll.”

His comments Monday morning would seem to be a reversal of sorts, and could discourage future participation if Republican voters see the poll as no longer being influential going forward.

Values Voters participants paid $99 apiece to attend.

Paul placed second-to-last in the 2010 Values Voters poll, with most support going to Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

3 Responses to After Ron Paul win, Values Voters organizer calls own poll ‘irrelevant’

  • “How dare those pesky Paul kids out organize every other campaign! Get off my lawn!”

    Tony Perkins sounds a wee bit vindictive.

    You could not just attend Paul’s speech, you had to register for the conference. There were electronic voting machines, not ballot boxes and you had to be registered to cast a ballot. Hat’s off to the Value Voters Summit for not stealing the vote when they could have.

    Ron Paul is a Christian, and he spoke a lot about issues that appeal to Christians and Christian conservatives. If the Value Voters Summit is as wise as I think they are, they might try to continue to accommodate the young people, energy and enthusiasm that Paul’s faction brought to the conference. His supporters filled two large rooms, standing room only: old people, young people, families, college students, black people and white people. I had never been to a Paul event before; I was quite surprised to see such a large and diverse group. All the reports I heard in the media were that he only attracts college students.

    The rest of the Republican candidates are all for one form or another of big government, pro-bail-outs, and pro-endless war. Please explain how that will be any different than Obama in November?

    America wants real change, and that’s why people came to see and hear Paul at the Summit.

  • You can’t have a straw poll and then dismiss its results because you don’t agree with them, if you want to retain any credibility. As Jon Stewart cleverly pointed out, the corrupt mainstream media have done their very best to totally dismiss Ron Paul no matter what the polls show. Of course the main stream media threw away their credibility years ago and it seems that the only ones paying any attention to them anymore, do so like Stewart, for comedic content.

  • Ron Paul won for the same reason he is winning many straw polls. He won because he has supporters (and a lot of them at that). I would say that half the Ron Paul supporters I know would have fit in well with the “Values Voters Sumit” crowd. There is nothing wrong with that.

    By the summit organizer dismissing the poll, he is actually missing an opportunity to investigate why Ron Paul has such appeal amongst his group. Perhaps it is time for him to open up to the idea that the cause of Freedom is good for his “side” as well as for the “others.”

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