ABC’s V Series Plays On Vaccine Fears

(PRISON PLANET)   Art imitating life or revelation of the method? ABC’s popular remake of the 1980’s drama “V” called a hiatus on its first season this week with an interesting plot – a conspiracy on behalf of the evil alien rulers to inject humans with a biological weapon disguised as a flu vaccine.

“The resistance uncovered a Visitor plot to inject the humans with a strange chemical compound,” summarizes an LA Times write-up of the latest episode.

“Mistakenly believing that the vitamin supplement that Anna announces on television is the likely target of Peter Combs’ plot (it is said to fight cancer and even stave off aging), Erica, Jack and Ryan make a shocking discovery at a warehouse that is even more insidious. Uncovering evidence of experimentation on human subjects, they soon realize that the vitamin supplements are smokescreen to divert attention from the real threat: the flu vaccine. The warehouse is overflowing with vaccine that has been tampered with and is intended to be shipped the following day.”

Or as another write-up describes it, “Erica, Ryan, Georgie and Father Jack spent some time getting to know each other in this episode. Their plan is to expose the V’s for what they are and they start with trying to crack down on their new Healthcare initiative. Long story short, they invade a warehouse and find out that the V’s have been experimenting with some drugs on humans and killing them. They are planning to distribute their lethal injections by mixing it with Flu Vaccines. Erica realizes that Anna is exploiting the predictability of humans knowing that any health scare will cause them to get their flu shots in mass numbers.”

The fact that script writers of such a major prime time show chose to run with this particular a plot at the same time as governments in the real world attempt to overcome mass rejection of the swine flu shot due to fears over its safety is a fascinating synthesis.

As we have highlighted, health authorities have been desperately pushing the notion that the vaccine is safe as part of a gargantuan PR campaign, without explaining why well-connected members of the elite have had special access to an additive-free version of the shot that doesn’t contain ingredients like mercury and squalene that are contained in the public version.

The rollout of the vaccine has been limited to far fewer people than the government originally intended, partly due to a supply shortage and partly because more than half of Americans have refused to take the shot. The government’s efforts to dismiss concerns about side-effects will likely kick into high gear when more batches of the vaccine become available.

We know for a fact that government propaganda and talking points are inserted into popular TV shows on a routine basis, but could entire plots be constructed around such an agenda?

Some cynics would even suggest that the “V” scriptwriters playing on the vaccine meme is an exercise in revelation of the method, in the vein of the Lone Gunmen episode aired six months before 9/11 that featured a storyline about rogue elements within the government crashing a commercial plane into the World Trade Center by remote control in order to launch a new war in the middle east.

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