A Message to Trayvon Martin Protestors


()   I haven’t touched on the Trayvon Martin issue because race matters in this country are the paralysis of the American people. To constructively discuss Trayvon would require empathy, introspection and an understanding of America’s social and economic history. This is why the open forums we have seen thus far seem to fuel more ignorance and bias than reasonable debate.

To be brutally honest, the only reason people are even aware of Trayvon Martin is because it became a topic within mainstream news and pop culture. Meaning: News directors saw it as a profitable, sensational story. Hundreds of blacks die annually in South Side Chicago without even a blurb. Trayvon isn’t in the mainstream news for any reason other than ratings and profit. The news coverage on the Zimmerman case almost implies that the killing of this young black man is somehow an anomaly and I resent that.

In this country, if it isn’t streamlined through mainstream media and pop culture, it doesn’t seem to warrant national debate. Our “government” continues to wreak havoc on our civil liberties and there is little to no protest from the black community because of media diversion tactics that keep such pertinent issues out of mainstream media. But if Jay-Z or Rihanna were to make mention of it, we’d suddenly be jolted out of our sugar comas and protesting on freeways.


16 Responses to A Message to Trayvon Martin Protestors

  • Yep,
    A Failed Divide and Conquer tactic BY them….

  • You’re absolutely wrong. The only reason people were aware of this case was because of Al Sharpton bringing it to the forefront. To the media, this was just another case of another dead black kid, next. It seems that you don’t want to address the issue here that an innocent black kid was profiled and killed. When this point is made, you and many others want to change the subject and say-"what about black on black violence?" But this isn’t about that, there are plenty of other discussions about that. You don’t want to address why, 50years after MLk’s speech, blacks are still being judged by the color of their skin. Yeah, yeah, I know MLK was a commie,& womanizer. The media will focus on anything but real issues like money,federal reserve,foreign policy. As long as Americans don’t talk about that, then hey, it’s all good. Now the Obama administration is trying to connect Stand Your Ground with this case when it had nothing to do with it. If anything SSYG applied to Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman never used it as a defense. This is a back door way to enact more anti-gun laws.

  • Al "TAWANA BRAWLEY" Sharpton, is a paid FBI SNITCH which is why he is not in jail.
    Blacks are judged by the color of their skin for the same reason bikers w/skull&crossbones are avoided. BECAUSE OF THE CONDUCT OF OTHER BLACKS. Only a MORON does not learn from experience.
    meanwhile: White Male clerk MURDERED ……. Young Detroit suburban White girl abducted and murdered by "hoodie" wearing negroe. Where is the outrage? http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20130718/METRO01/307180070/1409/METRO/Dearborn-police-Body-found-missing-Family-Dollar-worker

  • I am glad you revisited Tawana Brawley; that was another blatant example of institutional racism. Unless you have millions of dollars to spend like O the Juice Simpson a black man cant get justice if he is murdered by a white man,forget it if that man happens to be a cop. This was the case in the past, the case in the present time. the case in the north and the case in the dixie south period.


  • This case put me on the side of the NWO, illuminati, Fed, whatever. If there’s to be a war then there can be only one winner. On one side I see people who (for purely political and cynical reasons) are open to all races, ethnic and racial diversity, mixed races.

    And the other side there’s Walter, Alex Jones and others of low IQ who say "I profile you because of what other blacks have done to me who are not you." And he’s being honest. But let me be honest Walter.

    I’m not those other blacks. And if you’re telling me I have to live my live judged by the actions of other people, who I cannot control, who I have no connection with other than pigment…that my OWN life and my OWN strengths and my OWN accomplishments are to be neglected and ignored…well I’d rather die.

    So NWO wins. I am going to do what I have to do to get my butt off the firing line and find a safe niche inside the NWO power structure and I’m going to watch sadly as they wipe you off the face of the Earth.

    I will be sad, and I’d have been your brother fighting to the end…but you guys have let me know clearly that I don’t exist to you as anything other than a black smudge. And it’s not personal, if it was just me I’d keep in the fight…but I might have kids, and they’ll have black skin like I do. And I will NOT see them subject to the same dehumanizing catagorization that sees young, innocent black men gunned down by scared, fearful, cowardly bigots.

    It was nice knowing you Alternative Media, Truthers, Conspiracy Theorists. You have my respect, you know how to see through the corporate bs…but sadly you’re too cowardly to get over your own fear to allow people to be judged by the content of their character other than the color of their skin.

    See ya in hell.

  • Your failure is to suggest that this was a media fueled movement. Your attempt at analysis is a doomed from inception. The media, you ought to realize, is all to often late to the matter. Funny how no matter how radical the front you present, when it comes to matters of Black people, your response became typically American Caucasian. In other words, on the wrong side of history.

  • You obviously do not realize this is a re-post of an article written by a black actor originally posted on the huffington post.

  • JUST think: If the Ninth Amendment had been honored during the Civil Rights era, and Southern towns were permitted to segregate by race, Travon would probably still be alive.

  • Blacks don’t want the same system these use to judge ALL white people to be used on them to judge them all. Well that seems fair because let’s face it blacks are racists raised to believe ALL whites owned slaves and that ALL whites do all day is plan dirty tricks on them. So when Whites turn around and put distance between themselves and blacks, well of course THAS RAYSIS!

  • When blacks wear dreadlocks, sagging pants, disguise their identity with an oversized hoodie and approach me (not the other way around) – I as a "raysis" White "Kow-Kay-Zhun" need to wait and judge them by the content of their character. I shouldn’t racially profile because they could just be approaching me to further race relations in AmeriKwa.

  • If Zimmerman had been black this would not have been a story. Hypocritical, black on white racism is all this non story is about. It got attention because at first all the blacks believed Zimmerman was a white man. They’re even more outraged that he’s a mexican, they wanted a dead white guy soooooo bad. Racism won’t die because blacks won’t let it. You want it to go away? Stop practicing it

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