A Message From Dylan Avery To The Truth Movement

(FEDERALJACK)   The other night I was posting links to our  Facebook & Twitter accounts and I came across a message to the truth movement from Dylan Avery (one of three people responsable for Loose Change 1, 2, 3,  and most recently without Jason Bermas, Loose Change An American Coup).

I thought you all might be interested to see what he had to say.


Dylan Avery has an announcement to make: I’m not making another Loose Change. I’m not making a documentary about chemtrails or the NWO or some random conspiracy that you think I should cover. I’m working on feature length film scripts and trying to become a legitimate director. I don’t think I can make this any clearer, but I’ll try below …

I made Loose Change because I was pissed off about 9/11. I can’t force myself to be pissed off about a particular topic just because you want a movie on the subject. My movies are my therapy, and if I keep slaving away on political documentaries my whole life so people can hand them out for free while I struggle to pay my rent, I’m going to need actual therapy to keep me from destroying myself.

That is all.

One Response to A Message From Dylan Avery To The Truth Movement

  • Hey to each their own. I will not persecute Dylan because of this and I completely understand. As a matter as a fact I was in the truth movement before loose change even came out. I was thrilled to death when it did come out and I was happy to pass out 100s of Loose Change. I appreciate what he has done and as far as I am concerned he has done enough and it is time for the rest of America to give us tired old truthers a break by becoming truthers and pitching in. I don’t expect nor desire for someone to give up their entire lives for the sake of humanity. If humanity is going to be saved then it will take all humanity to pitch in a bit. Many hands make light work but you can’t expect a few to carry a heavy load forever.

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