A Declaration Flyer Being Passed out in Montana As a Result of NDAA

(LONE STAR WATCHDOG)   The Author is unknown. This Flyer is being passed out in people’s windshields in Montana in responce top NDAA. This declaration might be a setup to see who will take up arms or it could be sincere. To get a PDF copy CLICK HERE

25 Responses to A Declaration Flyer Being Passed out in Montana As a Result of NDAA

  • The pdf cuts off. Can someone upload a good copy?

    http://sonoranalliance.com/ http://www.rense.com/general95/rom_dev.htm

  • What happeded to page 2? And why can’t we save the PDF file to our computer….. This needs about 25 Million signatures……. Amen

  • I’m wondering what happened to my post? I don’t see it…. Do y’all have some kind of apporval system befre we see our posting?

  • Even if this isn’t a legitimate flyer that’s been getting passed around. Legitimate in the sense that someone working for the NWO is spreading this flyer that is. It’s a damn good sign that at least someone’s trying to get the word out on “they” ARE going to be as violent as possible to force all of our submissions. Force needs to be met with force. So we the citizens of America really do need to push back as hard as “they” do on us. If we don’t we’ll simply be killed horrifically and our former beliefs and efforts will all be for naught. If we push back… we’ll stand at least some chance at survival eventually.

  • You need to get that citizens crap out of your heads and start thinking Sovereign American !!

  • this needs to be rewritten acknowledging our Lord Jesus Christs……worked in the first Declaration of Independence. This document is great politically. There must be a reliance on the Lord if we are to win this fight.


  • Beautiful!

    Maxwell, you are a loyalist COWARD.

  • This declaration talks the talk now lets see the authors will walk the walk. People will stand and follow once they witness situations effecting them directly. Some in these post will cast discretions however there’s a lot riding on current directions this present government is leading us. God Speed USA

  • Absolutely f*cking meaningless. Most of you nincompoops will stupidly rejoice over such a declaration, never realizing that a state of war has LONG since been declared against the American people.

    What pisses me off is your common stupidity. You are really all very, very stupid. You wait around for a ‘declaration’ or someone, anyone to speak up, to rebel, to get well and truly angry, while you yourselves have done and will never do anything at all.

    You’re all still sheep, every single one of you.

    No declaration is needed. No declaration will unite us. No declaration will make a goddamned bit of difference.

    Some of you idiots still think Jesus is on your side. How stupid you are. You think he’s going to bless you and curse them? Are you even paying ATTENTION?

    You’ve got your realities all messed up, which is why you are all so utterly stupid. Absolutely useless to freedom, to America, to anything but your own fantasies playing out in your own heads.

    Yeah, the government is totally out of control, but what are YOU going to do about it? Wait around some MORE for someone else to start a rebellion? Bitch and moan some MORE or declare yourselves the 1%? As if any of that is going to anything at all.

    Dumb-assed comments above mine: “This declaration talks the talk now lets see the authors will walk the walk. People will stand and follow once they witness situations effecting them directly.”

    Ah yes, pass the buck, declare your own self exempt, wait for “others” to lead, to follow, anything but to avoid the YOU requirement. YOU can’t walk the walk and you fucking well know it. You NEVER WILL. This person is too lazy to do jack shit, and too scared to even admit.

    More asinine stupidity: “this needs to be rewritten acknowledging our Lord Jesus Christs……worked in the first Declaration of Independence. This document is great politically. There must be a reliance on the Lord if we are to win this fight.”

    This guy is an absolute idiot. Another useless brainwashed idiot who actually believes that without the proper words on a piece of paper, he has no support from his master. What a fool this man is. He has faith in paper, but not in his god, who does not need paper.

    He belongs to that large segment of the idiotic American populace that believe that they have no personal responsibility to do anything, blame it all on God, or wait on Jesus, take your pick.

    You morons missed the entire point to the so-called ‘declaration’ (which is a dollar late and a day short by the way). GET OFF YOUR OWN ASSES AND REBEL. Stupid fucking fools you people are.

    You morons honestly think that you lazy-assed, pampered and brainwashed fools are actually going to finally ‘get involved’ are the stupidest people on the planet. You are much too ignorant, lazy, self-serving and brainwashed to even realize how pathetic you all really. You make me sick.

    As for the declaration itself — I have personally read many others over the years — countless others, which have accomplished NOTHING because people never did get off their fat asses and do something about it. To them, to you, it is just more words. You are all having your ears tickled and your just dumb enough to not even realize it.

    So go on now — go on, keep fooling yourselves, keep preaching your idiotic rhetoric, keep waiting for Jesus to come save you, keep waiting for a “leader”, keep hoping somebody, ANYBODY but YOU will “do something”.

    Not one of you even deserve a better country. You prove this by your inaction, and your pathetic understanding of how utterly brainwashed you all are.

  • Dutch Joens:
    Enough with the lord already. If it wasn’t for all the religious nuts and their churches in this country supporting Israel, we wouldn’t be in this situation right now. I am so sick of the “religious” people stirring trouble I could just puke. Israel don’t respect us and I don’t give a crap about them.

  • Don’t hum haw around about it, speak your mind….say it like ya’ see it…

  • To “thinking”
    Wow! I assume you are setting an example. Please advise us ignoramuses exactly what you you have done besides ranting hysterically at all of us and then go take a valium or smoke a joint or something since you are so much more enlightened than us God believing fools that believe the effect of prayer may actually be real.

  • No relation, but “Thinking” is harsh but SPOT ON.

    There are three succinct option ahead for Amerikans:

    1 Remain as slaves shackled by the false promise of idealism

    2 Down tools. En masse refuse to vote or work or do anything that “might” contribute to the “slavery” model.

    3 Arm, plan and mobilise for a strategic civil war.

    Additional reasoned comments as to the options outcomes:

    1 It will be pretty much business as usual, with lots of injustice mingled with quantities of bread crumbs thrown at the plebians.

    2 That will shock the [so-called elite] abusers into a reaction. People will die from that reaction, may starve from the inaction, but ultimately a tangible magna-carta will be forced out of the “elite” which will be moderately observed for “living memory”.

    3 A civil war will spiral out of control with so many disparate and selfish voices. The constitution and the social regard for it is about where it should be as current society is either “on the take” or too cowardly/lazy to be “on the take”. In my opinion the only way Amerika would take this option is if it were invaded by China and “wider differences” could be remedied as part of that evolutionary process.

    Thinking is right, you guys need to WAKE UP. Interesting times!!!!!

  • 12 The wicked plots against the just,
    And gnashes at him with his teeth.
    13 The Lord laughs at him,
    For He sees that his day is coming.
    14 The wicked have drawn the sword
    And have bent their bow,
    To cast down the poor and needy,
    To slay those who are of upright conduct.
    15 Their sword shall enter their own heart,
    And their bows shall be broken.

    16 A little that a righteous man has
    Is better than the riches of many wicked.
    17 For the arms of the wicked shall be broken,
    But the LORD upholds the righteous.

    18 The LORD knows the days of the upright,
    And their inheritance shall be forever.
    19 They shall not be ashamed in the evil time,
    And in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.
    20 But the wicked shall perish;
    And the enemies of the LORD,
    Like the splendor of the meadows, shall vanish.
    Into smoke they shall vanish away.

  • To all the gutless wonders and suckling pigs wringing their hands out there .. please be assured that when they come to take you away, we will send a strongly worded letter of protest to the appropriate authorities on your behalf … then we will forget you !

    “If ye love wealth (or security) better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!” Sam Adams

    To which I can only add a resounding … AMEN !!!!!!

  • @thinking.
    After you big boy!

  • To Thinking:

    Sir, I fear you may be more correct than you may believe in your address to the many. However, many of us though, are highly self-disciplined, well read, and alert. No blinders, rose coloured glasses, denial or self-deception here.

    Are you yourself prepared to throw the first punch? Lexington and Concord were the points of no return for our Forefathers. I suspect this same series of events will also provide the trigger point for those of us who are prepared. NDAA is the glaring evidence of things to come, as soon they will. This will be our point of no return. From here on out…there is no hope of peaceful resolution.

    Protests, speeches, civil disobedience, and rioting are foolish and unproductive. Foolish and infantile men will try to pray the evil away…..these men are already dead.

    I would offer you a portion from Proverbs….”Cast not thy pearls before swine.” Concentrate instead on who you must personally protect and provide for, and do it now.

    P Henry

  • To” “Thinking & Jayk” Polls consistently tell us that America is the most religious nation in the industrialized world. More that 90 percent of our population say they believe in God, and that they pray regularly. Now with mutual knowledge of this simple fact, I think you two “Idiots” and the other 10% of your little group should STFU already. You complain every time someone say’s something spiritual, if you despise us so badly, why don’t put your vote in to have 1ST AMENDMENT stricken from our Constitution! We are more than patient with your derogatory comments, not to mention very forgiving towards your hatred of the religious community. Yet we tolerate your small group and it’s simple payback to know how bad we get under your skin. If you can’t beat`m, join`m, if your too arrogant to join, crawl off to some corner or pretend to be internet tough guy and pop off all you want, it only shows your lack of patience and tolerance of others. Oh, and someday you might need a helping hand, what are the odds it’s a religious one waiting to help you? “I would rather live my life believing there is a God and die to find out there isn’t than live my life believing there isn’t a God and die to find out there is” Amen.

  • The 2nd Amendment is alive and well. Let these criminlas in Congress remain out of touch with us…and THEY will be the ones who end up in the FEMA camps.

    We need only 1 large island prison for these criminals in Congress who have broken the law and their oath to protect and defend us and the Constitution.

    we need anotehr largwer island prison to house the Corporate and un-elected Globalist Criminals.

    Let them eat each other. There will be a revolution in earnest soon brought on by these criminals who are far out of touch with We The People.

  • My question for Thinking is you obviously think pretty damn highly of yourself so can you please take a moment and fill us morons in on just what someone so gifted as yourself is doing to stop the enslavement of the masses by the ruling powers that be?

  • Dutch Joens is the only one here that gets it…the rest of you are posers and lunatics….

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