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Hello gang,

Federal Joe here. Pardon our dust. Federaljack.com is finally getting with the times and going responsive. This means that you will be able view and navigate much more gracefully on smartphones, tablets, and the such starting now!

We are working on reformatting old articles, images, widgets, etc. as I type.

Fuck the New World Order. This is phase II.

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  • THX that’s a great anwrse!

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  • Los Angelenos, like all Americans are dumb.They are too stupid to see that the live under Collectivism.Officialdom is the realm in which they live, run by and for the Political Class.American-style Collectivism isn’t like the old-style Soviet Communism. No.Corporatism is the name of American Collectivism.However, the true enemy is every street-level Los Angelenos, every street-level American who sells his soul, willingly, for a few crumbs of Political Class largesse, a bribe, typically in the form of welfare or a government related job.

  • Je me retrouve exactement dans cette analyse du film. C’est totalement l’impression que j’avais en sortant de la salle et beaucoup de questions, plus qu’en arrivant

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