9/11/01: Controlled Demolition

(FEDERALJACK)   This video is conclusive proof that WTC Towers 1,2 & Building 7 were brought down with explosives.  Besides the numerous eyewitness accounts you can actually hear the explosions in some of the clips.  Show it to everyone you know.  I purposely put in clips of other known and accepted controlled demolitions so people who have never seen one or who may not fully understand how one works could see for themselves.  I then play real, unaltered clips recorded on 9/11 itself along with the eyewitness accounts from the day itself.  The 9/11 commission report can’t stand up to this evidence at all, and neither can any so called 9/11 debunker.


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  • There isn’t a love without light above
    And I don’t mean the ethereal kind
    For I am a realist and not an idealist
    And I want you to bare that in mind

    So for love to flourish and that I’d encourage
    We have to stop fighting these wars
    From Iraq to Iran and even Sudan
    People are loosing their lives

    In battles and fights that drag on through the night
    We all have a son to lose
    On through the seasons and for what reasons
    Is this what we really choose

    For love to flourish and that I’d encourage
    We have to look at the cause…

    Religion or Greed there’s really no need
    For all these lives to be lost
    You flex your muscles make noises in Brussels
    And then armies deploy at what cost
    For you are an idealist you can’t be a realist
    Not with your hand in the till

    So some should remember the 11th of September
    With shame and sorrow in mind
    As there isn’t a love with no sun above
    Especially with wars of a nuclear kind

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