21 Year Old Youth Executed By San Bernardino Police

By: C. Patience Summers

A 21 year old man by the name Cedric May was executed by San Bernardino Police on Monday, August 24, 2009. It happened on Wall Ave., a small alley in San Bernardino, right next to his family member’s home the day after he was released from incarceration for marijuana sales. He was picking up a piece of a barbecue to celebrate his release from incarceration and his decision to clean up his act.

Cedric Next To Patrol Car

The story given by the officers involved is that they saw a young man running down the alley and get into a vehicle that was parked on the wrong side of the road. They claim that, when they went to investigate, Mr. May grabbed the officer by the genitals, squeezed them, grabbed his tazer and pointed it in the officer’s face. At this point, the officer’s partner supposedly was forced to shoot Mr. May to death.

Video footage shared with this reporter indicates that these reports are untrue, entirely. The family has requested the footage not be shared with the public at this point in time so that S.B.P.D. can have the opportunity to “hang” themselves with their own lies. The moment the family is certain that S.B.P.D. has settled on an official story, they and their supporters will release the footage of the slaughter.

Video footage and eyewitness accounts indicate that an officer “set-checked” (Asking what gang they were from) the people in the vehicle in the small alley (no room to park or drive more than one vehicle at a time) and ordered them to move their vehicle. When they did not move fast enough for the officers, the first officers dragged the driver out of the vehicle, had the passengers get out, handcuffed everyone from the vehicle and proceeded to assault them.

Once Mr. May identified himself as being on parole, the officers left the other three alone, proceeded to beat Mr. May worse, taze him several times and then shoot him. The officers dragged Mr. May deeper into the alley and let him die there. It was hours before an ambulance came and, when it did, officers on scene told the ambulance that Mr. May was already dead and to leave. All the while Mr. May laid on the ground, slowly dying, the officers on scene didn’t so much as offer him a band-aid. He received absolutely no medical attention. Before Mr. May’s body was removed from the scene, officers took the handcuffs off of his body and replaced them with zip-ties.

The San Bernardino Police Department claims that placing handcuffs on shot suspects is standard operating proceedure, even if the person is dead. They claim the reason behind this tactic is that officers are not EMT’s and are unable to determine whether a body is dead or not. This is curious because the officers sent medical aid away for this man, claiming that he was dead. There were other discrepencies found in the officer’s statements, too.

Currently, the S.B.P.D. claims this started out as a traffic stop; however, the video footage and eyewitness accounts indicate that the police vehicle never had any lights on. They claim the vehicle was parked going the wrong way on the street; however, the incident happened in a very tiny alley-way. The officers claim that Mr. May grabbed and squeezed the officers genitals before snatching the officer’s tazer and pointing it in the officer’s face; however, video footage and eyewitness account indicate that Mr. May was handcuffed and did not struggle except to keep from being beaten to death. If the officer was trained properly, Mr. May shouldn’t have been able to gain access to the tazer, anyway.

Another interesting fact is that this incident happened in the area of the first Operation Phoenix sect in San Bernardino. These officers were participatory in the Operation Phoenix training/attitude. Many Operation Phoenix officers hold the belief that, although harassing innocent civillians is unconstitutional, they are doing it for the greater good of society. They are comfortable with antagonizing troubled youths in the poorer parts of San Bernardino. Some have recently been accused of calling youths “nigger” and threatening to kick in their teeth. The officers involved in this execution are no different.

There are several youths claiming that the officers involved have even gone so far as to antagonize neighborhood youths until the youths retaliate and then they assault them. One child claimed to have been “chicken-winged” by one of the involved officers little more than a week ago.

Currently, the officer who supposedly shot Mr. May has been placed on paid leave. This is how the San Bernardino Police Department treats officers who murder youths in cold blood.

48 Responses to 21 Year Old Youth Executed By San Bernardino Police

  • Unfortunately this “reporter” (and I use the term loosely as I believe she’s related to the dead gang-banger) only gave half the story. The “eyewitness” accounts are from family and friends that were there on the street yelling profanities at the police. The same family that hope to cash-in on this punks death. To give you a little insight as to this family read the post below that was posted in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin August 26, 2009:

    Now I COMPLETELY understand the ignorance of the entire May / Standifer / Jennings family. Look up public records in San Bernardino County. For Mom you’ll find prostitution, D.U.I., driving on a suspended license, resisting arrest (twice) and possession of narcotics/paraphernalia. For the brother, Anthony Jennings, you’ll find attempted rape, false imprisonment, criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon. What a morally bankrupt family. No wonder Cedric May is dead. His mother, Brenda Standifer, should NEVER have been allowed to give birth! These are charges/convictions in ONLY San Bernardino County. I can only imagine there are other charges in other counties but I don’t have the stomach to find any other disgusting information that there may be. I hope and pray that the officer that killed this d-bag knows the family history so he doesn’t lose any sleep over the loss of a life. Believe me, when the time comes for this family to take a life (if they haven’t already) they will surely have no remorse or regret. What a low-life loser of a family. Too bad they weren’t all taken out that night…..

  • Sounds like nothing but hate speech mr only half the story, doesn’t matter what the family did. this kid was shot while detained on the ground, just like oscar grant.


  • Only Half The Story (Lynn Marquardt, claiming to have many police officers as friends here: http://www.sbsun.com/columnists/ci_6330087 ):

    I am not related to this family and you are working for S.B.P.D. I saw your KS ID on that other blog. It’s not going to work this time because we have the video footage this time. You are an ugly person and a waste of skin. Good-hearted burn victims could have used the skin wasted on you. You’re a friend of Martinez and you WILL be brought in for your part in this.

  • It is very easy to believe the family members of the victim are distorting the facts. On the other hand, believing the shooters is like believing OJ. This is a bad area, but the question is: which gang kills the most? If it is the SBPD, then people need to get an anti-gang injunction against them. Other agencies can provide police services. Unfortunately, the SBC Sheriff’s Dept. is pretty bad, too, but maybe the CHP can do the job.

  • George, you seem like you’re pretty objective. Keep in mind here that I am not in any way related to or friends with this family. If you search my name on federaljack, you’ll find that I’ve been reporting on Operation Phoenix for a long time and this just so happened to fall right into my lap. I have seen the videos and this kid was definitely executed.

  • Hate to disappoint you C. Patience Summers but I don’t have any idea what a “KS ID” is and I can assure you I really have no clue who “Martinez” is, and I definitely am not working for or with S.B.P.D. As far as my “part in this” give me the name of any attorney and/or law enforcement officer that would like to interview me and I’ll be happy to give them a call and clear up “my part in this”. W.T.F. are you talking about you crazy lady??? The only fact that you got straight in your gibberish was my name.

  • If you’re helping in the coverup, then you’re just as guilty.

  • Oh, & thank you for verifying who you are. We thought you might be someone else, given the Kansas IP you use on the other blog. We were hoping to catch someone else. You’re just a nobody. Get bent, you Morrisite. You say you’ve got a lot of officers as friends. You’re a pig porker, huh? When you get really old, I’m betting you won’t be called “old hag,” but “old hat” because you’ve been passed around so many times! LMAO! Hey, are you department issued, or do they have to buy you separately?

  • Yeah, Lynn! Are you department-issued cointelpro, or are you something they buy on the side? I’m betting you’re department-issued.

  • The only good cop is a dead cop!

  • “Only half the story says:”
    I can smell the SWINEFLU on you PIG!

  • If you want to talk about somebody who’s been passed around perhaps you should look at Cedric’s mother who is a CONVICTED PROSTITUTE! It’s quite obvious Ms. Summers that you are related to the dead punk or you wouldn’t be stooping to such an elementary school level. You are a truly disgusting person.

  • Yes, the pigs have probably scrambled to send their little oinking shills to defend their Gestapo friends. It doesn’t matter if the victim came from a “bad” family—does that give police the right to gun him down?

    There are plenty of great cops, but there are also a lot of douche-bags who simply want to feel tough. Put them in that uniform with that badge, and they FINALLY feel like they’re important or cool. The good ones use that power for good, the bad ones use it to get their little dicks hard.

  • Only Half is the worst attempt at damage control I ever seen. Your little cop friends are fucked, stop commenting.

  • Next we should have a show “when slaves shoot back”. The police are going to push too far, it is already a powder keg and the idiots are out gunned…severely. That is why they are buying up armored cars and given assault rifles, they know they are teetering on the citizenry taking a huge bite right back out of them. Keep it up coppers, you are shooting yourself in the foot everytime you kill and are not held accountable. Dumbasses.

  • Viral video is the worst thing that ever happen to these pigs. They don’t stop crime, they protect the bankster criminals from we the people. Then every week a new video pops up with one of these asshole beating up or killing an unarmed citizen.

  • Only half a brain says-

    “If you want to talk about somebody who’s been passed around perhaps you should look at Cedric’s mother who is a CONVICTED PROSTITUTE!”

    Does this help justify killing ALL kids whose moms are prostitutes? And look at our sick economy, thanks in large part to the policies of the elitists who employ these professional vigilante thugs- at least Cedric’s mom was attemting to make some money to support her family! Sometimes you have to degrades yourself in this degrading society to make money . . . in fact, almost ALL the time!

    Half a brain get a life! Economic desperation(no jobs or means of support) generally leads to crime. Besides, look at all the crimes that the USA government has committed and no one ever holds it accountable! Let’s start by holding our “leaders” accountable for their many crimes, not pick on the people who in most cases resort to crime because of the former’s anti-USA citizen policies!

    I have always had a deep respect for policemen, but lately it seems that police in many cases are taking too much of the law into their own hands.

  • SBPD’s Operation Phoenix officiers acting in a manner knowing that they are violating the constitution makes them enemies of the state. Any brave citizen should have taken action and retailated. Law officers are not above the law, they are supposed to enforce it! Furthermore any officer that cannot prepare to sacrifice themselves for the people they are to protect, by taking the always dangerous but highly virtuous path to protect and serve then they should find another profession. This is the kind of police behaviour that leads to Governmental breakdown and Anarchy.

  • You know, it doesn’t really matter who is related to who or who has a past history of what. The fact is that this kid was tied up or whatever and beaten to death. If the average Jos Schmoe did that they would be locked away for murder. This kid was murdered plain and simple. Past history doesnt matter for anyone involved. The fact is that he was beaten to death. Dont ignore that people. This is a classic case of police brutality. And Cali isnt the only place where this is going on. Dont name call peeps! The kid was tied up and beaten to death! Thats the fact!

  • To Only Half of the Story:

    We’re “on to you,” you, cop shill. You, and your MAASTERS, must think we’re stupid peasants!

    As far as I’m concerned, the VICTIM is innocent until proven guilty, NOT by Criminal COurts, but by his PEERS in the Street, the Common Peaople with Common Sense.

    You, and your scum kind cops, DIDN”T have to be brutal – you had your radio, to call back-up. You could have surrounded him and taken him peacefully into custody.

    But of course, this type of brutality against your OWN People, is encouraged and being implimented coungtrywide, worldwide- by the ELite- who are scared to death of us, or our numbers.

    This is one way to keep us under control. There are more of us, than there are of you. Maybe that’s why the Elite want to kill us off with the Vaccination Programs.

    But there is such an outcry against this, slaughtering, such an outcry by man and beast, and Nature, to the ALL THAT IS, The God of All Creation, Consciosness and Energy, that this will soon be over. And you won’t be able to stop it.

    Then the War Against Sacred Life will end.

  • Wow, way to take the moral high ground. I seem to remember someone else condoning the MURDER of people that “might” commit a crime. Yeah, that was Adolph Hitler you fascist prick. It doesn’t matter what his past, or his families past is, he was handcuffed and brutally murdered. The video shows as much, and will be released when the time is right.

    I can’t fathom anyone cheering a cop after he murdered someone IN CUSTODY for any reason. I don’t care if they caught him in the act of any crime, DUE PROCESS, you are arrested, tried and convicted.

    The POLICE do NOT have the authority to issue death sentences, and this is the ONLY thing keeping our cozing western nations from becoming back water banana republics.

    So congratulations “Only half the story” you sir or mam, are a moronic fascist f#ck, and in my opinion, the police should handcuff you, shoot you in the chest, and let you bleed to death in an alley.

    Maybe you’ve got some family history that will justify it. Cause according to you, if your mother was a whore, and your brother was a punk, the police have every right to execute you in the street, with no due process, no trial, no judge, no jury, just some hot lead and cold asphalt.

    Remember folks, our police forces have been trained, since long before 911, that WE are the enemy, WE are to be treated as criminals. Enjoy the fascist police state morons like “Only half the story” allowed to take over.

    Let freedom rain

  • Someone look up Operation Phoenix (during the Viet Nam war). It was a program of assassination of civilians by US military forces and the South Vietnamese Army. The general idea was to kill off civilian support of anti-American ideology.

    By the way, in the movie ‘Apocalypse Now’, the character played by Martin Sheen (Captain Willard) is one of those US Army assassins. He ruminates on-film about how he’d killed one man so close he could smell his breath..

    If those idiots in the SBPD are calling their program Operation Phoenix, I’m guessing the meaning of the name is not lost on them.

  • I really hate to disappoint all of you idiots again but I AM NOT A COP! I am a simple law-abiding citizen that respects cops for having the balls to put on that uniform every day and face scum like you for very little pay.

    It’s quite obvious the majority of the people that post on here are very shallow and feel this sense of entitlement because of the color of their skin. This blog is a waste of everybody’s time and energy and I, for one, have better things to read. Good luck!

  • Reading the comments shows the devisivness caused by words used indesciminately. The fact that a human has been shot and killed by agents of the government who derive their authority from the public with the understanding that they are entrusted to protect all of the people is troubling. Thirty years ago and more a shooting would have enraged the public. Now a shooting only serves to to give rise to bloggers with a design on spewing hateful speech that they are too cowardly to say openly.

    Mr. May was killed. The shooter was a cop. The cops will lie to cover up any inconsistencies in their story. The blogs will have the fans of the cops who will blindly march along with their story and the blogs will always have the fans of the victims who will always believe the cops lie. In the end all we know is taxpayers are responsible for the bills left by the cops.

    Oh, before someone goes off about the statement of hte cops lying lets be clear on one thing, “It is human nature to lie, conceal, and distort truth to benefit one’s point of view in relating historic events. This is more likely to happen when any feelings of guilt or adverse responsibility is involved. So I stand by the statement that the cops lie. They’re human and they’re feeling guilt.

  • Hey “only half the story,”

    So you’re not affiliated with cops all, huh?

    You are very quick to call out the non-uniformed as ‘scum’.

    Not only are you a pigfucker, you’re a coward, too.

    You have been called out.

  • Hey “only half a story/brain” – even if his mum was a prostitute so what? Your fascist rants are embarassing and a symptom of what’s wrong with your country. You flatlined troll.


  • Protect and cover up springs to mind.it does not matter what his mother did or what he may have done in the past he was detained and then shot that is murder plain and simple.If i was that police officer I would be watching my back big.the police see all the public as the enemy pehaps the public should treat the police the same

  • Halfstory, or should that be half wit.. You and people like you are a cancer on this planet.

    Someone should lock you in a dark room and repeatedly taze you in the balls until you can no longer procreate, lets hope you have not spawned any scummy bastard children lest they grow up to be as retarded in the mind as you are. Your mother must cry herself to sleep at night, unless she is as much of a piece of shit loser as you are. You are vile scum of the lowest rung and you deserve to live a painful life getting repeatedly assraped by gangbangers in a prison cell long after your balls have been tazered to kingdom come.

    Do everyone a favor and either crawl under a rock and rot to nothing or preferably hang yourself whilst masturbating so your whole family can live with in shame whilst the rest of us share in the joyful loss your miserable existence.

  • Half-man, you stupid poes! This isn’t about law, it’s about total disregard for law for public officers. I hope you are soon killed by a forced swine fly vaccination.

  • I am the older brother of cedric may and i was the first assaulted by thee extremly vulgar and combative officers that approached MY vehicle with no probable cause.The officers whom approached my vehicle were not peace officers of any form. I was tazed and beaten for no reason other than being african american in a rough neighborhood. I was forced to watch thee execution of my baby brother,with a knee on my head and a tazer in my back.the memories of him standing in the bathroom doorway as a kid smiling as i got dressed to go out, and the smile he would have when i asked him if he wanted to go on a jog with me when he was 11 years old flashed before my eyes as i watched the fear in his eyes as he struggled for breath as several officers BEAT him. and as i sit here in tears i prayed for the power of sampson so i could protect my little brother but i could do nothing but watch in horror the execution of my little brother. who was more like my son. because we had no father we had no silver spoon, but we had each other.it’s true my mom did what she had to do to bring food home to us but we were a family! we were’nt rich with money but we were billionaires with the love we had for each other through the struggles we endured together.and the bottom line is that my baby brother was a human being with emotion and love in his heart, who was brutally beaten tazed shot and killed by the very officers that swore under oath to protect and serve him. can you believe that it’s been nearly a week and they yet have not allowed us to view his body? they have yet to complete the coroners investigationas well as thee autopsy? what are they hiding? in my eyes it’s a conflict of interest to allow the same county which murdered my brother perform an autopsy on him.and i am requesting evary officer involved produce a polygraph during thee investigation of my brothers death.

    thank all of you for your prayers and well wishings,

    and for all others with hate and judgment in your heart i pray that god showers you with mercy and compassion and that nothing like this ever happens to anyone ever again.

  • I have to say I’m astonished to see the lot of you “speaking” to each other in this manner. While neither side is without blame, is there no moral middleground that can be reached? Is such animosity towards each other so necessary? I was appauled to see someone invoke “the god of all creation.” Do you really think “The God of All Creation” would approve of you casting judgment? Would he be okay with your anger and hatred?

    My point is, that yes while this is a hot topic, it’s still a tragedy to the family and friends of the deceased, regardless of what lifestyle they lead. All of this hatred just seems so unnecessary. I hope none of you have children that are being left alone right now while you blast other commentators on the internet. If you do, go give them hugs.

  • To the brother: I know it’s crooked. I know it’s wrong. You’ll be happy to know that this story, in an of itself, is getting thousands of hits per day and everyone is seeing these monsters for what they are. I promised your baby brother justice and that’s what he’ll get.

  • The police who do evil things like this are probably going to be the same people who are going to force us take those Swine Flu, probably, bioengineered vaccines, and if we don’t take them, We will be forced into the FEMA camps (internment/resettlement camps).

  • I have to say, seeing this man dead on the ground is quite sad. From this point on I will reserve my opinion and stand on neutral ground the video shows the cops were completely in the wrong and Cedric did NOTHING to provoke his own death. But how long exactly do I have to wait for the video? There are many of us that are very eager to see it. To Cedric’s family and friends: I truly am sad for your loss. I obviously didn’t know him but it’s apparent that he was much loved and for that I feel bad for you. Believe it or not I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  • oops. I meant to say …..stand on neutral ground UNTIL the video…..

  • Half the story,

    Thank God you’re coming around. There are a few videos and I’ve seen some. The thing is that the family wants SBPD to come out and say, “this is our story on what we claim happened and we’re sticking to it,” before they come out with their video. When the family releases their video, then the other witnesses will release theirs. It’s about making sure this doesn’t get brushed under the rug, you know? If the officers who did this saw the video of themselves, they’d talk their way out of it, giving an excuse for this and an excuse for that.

    Cedric died, but his death could bring about change in the way things are done here in San Bernardino if the family holds on to that video until the SBPD statement comes through. It could save countless lives. I’m not saying all cops are bad. There are some good cops out there who think what happened to Cedric is horrific. I’m simply calling this what it is: an execution.

  • Don’t delay too long, if the bastards at the SBPD can kill the story by just delaying an official statement then that is what they will do… they will just wait until public interest fades… we need to see those videos ASAP so they can go viral and they are FORCED to answer for their crimes. NEVER let the ball sit in their court, they will hold it until the buzzer runs out.


  • Actually, I have a trusted source who claims they’re serious about bringing the bad cops to justice. He’s stepped up to the plate before and helped me fix a few problems. I.A. is not playing with this one. The station, from what I am told, is divided and the ones in charge of this investigation seem to intend on doing right by the family.

  • To C. Patience Summers: Please let the family and friends know how very sorry I am for their loss and for my lack of sympathy. I’ve been reflecting on this for the last few days and perhaps I made a rush to judgment. I do have cop friends and they’re not always the most stand up guys. After having a house warming party years ago one cop called me the next morning and asked me if I had seen is department-issued revolver because he “misplaced” it. He eventually found it in his truck but how stupid! Another cop friend spent 2 – 3 months in an Oregon jail for sodomy in the 1st degree (he was found not guilty). I personally have gone drinking (and driving) with many of these cops and they do think they are above the law because they have a gun and a badge. I guess in the past week or so I’ve selectively forgotten about these incidents because I know most cops are decent, however, they are human, too. I lost light of the fact that Cedric was a human being also. I’ve never hung out with “his type” because I’m too much of a pussy. I’m the one that would go to the other side of the street to avoid them based on their appearance. I know, VERY shallow of me but I grew up in a mostly white community and the “blacks” that I did come across were up to no good.

    I really do applaud you for crusading for Cedric and his family. The only thing I would ask of you is don’t lump them all together. We know there are bad people in every race, regardless of skin color, and there are bad cops, regardless of the department they are with but I think for the most part cops are pretty decent people and without them can you imagine the fear we would live in? Also, I’m VERY, VERY sorry for the personal digs I took out on Cedric’s mom. It was VERY immature of me. If you ever want to talk to me personally or need help with the investigation let me and we’ll make some sort of an arrangement. Thank you Ms. Summers!

  • Lynn, check your Email. I gave you my number. Give me a call & we’ll see about getting you in on helping to fix the problem.

  • I applaud you for your truth, if more people were like you the world would change overnight.

  • Well well well…

    I’m speechless.

    The only thing that makes me not shutter from this article is that it’s been happening so much throughout the country, (and nobody is being punished,) that I’m tapped out of emotion for this stuff anymore, desensitized. I say though, that these people need to be thrown in jail, and more harshly punished than non-police, AKA people just walking around on the streets. Why do they need to be more harshly punished than non-police? They are the ones with the guns and means to slander and destroy people’s lives, whereas the ‘little guy’ doesn’t have much to go with other than to be.. well hauled off and beat up, or trumped up on charges, or killed. Either way, whatever this kid did, it’s sad that the police couldn’t control themselves any further than to kill this poor kid. If the report is entirely true, then these cops should be sentenced as any murderer would be, and not be PAID while they are being investigated by their friends and co-workers in the station.

    A very sad story… That police station needs a shake down and every police station, apparently, needs watchdogs because of the abuse of power (and especially the abuse of citizens,) across the country.

  • Where’s the video?

    Not that it will matter much.

    Half the story: seems like there are two of you.

  • Nope, there’s not two of me. It just takes more energy to be a mean, hateful ol’ bitch than it does to show the family a little compassion. I am, however, beginning to wonder once again if there is any video that we were hearing about. It seems as though this entire story (and C. Patience Summers) are running out of steam…..

  • Half:
    I told you to call me when you were ready to come down from the desert and see it. Do I need to give you my number again? Have you looked into what I asked you to look into?

    I’ve been dealing with a sad issue in the Arden/Guthrie area of San Bernardino. 4 kids were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Give me a call.

  • Its been over 3 years since this occurred first things first I am a 26 year old white male who not only played football with Cedric but also lived on the same block as his sister which was 1 street over from where he was killed let me just say Cedric my boy may you rest in piece sorry I wasn’t there my boy but I was also lock up and got out a week after but much love. Second I don’t care who u are fuck cops those fucking pigs there’s probably 1 decent one out of the whole fucking county they don’t care who u are black white Mexican whatever these motherfuckets are dirty crooked pigs so anyone who agrees or takes their side fuck you too homeboy

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