9/11/01: Power Downs, Evacuations, Strange Events in Weeks Before 9/11

(FEDERALJACKTUBE3)   Securacom removed bomb sniffing dogs out of the World Trade Center buildings 2 days before 9/11, And the power down knocked out many bank servers such as Washington Mutual call center systems. I worked for Washington Mutual at the time and was told not to come into work that day. Scott Forbes the IT professional should have known that the cables that were being laid were not new Cat-5 lines for internet service but primer cord for the days to come…


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  • There is a monster behind closed doors controlling everything that surrounds us, like tv, the radio even the food that we consume. We are living in a world that no longer turns around the sun, a world in which our accions no longer have a cause and effect. We are part of a system that slowly became what we are now, it’s to late now my fellow humans the events on 911 have opened the doors of reality, everything else we can only continued to observe yet we have no power to control. The day has come in this era, the ultimate punishment is getting closer and closer day after day we slowly dying into the hands of evil, be prepare to widstand a reighn of terror. For we are living a life parallel with time. Long live God, Allah, be strong humanity for the time is almost up.

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