Sander Hicks to form 9/11 Truth Political Party

(Sander hicks)


This Sunday will be historic.

We are talking about starting what will soon become a major political force: something optimistic, smart, and savvy.

We will win elections. We will change the world.

As many of you saw from my blog, I have left the Green Party. But I learned a lot there, and it’s time for a new formation.

All good people are invited to an experimental, exploratory discussion and meeting, chaired by me, Sander Hicks, regarding the founding of a new political party. The working name of the party is currently “The Truth Party” but there’s also been some discussion of that name, see below.

WHERE: Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, on 2nd Ave and E. 1Oth Street

WHEN: 6 PM, Sunday, May 23.

RSVP: sanderhicksdotcom AT


I’m not talking about starting a “third party” or anything marginal like that. I’m talking about starting something that has great appeal, great politics, smart marketing, empowering culture, and a winning strategy.

The two big parties are going through twin identity crises: neither really understands what is going on with the global economic meltdown. Neither can tell you what they believe. So the GOP is doing this little dance with the Tea Parties, and letting unfocussed anger rule the day. Meanwhile, the Democrats have become the leaders of a bloody empire with wars too expensive to continue, with a dollar in decline, and mounting debts too big to service.

But our new party will be different. We are not going to be another “Left” sect. The Truth movement has taught me the power of organizing beyond the left/right divide. Now it’s time to take those politics into a new realm.

The mission of the Left is still inspiring: expanding rights, standing for peace, demanding economic freedom, and ending slavery. We need to smash the bonds that addict us to war, deception, and the systemic waste of the US Federal Government. But there are some lessons too to learn from traditionalist, right-of-center politics: the Bill of Rights is great because it protects our freedoms from an expanding Federal state.

Allow me to quote something I wrote earlier this week on my blog:

If we are positive about the positive aspects of the USA, we connect with a huge amount of people. We continue to refine the mission of the USA, as a country that was a creature of the Enlightenment. We were born in the pain of slavery, but we struggled, and we emancipated ourselves from slavery. Now we have to continue that mission.

The First Amendment is such a radical document, it could be interpreted as the first modern anti-war statement. The Founders saw that the combination of State and religious powers lead to endless wars in Europe. So, the First Amendment protects five freedoms at the outset. The free-flow of information is tied to the freedom of religious beliefs. If you give people free access to information, their essential goodness is allowed to flourish, and they can’t be manipulated into wars. The modern equivalent is to observe how the internet has empowered a movement that demands the truth about 9/11, Anthrax and the Iraq War. Without the free-flow of information, we are more susceptible to be manipulated into a false religion of “war without end.” Nothing could be less American.


I have been talking to a lot of people already about this, and here are a few comments I have gotten back:

“Not only is this NOT “tea party politics,” it is the antithesis of it! It is everything the Tea Party is not: principled, courageous, and focused on an actual issue as opposed to simply expressing existential angst (of which there is nothing wrong, but it is not a “platform”).”

–Rev. Ian Alternman

“A new party ought to be based on 9/11 Truth. With a large swath of the population already cognizant of 9/11 and the rest ready to be educated on it, such a party could dwarf the existing small parties, to the point of disrupting the Republican/Democratic balance…, Because 9/11 Truth is not a wedge issue and because the 9/11 censorship has been so universal, 9/11 Truth will potentially unite all people with a fair psychological hygiene, blow up the platonic cave it shows humanity to live in, and lead the human community as a whole towards a much brighter future.

– Dan Noel in Orange Co, CA

“9/11 does seperate the wheat from the chaff, doesn’t it. If your in politics nowadays and you do not at least want another investigation into 9/11 you are either:

A) an idiot

B) a scared little mouse

C) a complete liar and tool for the elitist agenda of war, famine, population decimation and full spectrum dominance.”

–Die Ratte mit ner Latte


I have gotten a little bit of advice (two people) who don’t like the name “Truth Party”

But no one has actually suggested anything better, yet. This is up for discussion on Sunday…..and I am convinced something great will come out of the group. It always does.

Personally, I like the name. But we need to indicate that we believe in the Truth, but do NOT claim to have exclusive access to it. We are searching for it. Don’t want to be too strident and claim to be perfect. We are all flawed. But we all share some great powerful ideas.

Variations to Consider:

The American Truth Party

The Peace and Truth Party

OK! see you Sunday?

WHERE Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, on 2nd Ave and E. 1Oth Street

WHEN: at 6 pm, on Sunday, May 23.

RSVP: sanderhicksdotcom AT

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